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A challenging, beautiful and mysterious 2D adventure through a surreal world of insects and heroes. A game for PC, Mac and Linux.
A beautiful and mysterious 2D adventure through a surreal world of insects and heroes. A game for PC, Mac and Linux.
A beautiful and mysterious 2D adventure through a surreal world of insects and heroes. A game for PC, Mac and Linux.
2,158 backers pledged AU$ 57,138 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Team Cherry Creator on

      @Hilda: Matt Griffin ( will track it down for you now! Expect an email from him shortly.

      If anyone else has a key issue: Please reach our to directly via email. Matt'll sort you out ;)

    2. Hilda Leyes on

      Apologies for such a late reply, but I think I've lost the Key email- is there someone it is possible to contact to resend the link?

    3. Missing avatar

      Shawn Heatherly on

      The new trailer looks incredible!

    4. Dunan on

      @Team Cherry

      It's all good, it was more of a curious question I wanted to know related to another project I backed but they're not very forthcoming with giving me any information.

      The love and care you gave the Switch version forced me to double dip for it. You guys deserve it.

    5. Team Cherry Creator on

      @Dunan: Good question! The different eShops require different codes. Please contact via email, if you hit any issues.

      Switch Australian Backers: Quick heads up, your codes all went out mid-yesterday. If anyone from Australia still hasn't received theirs, please email and we'll get you sorted out ;)

    6. Dunan on

      @Team Cherry
      I was wondering, does aEU Eshop code for a digital title work on the Australian Eshop?

    7. Jesus Antonio Rivera Muñoz on

      No key yet T ^T

      i can imagine things getting hectic on launch day, sent you guys an email!

    8. Brandon Lieu

      @Team Cherry - No worries, I figure it's been a bit of a wild ride. No rush or anything, like I said, it's been so long I might not have picked it. I am excited to finally getting around to working on the boss though! :D

    9. Missing avatar

      King.Coin? on

      Thanks for the response Team Cherry, glad to hear it wont be similar to the current bloodstained situation. After all things happen, I'm sure everyone understands, sometimes you just have to Grab The Bottle =P.

    10. Team Cherry Creator on

      @King.Coin - This has been a bit frustrating. We were expecting them mid-today, but it seems like tomorrow is now likely, based on what we've heard.

      @Brandon Lieu - Gah! Sorry Brandon, you are totally right here. Our bad. It's a bit of whirlwind of craziness around launch on our end. We'll shoot you an email.

    11. Missing avatar

      King.Coin? on

      When you say soon for aussies, is it going to be today, tomorrow, or something like what bloodstained is dealing with right now, weeks and weeks?

    12. Brandon Lieu

      I backed at the $880 tier though... lol

    13. Team Cherry Creator on

      @Brandon Lieu: We have you down as a $10 Backer, which means you should've previously received a PC key for Hollow Knight, available through a Humble Bundle link.

      $10 Backers all received a PC key, so didn't receive a survey.

    14. Brandon Lieu

      I honestly don't remember if I ended up selecting Switch for one of my backer codes or not, can't seem to find a copy of my backer survey in my emails. If I didn't end up picking it I'm just gonna get it off the eshop now so I can play :P

    15. Team Cherry Creator on

      @Jaxon: Sorry for the delay on your code. We've just sent you a Nintendo Switch eShop region request via email.

      If you are an American, European or Japanese Nintendo Switch Backer and you haven't yet received your code, please email and state your region, so we can get the right code to you stat!

      Australian - NZ Backers: There was a mix-up with the Australian-New Zealand codes. These are being sorted out with Nintendo right now. Please excuse the delay and expect them soon.

    16. Invictus - Gardener of Valoria

      Just got my code and download is in-progress!

    17. Invictus - Gardener of Valoria

      I'm ready to play on Switch! Hopefully the codes go out soon. :)

    18. Sam Patel on

      Woooooo codes today?

    19. Team Cherry Creator on

      @Alexsander: No problems! Please shoot an email through to and mention you can't find your key. Matt'll get it sorted out ;)

      @John Nugent: Super glad to hear it arrived safely, despite the rain!

    20. Missing avatar

      Alexsander Richard Bury on

      Hey guys, I seem to be having problems finding my Steam Key for this? I just stumbled back across this again, any way to help me out?

    21. Daniel on

      I had a bug happen to me. I slid down this wall and kept sliding on thin air down to the ground.

    22. John nugent on

      Received my print of Hollow Knight yesterday. Thank you so much for bagging and boarding it. The mailman put it outside of the mailbox in the rain. The bag saved it.

    23. Missing avatar

      David Gamboa on

      Hoping for an update on Switch version soon.
      So many people already speed running the game :( and 100%ing it...

    24. Cory Buckley on

      I'm sitting here with both my Switch and Wii U and disappointed that everybody else has already 100%ed Hollow Knight. :(

    25. Missing avatar

      blue_bubbles on

      Hai! I got my art work this week and holy balls it's fantastic ^__^ can't wait to get some frames to put them up. Absolutely love the one of the opponent I made <3

    26. Marissa "Blondie" Brice on

      I was pretty much screaming with excitement when I saw the theater area in the game and the poster by the elevator, can't thank you guys enough for the amazing game and the awesome experience of running into backer creations in the game, I still haven't explored all of Hollow Nest but I can't wait to keep finding more fun hidden gems!

    27. Team Cherry Creator on

      @Marissa: Thanks so much for streaming HK, and for your amazing ghost character! We loved the idea for your ghost so much we built a whole theatre around her in the game.

      To clarify rewards: Ghost level backers aren't receiving watercolours, only limited screen-prints. Watercolours are exclusive to the Ancient Hero tier ($200) and above.

