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Follow the brutal transformation of a young man in the inner city of Kathmandu after he is coerced by his friends to visit a brothel.

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It has taken the Mango Pickle cast and crew the past 2 years of fighting against unpredictable weather, visa expirations, illnesses/physical injuries, language barriers, and most of all money constraints to reach the final stage of post production. All that remains in our way of completing the film is the recording and mixing of ambiant noise, sound effects, and ADR (dialog replacement). We have been working with a small sound studio in Kathmandu over the past 6 months and have recorded the majority of the ADR. Because of our lacking budget they have generously agreed to do this work for 140,000 Nepali Rupees (roughly $1700). Although we have already made them a deposit of 50,000 NRS, we still owe them 90,000 NRS ($1,108.37) upon completion. If we are to have the film ready for a film festival run in 2012, it has to be finished by this spring. 

I will be flying back to Nepal on January 29th with a one way ticket. I have a small amount of money saved up, but with living costs, the airplane ticket (hopefully including one home), visa fees, film festival fees and college loan payments, it will be very difficult for me to afford this final payment to the studio. Any help would be extremely beneficial to and appreciated by the cast and crew of this film. 


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