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I just got some beautiful land with an old barn on it that I'd like to convert into artist’s studio spaces and an exhibition gallery.
I just got some beautiful land with an old barn on it that I'd like to convert into artist’s studio spaces and an exhibition gallery.
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Finishing touches on the exterior!


Hey Kickstarters!

We're been working like mad through the spring and summer (sorry for the lack of updates but working on 10 Horse has been a priority)!  The building is completely closed in and we've stepped work up on finishing the exterior.

Project manager Justin Barros has been overseeing all this exterior work which happens in several stages.  First the entire building was wrapped with a weatherproof membrane.

After the membrane has been applied, the original siding of the building is nailed back into position.  It's a good thing we kept all the old siding (and we saved some money, too)!

Since the building will be painted it needed to be primed.  And since it's going to be red, the primer needs to be grey.  It's would take too many coats of red paint to cover up white primer.

Primer going on the back side of 10 horse!

 Nearly finished!

 But what color red?!  Since there are a million "barn red" paint colors (and I could have spent days trying to decide which one!) we quickly narrow it down to three candidates and painted each one onto a large board and just laid the boards next to the building.  

Many passerby thought we were painting the building the grey color and politely said it looked nice.  The relief on their faces was obvious when we told them, no, 10 Horse would be red!

 It appears we made a good choice in color!

Most likely you won't want to know why farm buildings are traditionally red in color (if you're squeamish, don't read on).  Historically paint was an expensive luxury so farmers saved the blood from their slaughtered pigs to coat accessory buildings. Yikes!

The Door to Nowhere!  Just kidding, enthusiasm has been so high for 10 Horse we've decided to begin framing in the upstairs to hold four more artist's studios as well as classroom space. This door to nowhere will be the entrance to the second level but we had to temporarily remove the exterior staircase and landing to get the siding back up!

If you, or someone you know, is interested in studio space at 10 Horse please e-mail us ASAP at

Thanks for your continued encouragement and support!

Working through the Winter!


Hey Kickstarters!

It's cold here in New England but that doesn't mean that work has stopped at 10 Horse Art Center!  In fact, we're forging full steam ahead!

 Project Manager Justin Barros looks like he's headed off to the ski slopes but he's really just bundled up for the morning at 10 Horse!  Over the past few weeks the temperature has occasionally dipped to -15 degrees fahrenheit and every inch of skin needs to be covered for protection.

 We're almost finished roughing out all the window frames for the new glass.  The horses who used to live in 10 Horse probably could never imagine how much light the place will soon have inside!

 And if it's one thing we know artists like it's LOTS of windows.  Nothing makes a creative soul more happy than a crazy amount of natural light!

 The Group Classroom area and the Saddle Store (where we'll sell lots of our artist's work) is coming along nicely.  This particular area of 10 Horse definitely needed a new roof!

 WOW!  The new ceiling in the Group Classroom and Saddle Store area is going to be so high!  We can't wait to until the exterior walls are closed in.

And we forgot to tell you about these AMAZING cookies we got from our #1 10 Horse Angel Marcella Lawrence (Project Manager Justin Barros' mother)!

 Do you know ANYONE who can back cookies like this?!  We sure don't!!

 Marcella obviously loves pop-ups as much as we do and she clearly took the theme to a new level!

 Each cookie is actually 3-dimensional and iced to (oh, sweet icing!) cookie pages that look just like a book!

 And just look at those COLORS!!!  Who needs Martha Steward?!  If real pop-up books looked this good and tasted this delicious they'd never stay on a shelf!

 So thank you, Marcella, for creating these masterpieces for us and for being such a TREMENDOUS supporter of 10 Horse Art Center!  What we do without you or Justin or your cookies!

More updates coming soon Kickstarters and thanks again for hanging in there with us!

Frame me in and the Big Dig!


Hey Kickstarters! Work continues on 10 Horse Art Center and we've been truly blessed by the continuing mild weather!

Now that the concrete foundation has been poured, we've added rigid insulation around the perimeter of 10 Horse to help keep the building nice and warm during the winter.

Framing work has also begun on sections of the building that were temporarily removed to allow concrete truck access.

The pottery studio begins to take shape and we're lucky to already have a ceramics artist who wants to work there!

And don't worry, we've saved all the beautiful antique exterior siding, stored it in a safe, weatherproof location, so it's ready to be reattached after the new, rough framing is complete.

The east side of building is also being re-framed to allow for a much bigger entryway into the building and exhibition area.

Carpenter Jim and his son Eli are master framers and we couldn't imagine any of this work being done properly without them!

We're also right in the middle of a Big Dig for the new septic system.  Machines are used for much of this work...

 ...but we're still amazed at how much of the final, detail work needs to be done by hand!

 The new, enormous concrete tank is lowered by crane into the freshly dug hole and covered with gravel and soil.

 Lines of pipe are installed from the concrete tank out towards the leach field.

 The leach field (where the water from the tank will be distributed) is also dug by machine...

...but there's still plenty of work to be done by hand, including spreading out the gravel before topsoil fill.  Hopefully the weather will hold at the site long enough to get completely closed in and become snug as a bug in a rug!

Thanks for your continued support and kind words and e-mails of encouragement.  I'll keep you update, as always!  Robert

Pour, Baby, Pour!


Dear Devoted Kickstarters!  At 7am this past Saturday morning the concrete trucks rumbled down Black Creek Road on an important mission.

It was time to start pouring the main floor of 10 Horse Art Center!  Project manager Justin had temporarily removed some of the exterior walls to allow the enormous concrete chutes to get inside.

Slowly but surely the amazing concrete crew started the massive undertaking of moving tons of heavy, wet concrete into position.

The crew has to work quickly because not only does the concrete begin to "firm up" as soon as it leaves the truck, it heats up, too!

The concrete flows so quickly it's almost like a...

 ...a LAVA FLOW!

 A wide, flat trowel is attached to a pole to begin the slow process of smoothing the concrete.

Now THAT'S a floor!  The concrete will continue to "burn" (cure) for the next 24 hours so the crew keeps a close eye on the continuing process.  The exterior parts of the concrete floor will be poured separately (since that will take three more trucks of concrete, and I didn't want to clog up Black Creek Road with trucks!).

 And the first resident of 10 Horse Art Center has arrived!  Meet Rockafeller (named by Project Manager Justin)!

We don't know how this mysterious rooster arrived at 10 Horse Art Center but we quickly built a shelter to keep him dry and warm.  Now all the artists will have a morning call to come to the Center to create!

Thanks for your constant support and I'll update you again soon.  In the meantime, visit our newly launched website for even more details about what we're up to!

Help 10 Horse Art Center get a Mission Street Grant just by voting!


Dear Kickstarters, 

I’m reaching out to you to help reach my goal of 250 votes to get to the next level of consideration for a Mission Street Grant for 10 Horse Art Center. The renovation work at 10 Horse Art Center is moving along at an excellent pace (see updates at but this work is expensive!

By simply voting for the Center at you’ll help advance us to the next level. It couldn’t be easier and you’ll be doing all of us at 10 Horse a great favor. 

Thanks so much for your continued support and please tell ALL your friends and family about our goal, either through your social networks or by forwarding this e-mail. We need every vote we can get by October!