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Humans Must Answer is a slightly wacky 2D space shooter set in the distant future with eye-popping visuals and lots of explosions!
372 backers pledged £5,519 to help bring this project to life.

Shmup Bundle + Limited Edition Box + Linux Port

Posted by Sumom Games (Creator)

We're into our last week and we have to make up just under half of our asking goal still - it's time to up the ante!


We've teamed up with Curious Panda Games and StudioEvil to now offer a shmup bundle at just £7. Us shmups are sticking together and we're hugely thankful to our friends for helping us out during this time of need. We're really overwhelmed by their support!

Syder Arcade

Syder Arcade is a free scrolling multi directional shoot 'em up. A love letter to '90 games for the Amiga and PC. An uncompromised old-school experience, a furious, challenging action game that will bring you back in time, when games were all about skill and perseverance... and also madly swearing at your computer.

Vote for Syder Arcade on Steam Greenlight!

Rhythm Destruction

Rhythm Destruction blends classic space shooters with addictive rhythm gameplay. Inspired by the likes of Ikaruga & Gradius and infused with the intensity of addictive rhythm gameplay, it is unlike anything you've ever seen before. Blast your way through 10 thrilling and challenging stages, fueled by the sounds of upbeat electronic music. uild your combo and score while tapping along to the music, shooting down all enemies in your path. 

Vote for Rhythm Destruction on Steam Greenlight!


For the fans of buying boxes to adorn their shelves, we're now offering just 50 limited edition box copies of Humans Must Answer at the £35 price point (if you're situated outside of the UK then an extra £10 is charged for shipping costs).

This will be a DVD box with an exclusive artwork upon the sleeve, a plush printed disc and will come with all the previous rewards in their digital forms, either on the disc itself or emailed directly to you (maybe both if you prefer). We're still working on the artwork otherwise we'd definitely show you it. 


The last news update today is that a Linux port is very likely for Humans Must Answer. We can't say that it will be definite at this moment in time, just that it seems that it will be almost certainly happening. We'd say we're about 75% of the way to confirming. We won't be working on the port until after the initial launch of the Windows version, though. Worth noting.

If there are any questions please feel free to ask them, and leave us comments as we love to hear from you all! Keep spreading the word in any way you can! We really want to make that Kickstarter goal! Thanks once again for all your support so far - you people are the best!


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    1. Mark G on

      cool, thx for reply, thought it best to check :)

    2. Sumom Games Creator on

      @Mark Of course! Every pledge that is £7 or more gets the bundle as well as any other backer reward tied to that tier! :D

    3. Mark G on

      are these 2 extra games included in the £12 pledges?

    4. Missing avatar

      neotsubasa on

      Awesome! I'm upgrading my pledge and take a limited box. Thanks.

    5. Sumom Games Creator on

      Re-reading your question - the box won't have discs for Syder Arcade or Rhythm Destruction, you'll get those separately in digital form.

    6. Sumom Games Creator on

      Oh, and just to clarify - the OST will be on the same disc in the box, not a separate one.

    7. Sumom Games Creator on

      Yep! Everyone who pledges £7 upwards will receive the bundle.

      And yes the OST will be on the disc too as you asked so nicely :D Thanks for your enthusiasm Jordi!

    8. Sir Jordi

      Wow! amazing!!
      Now the bundle is defenitly a must!

      And the physical reward is a very wellcome addition!
      But only a question. Does it includes the OST inside? And does also includes the bundle shumps games?
      I'm upgrading my pledge! Thanks!