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A beautiful and mysterious 2D adventure through a surreal world of insects and heroes. A game for PC, Mac and Linux.
A beautiful and mysterious 2D adventure through a surreal world of insects and heroes. A game for PC, Mac and Linux.
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    1. Team Cherry Creator on

      @zacH: Oh man! That's a detailed write up! Much appreciated man. We'll send you a detailed reply via message so we don't clog up the comments feed too much :)

    2. Team Cherry Creator on

      @Chadwick: Don't worry! We've been speaking with Nintendo of America so far, but our plan is definitely to aim for a global release. Every nation needs Hollow Knight!

    3. Chadwick Fergus Isadore O'Brien on

      Wii U is an awesome console, for sure, but region-locking means I wouldn't even be able to play it on that. Hopefully we'll see it come to PS4 for a globally-playable release soon!

    4. Missing avatar

      Brianna on

      Just backed, and I would be delighted to be able to play this game on my Wii U!

    5. Dan on

      Nice! Love the design for Hornet. Your imaginative concept is truly inspiring. Projects like this are what keep me going as an artist.

    6. zacH on

      Hey guys! I posted briefly in update 10 about the first gameplay video, and having given that a thorough watch along with the video in update 12, I wanted to give some detailed feedback. Just in case kickstarter doesn't notify you properly when you get comments on old updates, I figured I'd post here. Hope some of this stuff is useful!

      1st video (update 10):
      - as previously mentioned, the look mechanic will obviously be tweaked later, so I won't bring it up again. :)
      - the lightning bugs are a sweet idea, but having them fly around in such an incredibly localized location seems a bit strange. I can totally see what you're trying to do with them being static things to avoid, though... what if they were made to hang out (statically) on top of certain platforms, still pulsing with light, but whenever you (or an enemy) got close it would disturb them and cause them to fly around as they currently do? This would probably be less for the purpose of avoiding them (as they would still pulse, presumably), but it would simply be a nice touch, animation-wise.
      - that said, you could also add a mechanic where the bugs chase you... you might even be able to use them to your advantage that way, if you led them into an area with other enemies. At a certain point they'd reach the edge of their chase radius and go back to their old platform. Just a wild idea. :P
      - yet another lightning bug idea... those little guys really got me thinking! You might be able to use them in certain areas the way those light creatures were used in Super Metroid... where they are actually providing all the light to the room you're in? The idea would be that they were in your way on the way to some sweet reward, but if you destroyed them (in this idea they can be attacked) it would get harder and harder to see where you were going. I bring it up because this game looks like it'll be doing some really moody things with lighting, so rooms like that could add to the spooky flavor.
      - I would also, whatever you do with the behavior of the lightning bugs, make them look a little sharper as you continue to tweak things. I figure this is probably as-is because it's an earlier asset, but I just wanted to observe that they currently look a bit like they are a background element, focally.
      - And while on the subject, since they do give off so much light, perhaps you should be able to see them from anywhere on the screen? Right now they fall into shadow like other elements you are not close to, but I think as creatures of light they should at least look like softly glowing clouds when you are far away from them.
      - moving away from lightning bugs, the crystals you destroy have a sort of 3d effect as they shatter that looks a little out of place compared to the other elements of the game... you may want to cartoonify the shards a bit as you continue to work on things. The coin/fossil rocks look very good already in this regard.
      - the bug mini-boss looks very cute when it is sleeping... you should add a little puff of breath when she exhales, to add to the cartoony sleeping effect you've got going on.
      - when the mini-boss did wake, I really liked the attack where it bashed itself against the floor and ceiling. You should also consider having it randomly do that attack horizontally, too! Against both walls, I mean. Keep players guessing.
      - the current white and orange clouds that come from breath and attacks may also warrant some tweaking. Possibly make them a bit less transparent, and give them a black border? Not sure how thick, specifically. I think it would be a good idea also to try constraining them in a way where they are not drawn over walls and floors... possibly they could hit a wall/floor/ceiling and spread out/dissipate? Might look really rad. :)
      - another idea for adding some ambiance would be putting one or two fireflies in the lamp post bulbs. :) It would explain where the light was coming from, after all...

      Video 2 (Update 12):
      - not a lot to say here, things looked really incredible overall!
      - I did notice the flying insects with the red butts might actually be great candidates for destructible light-bugs as mentioned earlier in my feedback. Maybe a light-up variant in addition to this spitting variant?
      - in terms of the mini-boss/bosses in general, I'm a big fan of extra challenge being added when the boss' health gets low. Any plans to add stuff where (as it usually happens) bosses will turn red/speed up/change mechanics at the end? I could see the Mawlok having a couple of potential second forms... maybe he starts swinging more wildly? maybe he can actually grab you and stick you in his creepy mouth? (super creepy...) Maybe he bounces in place and shakes rocks/more harmful bugs from the ceiling that you must avoid?

      Again, just a bunch of little things and snippets of ideas. Even this early stuff is really looking incredible, and I am so excited to be helping to make this game happen! Definitely let me know if you need any more feedback, I'd be happy to look at other WIP stuff as things move forward. This game is gonna rule!

    7. giovanni martorella on

      Amazing, you guys inspire me. Seeing how you do you do your kickstarted will help me releasing my first indie game with my teammates from UltimaBarrier. Hopeful there will be more funds within these days to help you achieve. Again can't wait for this to be on the Mac well for me of course lol. Congrats!

    8. Timo Honold

      Don't waste your energy for Wii U xD