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$32,572 pledged of $50,000 goal
$32,572 pledged of $50,000 goal

The Penultimate Video and Critical Days of the Campaign

If you haven't seen the new video on our Kickstarter page, here it is. We have less than 7 days to get more backers to reach our goal. We may need a little push to make it, so if you’re inclined to spread the word and encourage your network to pledge any amount, that could make a huge difference. And if you could increase your pledge we would be eternally grateful. 

And take a look again at LOCAL's trailer "a peek at the rich production quality and inspired content," to quote Inhabitat.

The Stories:  LOCAL's premium film stories focus on groups of citizens whose actions bring positive change to their neighborhoods and to the environment. They are solving questions of everyday urban life by promoting simple but powerful solutions seeking to strengthen the resiliency of their cities. They may be your local community garden..green market..rooftop farm...or as large as an eco-district (a section of the city, off the grid at micro-scale, producing its own renewable energy)...maybe an eco-school, or designers of transition towns and architects of the Living Building Challenge.. Everyone’s investment in the films goes a little further if we hit this goal.


Matching Pledge from Backer and "Thingswestart"

Today one of early backers has given us a real gift: she will match any pledge from now until we reach our campaign goal!  This is such a gift.  Our latest pledges today were $155 so that's $310.  We would greatly appreciate our current backers support now to send our Kickstarter campaign link to 10 of their friends and to use their social media, especially twitter, to spread the good word.  Thanks again for helping LOCAL with its big plans to help create a better, more sustainable, more environmentally-just world.  We hope to give a voice to the people creating big changes in their communities, their neighborhood, their lives.

#2 Do you all know about thingswestart?  LOCAL's campaign was just listed as #10.  Those who want to support local projects—or more specifically, local design or food projects, for example—can use ThingWeStart to sign up for email notifications whenever a project of that ilk launches. Or they can just explore the project-tagged map as a new way to discover the latest in creative local ideas. Adding a layer of geographical organization could potentially support an expanded set of Kickstarter users—whose projects are great but whose social networks are small (HEY, THAT'S US!).  According to this site, “Basically, the only way to get your project funded now on Kickstarter is if you do all the legwork of publishing out via Facebook, social media that your project is happening—or if you go get press.  But given the interest in supporting local projects, “It’d be cool if people could just put their project out there and get automatically matched with people interested in funding it. Even if they don’t have the media savvy to go and tell their story to everybody, if someone has said, 'I want to be notified about food projects in Seattle or film projects in New York,' that organic food share -- or LOCAL -- will automatically be surfaced to them.”

So spread the word.  Thanks again.

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Where our pledges come from

This is the latest graph showing where our pledges come from.  So far, most of our backers are finding us directly on Kickstarter; the next group comes from LOCAL's Facebook page - we have over 2,000 fans on our Facebook page, and would love to turn that into pledges. Any ideas?  

The rest of our backers found us through our awesome press on Inhabitat and Treehugger. Thanks to those writers Andrew Michler and Paula Alvarado. What's nice is that the average pledge amount is so high -- we particularly like this because we get to give some of our incredible artisan-sponsored rewards.  Alternative Apparel's hoodies and tees; iPhone cases from Grove Press; Leandro's design workshop; and our most ambitious reward, a road trip with our filmmakers around the country as we shoot the stories that will define the next decade of environmental activism. We've identified the stories in 3 regions of the country - so backers for this reward will join us in one of these three regions closest to their hometown. We're thrilled to have Amanda Hanley as our current roadie! I asked her how she found us, and she replied, "I happened to be looking for a cool environmental project." And she found LOCAL!  So cool. "I'm very active with the environmental movement here in Chicago," she added, and "hoping you will consider doing something out this way." We will.  

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Help us Change the Media Landscape. "Margins move the mainstream."

Hey guys, we passed $12,000 today. There are 23 days left on our campaign and we're 24% of the way to our goal of $50,000. We need major backing now! We delayed launching the campaign because Sandy hit New York and we felt it would be insensitive and inappropriate to launch while our city was struggling.  So now it's the holiday season, and we are in something of a crunch.  So though there is still a long way to go, we have great friends and like-minded creatives like Amos Poe to help us reach our goal.  Amos just spent an afternoon with us in our production space and generously did a short promo on LOCAL.  Amos is one of the leading figures of the No Wave Cinema Movement (75-85) that grew out of the bustling East Village music and art scene, and is considered by many to be the "father" of the modern Indie American cinema. He talked with us about the power of thinking locally and his thoughts on our ambitious film and social media channel that seeks to turn our media consumption into positive action. 

If you're giving your reward to someone as a Christmas gift let us know and we'll make you a Christmas card to give to that person explaining what you got them. Leandro Castelao will make you the Christmas card by hand. (Check out his other hand-designed art rewards) 

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It's getting close.

Hey guys, we passed $11,000 today. There are only 24 days left on our campaign but we know we will reach our goal of $50,000 -- they say most of your funding happens in the last few days of your campaign. But here's the rub: those last days will fall over New Year's weekend!! We planned to launch in October, but then came Sandy and we felt it was inappropriate to be doing a fun campaign when so much hardship was happening around us. So we waited.  

So because of the holidays, it's really, really imperative we get the word out NOW to all of our friends, family and like-minded activists who want to see the LOCAL project succeed.  You've been so generous.  Thanks again.  And please send to your community.