Funded! This project was successfully funded on September 29, 2010.

Update #3

The forces for gamefulness are gathering...


... and the awesome is hard to keep to ourselves! So here are some good news updates for all of you brilliant Gameful founding members...

The International Game Developers Association featured Gameful in its September newsletter, our first official press coverage! Read all about it:

We have, incredibly, 16 Gameful fairies already. That means we now have enough year-one funding for more than one new challenge or gameful award every single month! Hope you're ready to do something awesome and have the fairies sprinkle you with awesome rewards...

Natron Baxter Applied Gaming is hard at work designing a secret backdoor for everyone who has kickstarted us at the $24 or higher level. Get ready to sneak onto the alpha site at 10:10:10 on 10/10/10....

When we made up the word Gameful, there were 0 Google results. Since launching this Kickstarter project, that number is now over 27,000! Oxford English Dictionary, here we come...

* 130 BACKERS TO GO...
Your secret mission unlocks at 500 founding members. We're at 370... if we can add 10 a day, we'll make our goal, and your puzzle piece/membership card will have an extra secret clue that only the lot of us will be able to make collective heads or tails of...

Please Tweet, Facebook status update, and email your friends and colleagues about Gameful! Just 12 days to go...

Your allies,
Jane, Kiyash, Matthew, Nathan


    1. Cm_news_tim_letscher_480.small

      Creator Tim Letscher on September 21, 2010

      An update on that "gameful" Google search - over 7.5 million results!

    2. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Andrew Wooldridge on September 18, 2010

      Perhaps you might collaborate with the new IGN indie Open House project

    3. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Jordy Mont-Reynaud on September 16, 2010

      Hey Jane, this is awesome. Can't wait for the official launch!

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    FOUNDER'S REWARD: You get your name on the list of Gameful Founders; PLUS a Founder icon for your Gameful profile page; PLUS a secret, hand-numbered puzzle piece that will serve as your official Gameful founder’s card. (Slip it in your wallet; Whenever you meet another founder, check to see if your puzzle pieces connect. If they do, it’s a sign from the gameful gods that you are destined to join superpowers and collaborate!)

  • Pledge $24 or more
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    83 backers

    SECRET BACK DOOR ACCESS: All of the above, PLUS secret access to the Gameful HQ 2 weeks before it officially opens to the public. That’s plenty of time to sneak around, find out how everything works, earn some bonus points, and leave your mark before everyone else arrives.

  • Pledge $48 or more
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    MEGA BRAIN MELD: All of the above, PLUS a personalized, autographed copy of Jane McGonigal’s book REALITY IS BROKEN: WHY GAME MAKE US BETTER AND HOW THEY CAN CHANGE THE WORLD. (Outside of North America please add $10; book will ship ~ January 20, 2011.) (Jane Says: “When you choose your reward, be sure to tell me who to sign to book to!”)

  • Pledge $98 or more
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    HERO'S 12-PACK: (Save $48) Be the hero and snag Founder’s Rewards (including the profile icon AND the puzzle piece) for 12 people: you and 11 friends. PLUS, since you’re the hero of the gang, YOU get secret backdoor access to the HQ two weeks before it officially opens to the public.

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    1 backer All gone!

    OMG: The first person to support Gameful with $100 gets all of the above PLUS the original (the one and only!) neon green future forecasting poster in our Kickstart video, signed and personalized by the future forecaster. Tah-dah!

  • Pledge $144 or more
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    56 backers

    THE AWESOME CIRCLE: All of the above; PLUS you will be listed on the official public roster of the Awesome Circle as a benefactor of Gameful (with a one-sentence bio, and your name can link to anything you want); AND you will be invited to serve as a judge for the annual Gameful Awards.

  • Pledge $288 or more
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    12 backers

    SECRET FIERO MONSTER: All of the above, PLUS we will hide a custom Secret Fiero Monster icon on the site in your honor. (The Fiero Monster is our mascot.) The monster will appear in your choice of colors, whispering via cartoon bubble your choice of any (non-obscene ^_^) mysterious mantra of up to five words. The Monster will also link to your Gameful profile, ensuring that tons of interesting people discover you and your work. This monster will appear on the site for at least one year. (We will send you the art for your monster in case you want to make t-shirts, or put it on your business card. ^_^)

  • Pledge $576 or more
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    23 backers

    THE AWESOME BOARD: All of the above; PLUS you will be listed on the Board of Directors for Gameful on the About page (with an extended bio); PLUS you will participate in private, behind-the-scenes discussions of what to do with Gameful next; PLUS you will be invited to occasional real-world meetups of the Awesome Board with the Gameful founders whenever we have them (mostly likely to be held at major game conferences, such as GDC, Games for Change, or SXSW interactive, and in whatever major U.S. cities we happen to find ourselves in, such as San Francisco, Chicago, St. Louis, Washington DC and Los Angeles.)

  • Pledge $1,012 or more
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    25 backers

    THE GAMEFUL FAIRY: Absolutely all of the above, PLUS you will get to establish an official Gameful Award, Challenge, or Scholarship to bestow on the recipient(s) of your choice anytime in 2011, up to $1000 to support their ongoing efforts to make awesome games that change the world. You can choose -- do you want to honor a game developer working to improve health? to be played on public transportation? to connect kids with their grandparents? to fix education? to help people dance more? to make a game for the city you live in? Your choice, your award -- YOU get to be the Gameful fairy. You will be honored by name, or anonymously, or on behalf of any corporation or organization -- with an optional photograph or a logo -- as you wish. We hope to have many different Gameful Fairies join us over the next two years, and there are no limits to how many scholarships, challenges or awards you can fund.

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