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Awesome new instrument, plays and sounds like a sax but fits in your pocket. Easy to learn with tutorial on youtube at
2,232 backers pledged NZ$ 176,135 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Nicholas Millington , Rio Millington, 3-time creator on

      Hi miss kitty , Jerry and others out there .
      That’s the plan as you have all been really supportive. Generation 1 was just to get the business structure up in place , now the fun begins . We think we have something really good here so most definitely the price will be very reasonable. With these three lower tubes you really have your bases covered musically . I’m About to do a lot of recording over different keys so will be posting the results over the next few days.
      Keep watching , lots of good stuff to come.

    2. MissKitty

      Thank you for your updates. I am excited to learn more about the 2 new lower tubes. Would purchasers of Gen 1 Saximonica get a special deal to purchase the new tubes since they were not available at the time we supported Gen 1? That would be very sweet to "hear". ;) =^.^=

    3. Jerry Guy on

      Great news in the addition of multiple key lowers.
      Sign me up for a C and G for sure!

    4. Tina Sieber on

      I haven't received my Saxmonica either and I'm still waiting for the tracking number you promised. PLEASE let us know what's going on! Thank you.

    5. Jashan

      I also miss my delivery… Maybe we get the new tubes for free because we have to wait?!?

    6. Missing avatar

      Max on

      Unfortunately, here in Austria, my delivery hasn't arrived yet. Can you give me an update about my delivery? Haven't got a tracking number either.

    7. Missing avatar

      Neil Donald on

      It would appear a it if comments have been deleted/removed! Once again I have not received my two purchases. How long before you send me my purchases? Will I ever receive them! I receive items from China regularly without customs problems! Saxminica is no different from any other piece of plastic. So, once again... WHERE ARE THE TWO ITEMS I PAID YOU FOR COMING UP FOR ONE YEAR AGO?

    8. Missing avatar

      Steve Nadeau

      how do we get the 2 lower tubes?

    9. Missing avatar

      Andreas Bertomeu on

      Unfortunately, no delivery has arrived yet.

    10. Nicholas Millington , Rio Millington, 3-time creator on

      Hi There.

      We have several new components. The first being 2 new lower tubes with different fingering patterns that play over most of the more popular keys, This now means that you have a choice of keys to play in.
      In a musical sense you now have almost no limits. For example a lot of guitarists with limited ability can play the more common. keys of A E G or variations. With the original tube you might struggle to blend the sound in some of these keys.
      With the new lower tubes the Saxmonica will now play over all these keys so if you want to jam with someone who has limited experience you will be able to choose the right lower tube and play along with no problems.
      We have been testing and recording for the last several months and it really has made everything very simple.
      If you can find that beat and tone then you can jam anywhere anytime with anybody in any genre.
      Second addition to the App is a feature that allows you to play with full on studio sounds over all the backing tracks. Whenever you have seen us playing with headphones , we are jamming with full studio sounds and it's out of this world. This is the sound experience we have been trying to produce.
      Now that we have had time to sit down and test , we think we have come up with something seriously good.
      These developments are currently underway. Our production time and distribution time has been reduced massively due to what we managed to set up last year. so we are looking forward to displaying what we have on offer over the next few weeks.
      Heading back to NZ to shoot video and do a lot of recording.
      Orian has headed to Europe and will be smashing out a lot more backing tracks over the next couple of months so keep watching.
      Saxmonica is developing.
      Further to this we have had a chance to really develop the mouth piece that really suits the Saxmonica.

      Will keep you posted as we take Saxmonica to a new level.
      Cheers Nick

    11. Missing avatar

      Jacob Levesque on

      Will we have to purchase the new extra pieces for the saxmonica?