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A beautiful and mysterious 2D adventure through a surreal world of insects and heroes. A game for PC, Mac and Linux.
A beautiful and mysterious 2D adventure through a surreal world of insects and heroes. A game for PC, Mac and Linux.
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Hollow Knight OST and Figurine! Wow wow wow!

Posted by Team Cherry (Creator)

Hey Everyone!

We're so close now! You’ve all been great, backing and supporting the Hollow Knight throughout the Kickstarter. Collectively, you are all the Blue Fairy to Hollow Knight’s Pinocchio, waving your wand around (the wand in this metaphor is bundles of cash) and helping him to become a Real Game. We can’t say it enough – THANKS! And because you're all so awesome we’ve got some great new stuff to announce for you! Swivel your eyeballs downwards and take a look!

New Promo Image

Another promo image by Ari. Seriously! How does he fit these all in. This ones a beaut! It's The Hollow Knight over-looking Hallownest. Save it, share it, enjoy!

click through for larger version
click through for larger version

 Hollow Knight OST! 

We haven't talked much about the music of Hollow Knight yet and that's because we're just now coming to resolution on it! Hollow Knight is a game with a unique and beautiful atmosphere and we're going to make sure that the music will elevate it to a whole other level. We have had some really fantastic composer submissions throughout the campaign and we're now speaking with a handful of people whose work is all stunningly good.  

While we can't just yet make our final composer announcement, we can announce one very special thing: All backers pledging $25 and above will also be receiving a free digital copy of Hollow Knight OST!  

Expect a jam packed sound-track too! Hollow Knight is a big game in a big world and to bring that world to life is going to require a serious selection of music. Are we promising a double disc set? More than two discs!?... Well, no. We can't promise that yet, but we'll certainly be pushing for a grand collection of songs!

If you've backed for the game at the $10 or $15 tiers, we really hope you consider increasing your pledge to $25. You'll get an amazing OST and you'll really help us out! We'd be ridiculously grateful!

Hollow Knight Figurines Finally On Sale! 

That’s right, you can now purchase this incredible Hollow Knight figure, hand built and painted by the supremely talented and passionate David Díaz Patrón, for $240 AUD ($198 US). Wouldn’t you love to have this solemn little hero watching over you while you play the game, silently cheering you on from the sidelines? 

Head to our merchandise page to buy the figure! 

The figurines measure (LxWxH) 9x5x10 in centimetres and are built with professional resin, acrylic paint and epoxy putty. They are each built and painted by hand, so at the moment it's a super limited run. If you want to snatch one up, then get in quick! Don’t even think about it – just do it! That’s the motto of a true collector! And remember, all the profits we make from selling this amazing figure will be used to make Hollow Knight an even bigger, deeper, weirder game! 

Thanks a million times to all you cool people for backing us and supporting us all the way through! We’re almost there now and we're just so dang excited!

Speak soon! :)

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    1. jibaycay on

      Hu.. can't I just add $5 for the ost to my current pledge? :|

    2. Tai Pacheco on

      So glad you guys found composers for the OST! I had sent over a rescore in November but I'm excited to hear the musicians' take on this beautiful game!

    3. Missing avatar

      Xun Zhao on

      We did it! Awesome :D.

    4. Missing avatar

      Mehmet Krljic on

      Let me be the first to say: we did it. As I type the pledged amount 35, 984. Congratulations!

    5. Team Cherry Creator on

      @Hazel: You rock! Thanks a whole bunch :D

    6. Hazel O'Keeffe

      Awesomeo! I've increased my pledge from 15 to 25 :)