by Nicholas Millington , Rio Millington,

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      Larry Gilman

      Just in case I didn't mention it earlier, I received my two Saxmonica!!!

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      Andrew Baranowski on

      Andrew Baranowski, received the Saxmonica via Canada Post at 7pm.
      I was Wowed!

    3. Nicholas Millington , Rio Millington, 2-time creator on

      Cheers for that Andrew and Larry. Great to hear that you have them and can start becoming part of the Saxmonica sound. Keep chipping away. You will have fun.

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      Iris Angela on

      I received mine! It looks really great, nice clean material and I was able to produce my first sound with it! Thanks Nicholas for a great 🎷 !! 😃

    5. Stefan Bremer on

      The item arrives exactly when I was away for a long trip and has returned to you after 7 days. is it possible to send it again?..

    6. Uwe Jakob on

      @Nicholas Millington , Rio Millington..... i got an invitation to my local customs... i had to open the package there, they saw the saxmonica, i explained them what it is, but they didnt gave it to me but returned it back to you. They said yould would have to inform you before about the german customs and tax-regulations and would need to send it again with all the nessesary papers. I am sorry for this inconvenience for you. I hope you will be able to bring it on the way to me one day.

    7. Rob Fisher on

      didn't receive my on ein Germany :/