      NPC level backers (Characters like Tuk, Grey Mourner, Tiso and Cloth) received an additional watercolour of their created character.

      Saying that, Songstress Marissa has already inspired quite a few fan artworks online. We're planning to collate some in an upcoming KS Update!

    28. Marissa "Blondie" Brice on

      Super psyched to receive my physical rewards and get the new game content! I've been streaming gameplay and my viewers adore the game so I can't wait to hang up the screen print in my streaming room ^_^

      Quick question as I fear I misunderstood something, back in the May update I saw you said "Each NPC backer receives an additional watercolor of their character" and because I created the backer ghost butterfly Marissa I was SUPER excited to get a watercolor of her since I thought that counted as an NPC, but now I see only the $200+ tier will receive watercolors? :(

      Just want to clarify that despite what was said in the May update that each NPC backer will only be getting a watercolor of their character if they are at the $200 tier not the $150? Just trying to clarify my confusion

    29. Team Cherry Creator on

      @Joshua: Glad to hear it! And thanks so much for supporting HK. We're prepping a KS Update at the moment with more details, but one of the main items is: 'Physical backer rewards are shipping now!'

    30. Missing avatar

      Joshua Conlan on

      I have just received my print and it is awesome!, thanks guys!

    31. Team Cherry Creator on

      @dtmahanen Yes! Hidden Dreams Mac version launched 24hrs after Windows and Linux. If you're on Steam, you should automatically receive the update (version

      Excuse our not posting a full KS Update about it. Things are still super crazy here as we rush to get CP:02 finished, and sorting all the physical reward delivery.

    32. Missing avatar

      dtmahanen on

      Any update on the Mac release for the Hidden Dreams DLC?

    33. Marissa "Blondie" Brice on

      I'm SO excited for the Watercolors and Screen print! Perfect timing if they are shipping out soon as have been streaming Hollow Knight recently, SO fun to play, I love introducing people to it online, and I'd love to have that artwork framed on my wall as I play!

      I'm especially looking forward to framing Songstress Marissa, but I'm a bit biased there ^_^

    34. Tiso Spencer

      Thanks, looking forward to framing the "Tiso" one soon. Also it's July 15th.... so.....uh... Hidden Dreams?

    35. Team Cherry Creator on

      @Tiso: Our aim is to get these sent out through the second half of this month. We're just now finalising Screen-print stuff, which'll be packed alongside the watercolours. Expect a small update to confirm their delivery.

      @josh Wise @King.Coin: We can't give any more specifics just yet on Switch release, but pay attention to the KS Updates, and we'll announce dates as soon as we're fully confident we can hit them.

    36. Tiso Spencer

      Any time frame on when the watercolors are being sent?

    37. Missing avatar

      Shawn Heatherly on

      Yo, this is June's Indiebox game! Congrats. I already own the game (obviously) but it'll be cool to get unique Hollow Knight merchandise.

    38. Missing avatar

      King.Coin? on

      just as josh stated below, any info on switch release info. your previous update stated launch window and now there is the info it could be 12 months? Just want clearer info please so i can decide to play my pc copy or not?

    39. Josh Wise on

      I've heard the recent news of the game taking 6-12 months to be ported to the Switch. I thought we were getting it soon?


    40. Team Cherry Creator on

      @JanW: There was! Lots happening. Lots coming together. We'll post a new update very soon ;)

    41. Missing avatar

      JanW on

      So, uhhmm - was there any progress on the physical rewards over the past month?

    42. Missing avatar

      Teddy Pen

      When I backed this game I wasn't expecting much out of it. Looked like good art, which is what I often look for and the gameplay seemed interesting.

      I've now had time to sit down and play the game, and WOW! I'm absolutely blown away by the quantity and quality of content in this game. You did an amazing job with this game and everytime i load it up I realize that there's so much more game left to play and places to explore. Amazing job.

    43. Tiso Spencer

      Oh nice about the Watercolors being produced soon.

    44. Quinn on

      Good job getting Mac and Linux version released! Can't wait for the Switch version to be finished as I've heard nothing but great things about the game!

    45. Team Cherry Creator on

      @JanW: Glad to hear things are running smoothly! And please do make a bug report over at: that'd be really useful for us.

      Watercolours are definitely coming! Ari is working on them right now. We're aiming to do a sneak peek in the upcoming update, then delivery shortly after.

    46. Missing avatar

      JanW on

      Guess what ? It's looking good ! I've only had the chance to play very briefly so far, but I haven't experienced any lag or stutter. There are some very minor flickering issues with text (I'll send in a bug report once I got round to checking if that hasn't been reported yet), but other than the fans of my PC ramping up pretty aggressively I haven't yet seen any sign of my Intel IGP (Iris Pro 6200) struggling too much.
      Now since this the forum here seems more abandoned than Dirtmouth and this is turning into a monologue, I'll shut up after a final question: Will Ari at some point find the time to paint the Watercolour of Hollow Knight I paid AUD150 for back in 2014?

    47. Missing avatar

      JanW on

      Ok, so the last update said to watch TeamCherry's Twitter account for Linux use. I didn't see anything there, but I'm not a Twitter user so may have missed the info. After some digging, it appears that the Linux beta is actually live. There is an announcement in a Steam discussions page. After some more digging, I found how to access the beta - it's currently downloading. So I guess I'll see how it works pretty soon.

    48. Missing avatar

      JanW on

      Actually, my PC is hand-build by myself. There is no graphics card in there simply because I do not want the extra noise and power consumption. I am not interested in games that do not run on a fast IGP, and if that is the case for Hollow Knight, I feel that they should have made that clear, since this is not what can be expected of a 2D platformer. Of course, I have no way of knowing if it runs well enough or not on my system, since there is no sign of a Linux version (expecting "a proper Linux update shortly"... since February 20th).

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