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Rocksalt is a free Austin-based print comics magazine. It is like the Sunday comics, except wonderful.

UPDATED:  WE MADE IT!  Now we have a stretch goal; we're trying to make it to $1650 before the end of the Kickstarter.  See below for details.

Rocksalt Magazine is a free comics anthology out of Austin.  We print three thousand copies of each issue and distribute it at about two hundred locations around town.  We've been doing it for two years now, and it has been successful beyond our wildest dreams.  Our next issue, #9, will be the back-to-school special and it will be our best issue yet.

Issue #8 of Rocksalt, fresh from the printer.
Issue #8 of Rocksalt, fresh from the printer.

People love it.  It turns out that people still love free papers as much as they always did, provided that the free papers print what they want.  And what they want is comics.  People just love our magazine.  It's great fun to sit in a coffee shop or restaurant and watch a procession of people grab it and page through it.

We only print comics.  We don't waste time with band listings, editorials, or interviews.  We give Austin the best comics we know and they love it.  Every issue has an original cover by a prominent Austin artist and a double-page centerfold in the middle.  We commission the centerfolds months in advance and make sure that the artists turn in the most amazing work possible.

Also, our editor is a talking dog named Rocky.  He's a popular dog.

Rocksalt is an essential extrusion of the modern Austin arts scene.  Our home base is the Austin Sketchgroup, a decade-old collection of artists and other miscreants in this great metropolis.  We have close personal ties with many coffee shops, and one of our editors knows a lawyer.  We are dangerous people, and not to be toyed with.

We made our goal with just four days to go!  So we wanted to come up with something pretty special for the stretch goal, and here it is; if we make it to $1650 by the end of the Kickstarter, we will add a serious premium to issue #10 (issue #9 is going to press too soon to add anything now).  ROCKSALT MAGAZINE WILL PRINT ITS OWN MONEY.  Each of the 3,000 issues will have actual money in them.  That's right, each issue will come with an illustrated card good for one milliBitcoin.  This is usable, fungible, transferrable money.  Merchants that take bitcoins will be able to accept them, you will be able to redeem them online, and it is in all ways, shapes, and forms actual money.  If you haven't heard about Bitcoins, this is your chance.  They are completely cool.

So, please, donate to Rocksalt.  Your funding will bring enjoyment to an entire city, bring smiles to the faces and strange thoughts to the brains of children, and help to shine a spotlight on one of the most talented collections of artists it has ever been this city's privilege to behold.  Every dollar you donate to Rocksalt Magazine is a dollar for making Austin awesome.


Go to to see past issues.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Our entire goal is to establish Rocksalt Magazine as a stable, self-replicating economic entity. We want to recreate a marketplace that has been forgotten; the free paper that people actually want to read. We want to pay our artists, and we want to pay our taxes. This means making enough money to have to pay taxes on, and we aren't there yet. But that's where we are going.

We, the editors of Rocksalt, are looking at a lifetime of dealing with accountants and doing the paperwork that it takes to run a magazine, pay people, and make a profit. We have steeled ourselves to the task, and girded our economic loins for free market combat. We aim to funnel money back into the artistic community, and unfortunately that means that we have to deal with bureaucracy. It's gonna stink, but it's gonna be worth it.

Rocksalt is produced by a community of pragmatic working artists. We know exactly how difficult it is to turn art into groceries, but we also know that it can be done.

Since you asked, here's the budget breakdown for this Kickstarter:

$550 printing (3,000 copies!)
$195 Motorblade distribution services (over 200 locations!)
$100 thank-you party for Rocksalt contributors (pizza and video games for twenty people!)
$100 Amazon fees and Kickstarter fees and taxes and other fun stuff.

That's $950 total. Less than a thousand dollars to make Austin Texas glow with delight. Pretty good deal, if you ask me.


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