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These spider-bots can participate in airsoft battles, or college Nerf wars. They can recognize team colors, shooting at just the enemy.

The actual design of the Spider Robots can be seen here , and is updated as changes are made.

(unity web player is needed to view the design, it can be installed from that page.)


The purpose of the Trisolate Society is to push for advancement in technology and efficiency of operations. We accomplish this through projects and activities involving both members of the society and community. Our goal is to provide a safe and constructive working environment to stoke the fires of innovation and teamwork.

WHY IS THERE NO VIDEO AT THIS TIME?!?! We will be filming our progress through every step of the way, posting numerous videos and pictures for everyone to view!


-General description: The goal of this project is to create a team of spider robots that measure ~3 feet tall. These spider-bots will be fast, agile, and extremely intelligent, in addition to being armed with either Nerf or Airsoft ammunition. The spider-bots will run an advanced artificial intelligence program written by us that will allow them to identify targets, track, corner, flank, communicate with each other, and ultimately defeat their opponents. The massive amounts of information required for the AI program will be stored on servers, and accessed by the spider-bots remotely. This will allow less hardware for each spider-bot, increasing the physical performance. In addition, each of the spider-bots will be equipped with an on-board camera that will send data to the servers for analysis.

-What are they for? We will be coordinating with college campuses to have 'students VS spiders' campus-wide events. During these events, the human resistance will try to defeat the spiders, however the spiders' intelligence level will not make that easy! Not only will this help students to relieve stress, it will also encourage teamwork among peers.

-Can they be shot? Absolutely, each spider-bot will have a small target on their back that will temporarily disable it if hit. This will give the humans time to re-position and strategize.

-Who will be working on this project? This project will utilize the skills of undergraduates at Texas A&M at Galveston, in addition to numerous members of the Trisolate Society who will be working around the clock.

-Will the source code (Artificial Intelligence) be free? YES! We have spent a great deal of time already working on the AI program that the spider-bots will be running. The source code will be available for free download to anyone and everyone who wants it, allowing individuals to spend more time on other aspects of their projects.


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    Thank you for helping us create one of the most advanced attack spider robots in existence! To promote the spread of information and stoke the fires of innovation, we will be releasing the ENTIRE source code free to anyone! Our plan is to design the code so that you can use any part easily in your own projects (ex: motion tracking, targeting, aiming...)

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    For a pledge of $100 or more we are going to give you official Trisolate dog tags to wear. These tags are made of laser-etched stainless steel.

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    For a pledge of $500 or more, we are going to send you full size copies of the Spider-bot blueprints, in addition to the Trisolate dog tags.

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    For a whopping pledge of $1000.00 or more, we are going to send you Trisolate dog tags, full size copies of the spider-bot blueprints, AND you will be given access to a live video feed of the spider-bots' cameras. We will also send you email notifications with the dates and times of battles so you can make some popcorn and enjoy the action!

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    Here it is, for a pledge of $2500 or more, you will receive a fully-functional attack-spider robot! This includes automatic software updates to make your spider-bot more advanced than ever. This reward also includes ALL the previous rewards.

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