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Humans Must Answer is a slightly wacky 2D space shooter set in the distant future with eye-popping visuals and lots of explosions!
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Beta Demo - Looking For Feedback

Posted by Sumom Games (Creator)

The time has come for our public beta demo to be released! 

Please note that nothing is final in this demo and, in fact, we're already making a number of changes and additions based on feedback we've received thus far. Please go and play it, though, and offer us comments and suggestions based on your first impressions of Humans Must Answer.

There are four levels in total, and a number of the story elements are missing - it will feel like you just jump in and won't know these characters. The main thing to concentrate on is the gameplay at this point, which is an element we're still tweaking and hope to be even smoother soon.

Downloads [WINDOWS ONLY] (Extract .rar first and then double click the .exe): 



If that doesn't work then email with details of the issue. Please include the "Log" from the game root folder too.


If you get an error upon start-up, try the following solution (it's a problem with .NET Framework):

Resolution sourced from:

You can verify your .NET Frameworks with this tool:


To clean up as thoroughly as possible, I suggest the following steps: 

1. Remove .NET Framework 4.0 through add/remove programs. 

2. Run this tool to identify and remove any remaining pieces of .NET Framework 4.0: 

 3. Also, do these steps: Go to "C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET" there is a directory called "assembly". Look in the directory and find some subdirectories with lots of old dot net 4 files. Rename the directory assembly2 and try to install Dot Net 4 . This should now work. (You can't delete the assembly directory unless you take ownership of it but you can rename it.) The problem is related to the old "assembly" directory.

 4. Clear out your %temp% directory and disable your AV software. 

 5. Run the standalone installer for .NET Framework 4.0 As Administrator.

If that doesn't work then email with details of the issue. Please include the "Log" from the game root folder too.


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    1. Missing avatar


      After finding the options to get my 360 pad with it, I still think it needs a bit more speed, but not as much as my initial first impression. 5% maybe? Just enough so you're not fighting the auto-scroll quite so much getting the gold and silver eggs in the very first level.

      Hmm... can drones collect eggs? I didn't think of testing that before.

    2. ThomasN on

      Jamesac68: Hmm.. I found it's a paradigm in this game to not be able to be everywhere at once, so you have to carefully think where to deploy drones, so speeding the ship up kinda defeats that purpose

    3. Cédric on

      Thanks a lot for this demo. I love the distortions used after explosions. I just mapped any letters on my keyboard.

    4. Missing avatar


      Also, the thumbnail you see when browsing projects needs a little "Free Demo!y" banner on it to bring people in.

    5. Missing avatar


      File me under those wishing for a speed upgrade. Blasting about the screen like a hyperactive overcaffeinated squirrel may be outside the game design parameters, but I really felt like I was crawling rather than flying.

    6. Splike on

      Wow, I never noticed that, because I was so concentrated on the boss. I must have died like 50 times on that level before I got 100% completion.

    7. ThomasN on

      Above the boss of the second level there is a chute, you can just enter here and skip the boss :)

    8. Splike on

      @ThomasN What is this "Chicken's way out" you are talking about? :b

    9. ThomasN on

      Though I took the "chicken's way out" on the second level after trying the boss a few times, it's hard, but fair. Please don't change any of the gameplay mechanics and variables you set so far, they feel great and reward you if you do the right thing. There is definately a learning curve and that makes the game special. The only thing I would change is if you take the "easy" mode, it really should be easy, e.g. the ship should take quite a beating before exploding. Think of the people who have reaction disabilities. Do not change the other difficulties, though.
      Do you know "ONE MUST FALL" ? In this beat'em'up, there were recap-screenshots of your "exciting moments" (e.g. health low), commented like in some news show. Would be nice to be criticised after taking the chicken's way out e.g. :)

    10. Sumom Games Creator on

      @Chris The movement speed cannot be upgraded and there's a reason for that. Later levels require a fair amount of precision in order to make it through, nothing too heavy handed, but dodging moving saw blades through tight gaps is tricky stuff.

      We'll take it on board, though, and see how it feels with different speeds. Thanks for trying the demo out!

    11. Chris on


      Played a bit.. One question does come to mind:

      Will the ship movement speed be at what it is currently or can you upgrade the movement speed. It seems a tad on the slow side moving around, getting for one place to the other.

    12. Sami Hamouri on

      NICE !! Thanks for letting us try it !!