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A 3 week seminar learning 4 new techniques to bring expanded visions back to my home and my art.

Among my favorite quotes and mantras, the one that keeps my life in focus is this: "Be the change you want to see in the world"  ~Gandhi

I am a visionary artist, embarking on a new journey. I am currently working on various projects in sacred and spiritual art, but predominantly on a project that I call, Goddess Portraits. Using real photos that I take of real women, I then transform the photographs to reflect their inner Goddess essence with paint, rhinestones, and recycled nail polish. My goal with this project is to use the very real and raw image of each woman and bring in more mystical elements with the various mediums to bring a sense of the Divine, creating an empowering visual reflection of the powerful Goddess that dwells inside every woman. This new opportunity would take this many steps forward. 

I have been given the opportunity to study with 4 master visionary artists: Laurence Caruana, Amanda Sage, Maura Holden, and Andrew Gonzales at a workshop hosted in Italy this summer. Each of these artists are considered experts in the visionary art community, with both Amanda Sage and Laurence Caruana studying directly under Ernst Fuchs, who rediscovered the method of the old masters, Mischtechnik. This is one of the techniques that I will be learning during this seminar, using layer upon layer to 'build' a piece with depth and life, and refinement that could be likened to digital quality. Ernst Fuchs currently resides in Italy and frequently visits the seminar to lend his expertise and even demonstrate. Included in the seminar are: guidance in 4 powerful new techniques, the creation of 3 of my greatest masterpieces yet, and the absolutely invaluable experience of studying, interacting, and learning from these 4 truly exceptional artists. I am so excited to bring these new elements and techniques into my art and be able to more fully and effectively communicate my vision onto the canvas and to the world. I cannot express enough just how much richness these techniques would bring to my art. 

Through spiritual art and the blessing of sharing myself and my heart with others, most especially women, I have found my soul's purpose and creative passion. It has been said ...."Choose a job that you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life." ~Confuscius. This quote means infinitely more to me now that I am walking this path.

If you donate to my project, I will reward you with a print of one of these pieces, and your own Goddess portrait if you donate $200 or more!

My Goddess Portrait project is completely donation-based, so I'm hoping that by sending this love out, it will come back to me. I invite you to join me in spreading empowerment through beautiful art, and the illumination of everyday extraordinary Goddesses. Namaste and thank you <3


Here are a few links to my work and the Expanded Visions Seminar:


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