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A game of Sorcery and Piracy. You must be both crafty and cunning to survive in this cut throat world of magic and backstabbing.

Lost Legacy is a card game played on a large board where you move your cards around like in a game of chess.  Character cards strategically travel the map to battle one another while you lay traps to trick your opponent and set walls to block paths.

  2 - 4
GAME TIME:  30 Minutes

We keep the fun of a collectible card game, but take out the difficulty of collecting it.  Lost Legacy is a game designed to challenge players, but not their wallets.  In collectible card games, players must purchase multiple booster packs to acquire a couple random cards.  If you want to get any cards in those games you have to sink a ton of money into them.  In Lost Legacy, players need only purchase one Expansion Set to acquire every card from that set!  This allows everyone to easily pick up the game and build any deck they want without breaking the bank.

If you wanna learn the rules, then check out the following tutorial video.  It's only a few minutes long and should explain most of the basics of the game...

Lost Legacy is made by Dreamastermind, Inc. which is a small family owned company located in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois.  Ryan W. Soltis is the creator, web designer, graphic artist, and illustrator for all the cards in the game.  Kevin Pedersen is the supporting designer and lead playtester.  We take pride in listening to the community when it comes to making new cards or fixing old ones.  Our dream is to make this game the best it can be while giving players a fun and challenging experience!

Our goal is to produce the second expansion set for the Lost Legacy card game.  We've been vigorously testing out all the new cards over the past few months in the form of proxy packs.  Players downloaded the packs off of the website and tried out dozens of different cards.  You told us what you liked, what was cool, what ticked you off, and what you wish we made.  We listened to the players and worked together on the project.  The proxy packs were a big hit, but players kept asking if we would release them in the form of a new set.  A new set costs a lot of money for a small company like us, but with the help of Kickstarter, we can make it happen!


Kickstarter is a fast growing website where users can pledge towards inventive new projects that they like.  What are the benefits you ask?  You get rewards!  That's right, you will receive unique rewards depending on how much you pledge.  Examples include receiving a copy of the game when it's completed or even limited edition game boards that you cannot get except during this promotion.  Users will also receive the product earlier than anyone else can.

The goal is how much money we need to raise in order to release the second expansion set.  If we do not reach our goal within the time limit, then the set doesn't get made, but nobody gets charged any money either.

This set has been in the making for quite some time and the final results showcase every bit.  A lot of effort was put into the design of each card with careful consideration of which cards would make it into this set.

  • New Win Conditions:  The wood elementals focus on gaining magic points.  They make the forest flourish with elves, dragons, and deadly plants.  As an alternate to playing characters, you can use your magic points to fuel other abilities or even gain honor!
  • Vampires, Swordsman, and Water Monsters:  The exact opposite to the wood elementals are the water elementals, which will deplete your opponent's magic until nothing is left.  Vampires will drain the life out of your opponent's deck until they run out of cards and choices.  Each theme has it's own feel to it and plays out with an entirely different set of goals!
  • Previous Theme Support:  This set introduces brand new elemental witches that control the ocean and weather, a Phoenix that will revive fallen birds to the sky, and rocks that will block your opponent's moves in their tracks!
  • More Equipments and Environments:  There have been few useful equipments and environments and this set changes that completely.  Tons of powerful cards that interact with your characters and their surroundings that change the battlefield entirely!

By making a pledge, you can receive different rewards depending on the amount you pledge.  Check out the list of rewards starting from the top right to see what is best for you.  You can always suggest new rewards and they might show up later on.  There is also the possibility of everyone's rewards being upgraded if we exceed our goals.  For more information on the different products that come with the rewards, take a look down below...


Yes, but that doesn't mean you can't get it.  For shipping to Canada, please add an additional $10 to your pledge.  For shipping to anywhere else in the world, please add an additional $20 to your pledge.

With your help we can together create a spectacular card game that everyone can enjoy.  Thank you for taking the time to check out Lost Legacy.  If you want to learn more, take a look at the official website located at the link below.  Thanks again!

Persephone (Immortal Remix) by Mirandum Pictures
Momentums by Chuck Berglund
Paramount by Alastair Cameron


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    DOUBLE STARTER COLLECTION: The bare minimum of what you need to play the game. You get 2 starter decks, a rulebook, and a paper game board to play on.

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    EXPANSION COLLECTION 1: Contains 200 additional cards to enhance your decks. Includes themes for Pirates, Witches, Dinosaurs, Birds, Mechanicals, and more!

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    EXPANSION COLLECTION 2: Another 200 cards to enhance your decks even further! Includes themes for Vampires, Wood Elementals, Water Elementals, Skeletons, as well as enhancements to previous themes like Witches, Birds, and Mechanicals!

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    EVERY SET: You get 1 copy each of the Double Starter Collection, Expansion Collection 1, and Expansion Collection 2.

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    EVERY SET + LIMITED EDITION BOARDS: You get 1 copy each of the Double Starter Collection, Expansion Collection 1, Expansion Collection 2, and 2 copies of the limited edition high quality game boards. The game boards are now Kickstarter promos only so you won't ever be able to get them again.

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    ULTIMATE: You may choose to receive 2 of the following 3 bonuses.... (BONUS 1: Get seven copies of the double starter collection and seven copies of expansion collection 1.) (BONUS 2: Get fifteen copies of expansion collection 2.) (BONUS 3: Work with the creators on designing a card that will come out in the new expansion set 2!!! Drawn to your specifications, but must be tasteful and not copyrighted of course. It can be drawn to look like your pet, yourself, a place you enjoy visiting, skies the limit!)

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