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Humans Must Answer is a slightly wacky 2D space shooter set in the distant future with eye-popping visuals and lots of explosions!
372 backers pledged £5,519 to help bring this project to life.

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Steam Launch! (And some gameplay changes)

Posted by Sumom Games (Creator)

 Hello again, you lovely backers!

The day has come at last. Humans Must Answer is now available to purchase on Steam.

As a backer of our game on Kickstarter, you should have a Steam key sent to you by email already. If you don't see an email with a Steam redeem key for Humans Must Answer in your inbox, then please ensure you check your Spam folder, just in case it was sent there instead.

If you can't see a Steam key anywhere, then please contact and Eugeny will respond with your key. 

Added Features

As we have had some time to work on Humans Must Answer since it was first released in July last year, we've added and changed a couple of elements of the game based on feedback we've received.

First off, the game now has checkpoints! Yep, people kept complaining that the game was too hard and tiresome, so we've added checkpoints that should make it more enjoyable.

Secondly, the easier difficulties of the game have been made a little easier. It turns out that our passion for retro shmups meant that we were being a little too harsh on players, so we've made it a little more friendly. It also takes a few less golden eggs to unlock levels on the easier difficulties. If you still want a challenge, though, the harder difficulties are still there, as brutal as ever.

Lastly, the game now has Steam achievements and Steam cloud saving! We had a little bit of fun coming up with some achievements for you all to aim for while playing the game. Hopefully you have just as much fun trying to earn them. The saving just means you can transfer saves across Steam supported machines.

Spread the word

We've already asked a lot of you, and for the support we've received so far, we are extremely grateful. So thanks once again for all of your help.

Being cheeky, we'd love it if you could help us spread the word about Humans Must Answer being available on Steam. Please tell any gaming websites you read and YouTubers you watch to ask us for a Steam code so they can cover it, too!

Oh, and if you could leave us a user review on the Steam page (at the bottom), that would be excellent!

Thanks once again for all the support. Humans Must Answer wouldn't be where it is now without your kindness.

Sumom Games


Posted by Sumom Games (Creator)

Humans Must Answer has finally been released! Thanks for sticking with us, especially as it took longer than we originally said :)

You should have all received your keys via email. If you don't see it then make sure to check your spam folders.

Here's some store links just to prove that is out (we still can't believe it):


Humble Store:

Those of you who have the Special Edition (boxed) left to come, you should receive that shortly. We'll let you know when to expect them. 

Thanks so much for all your support!

Sumom Games Codes On Thursday

Posted by Sumom Games (Creator)

In the last update we said you'd be getting your Humans Must Answer codes to redeem on on Wednesday 10th July, but we've now received a message telling us these codes won't work until Thursday.

So that means you won't get the game until Thursday 11th July now. Really sorry! We'll be sending them out to you by ourselves straight away on that day. 

Just wanted to let you all know so you weren't left wondering where your code is.


Sumom Games

More Release Details And Info About Your Copy

Posted by Sumom Games (Creator)

Hooray! Today we're officially announcing that Humans Must Answer is coming to completely DRM-free on July 11th. Everyone who backed the game will get keys to redeem it on

We're also making it available through the Humble Store directly from us too.

You should receive your keys on July 10th and you'll get all of the goodies we've created for the game along with that too. Those who have exclusive rewards will receive them as well, unless they're in the game then you'll see them when playing! The exception will probably be the boxed versions of the game - they might arrive shortly after, but you'll still get a key for the digital version as well.

Thank you to all of you who helped us out, it means so much to us and we the game is much better for all the support you showed for it. Hopefully it lives up to what you were hoping for!


From all of us at Sumom Games

The Chickens Will Dance REAL SOON....

Posted by Sumom Games (Creator)


Back in 1977, Werner Herzog directed a film called Stroszek, and at the end of that film there's a scene with a remarkable dancing chicken. Right now, we are that dancing chicken as we, too, near the end of our own epic journey.

But first an apology: SORRY!

Humans Must Answer is almost finished; we can taste it! Extra news: we're launching the game on a MAJOR DIGITAL DISTRIBUTOR, and due to that we have a release date too...

JULY 11th 2013

That is the release date of our first ever game. We are bricking it, but are mostly just really excited. Hopefully it lives up to your expectations.

Now, cue the dancing chicken....