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A beautiful and mysterious 2D adventure through a surreal world of insects and heroes. A game for PC, Mac and Linux.
A beautiful and mysterious 2D adventure through a surreal world of insects and heroes. A game for PC, Mac and Linux.
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Playable Hornet! You're all incredible!

Posted by Team Cherry (Creator)

With just over an hour left on the clock, with PayPal and Kickstarter pledges combined, we've smashed through another stretch goal! And what a goal: Hornet will now be playable in Hollow Knight!

Get ready to traverse the caverns of Hallownest with needle and thread in hand. And get ready to uncover more hidden truths about the world and it's cursed history. We're already thinking up even more awesome abilities and attacks. She's gonna be something special!

As tired as we are, we couldn't be more excited! We're going a bit nuts! This was a huge goal and you all did such an amazing job of making it possible. Thanks so much team and keep being awesome!

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    1. Team Cherry Creator on

      @Ben: Geez Ben! Have you been sneaking a peek at our design docs?

      We really love the idea as well and we'd love to find a way to get him in game.

      Some have been asking about releasing some of the stretch content in an expansion. If we don't hit the goal, then that's something we can definitely look into.

    2. Missing avatar

      Ben Jansen on

      I think I saw Zote as a playable character for one of the stretch goals. It's too bad the funding didn't reach that much. I feel like playing as Zote would be so much fun. I have this idea that Zote would be much more difficult to play as, like some kind of hard mode. It would just feel like it would fit his character: the guy who brags a lot but is obviously much worse than the titular hero. Kinda like how the hard mode sprite of Quote in Cave Story looks weaker (or more human) than the easy or normal mode sprites. It also kinda legitimizes his bragging in the sense that if you manage to pull off beating the game he wasn't just spouting crap after all. It's a weird kind of skilled but not skilled dynamic that'd work really well for a character like him. But I'm also excited to play as Hornet, though I don't know as much about her.

    3. Qaantar

      Congratulations....! So glad to see this one finally build up some steam...!

    4. Beautiful Glitch

      Neat! Congratz on such an awesome art!

    5. Missing avatar

      Alex Valenzuela on

      This is so exciting! I must say you guys are pretty awesome for working on a game that has two protagonist characters with two different story lines!