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For Halloween, I build huge props (steam train, pirate ship, etc) in my yard. In 2010 it's a steampunk drilling machine from the center of the earth.

Oct. 11, 2010 - Wow! We made the goal! Of course, if anyone is still thinking about donating, please don't let the project reaching the goal stop you. Any extra money just means a better display. Thanks to everyone who has backed this project.


When I was a kid, I thought Halloween was the coolest holiday around. I always loved it when someone took extra time to put up a yard display. Still, I never found anyone who did a display as cool as the ones I pictured in my mind... so I decided to do it myself as an adult.

Each year I aim to create a Halloween yard display of the scope and scale I always dreamed of as a kid. It took me over 10 years to reach my goal (with the help of some great friends), and I want to do it again this year with your help.

This is a link to my Halloween website -

The homepage has some sample images and videos from recent years, plus my Kickstarter video. Please look around and check out the pictures and videos from previous years, as well as details of the animatronics.

You can see in the picture at the top of this page that I make some pretty extreme Halloween yard displays. As you might guess, making a display this big takes time and money. I've got the time, but need help with the money.

Just providing food for the volunteers who help me costs a lot. In addition, I need to buy steel, paint, styrofoam, plaster, hot glue, etc. I also design and build custom electronics to drive the lights, sound, and animatronic figures that make the show come alive. There is a small sample of my animatronic figures at the end of the video on this page.

Help me make this a Halloween to remember here in Southern California!


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    Your name on a credit page on my website to show the project couldn't be made without you.

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    The previous reward, plus a genuine piece of the "skin" from the giant drilling machine.

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    All previous rewards, plus a DVD with a high quality version of all the sketches between the skeleton and raven.

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    All previous rewards, plus your name worked into one of the sketches between the skeleton and the raven.

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    A custom sketch featuring the skeleton and raven about the topic or theme of your choice. I always keep the shows clean, so there won't be any profanity, politics, religion, or other topics that upset some people.

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