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Awesome new instrument, plays and sounds like a sax but fits in your pocket. Easy to learn with tutorial on youtube at
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Saxmonica road trip

Posted by Nicholas Millington , Rio Millington, (Creator)
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Hi All 

Most Saxmonicas have found the right homes now. 

We are currently on a selling trip around California and getting a very positive response.

We will be at NAM in Anaheim in January so if you see us there say hello.

A quick video of Patrick the Sax technician and teacher in Ventura. 

He can definitely see the potential in teaching improvisation with a Saxmonicas

This is after a few minutes of tinkering.   He came up with some great information that we will digest over the next few days. 

Cheers   Remember to download the app for more info. 


Team Saxmonica 


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    1. Nicholas Millington , Rio Millington, 2-time creator on

      Hi Janet. Thats great news. Just posting a video of my mum at 87. with her first go on her Christmas present She is 87 as well. not got sure if this will lengthen her life or shorten it


    2. Missing avatar

      Janet Fenwick on

      Gave my 87 year old dad a Saxmonica for Christmas!! He’s getting the hang of it and is working on a few tunes! Awesome. Thanks

    3. Missing avatar

      Neil Donald on

      Its now 2019 and still no Saxmonicas.
      About time you fired a few F***s into your contractors. Or is there another problem we ain't being told about?
      Once again... Tracking Reference please.

    4. Missing avatar

      merv storey on

      Still waiting for mine here in Canada, but with Kickstarter, patience is #1!
      Hope you’re Christmas was awesome and wishing you a happy New Year!!

    5. Missing avatar

      Lynne Fitzgerald on

      I’m glad to know I’m not alone waiting for this to arrive. I was originally planning on a late bday present for my son born in June. Then I was hoping for a Christmas present but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen either lol. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

    6. Missing avatar

      Chad Hansen on

      Still awaiting mine as well, but I shall

    7. Missing avatar

      Andrew Baranowski on

      I'm glad that you're enjoying your trip.
      I would like to see my Saxmonica in my hands.
      What is the tracking number so I could check when mine will show up.
      Waiting for your response and my Saxmonica in Canada.

    8. Missing avatar

      Carri Mac Farlane on

      Glad for everyone else but I still didn't get mine! Did you send mine to Germany or USA?

    9. Missing avatar

      Patrick Wall on

      Mine arrived, but with a reed split down the middle. Can I get a whole one?

    10. Missing avatar

      Star Ochoa on

      Delivered in Tucson, Az!

    11. Saiboter on

      I haven't received them too.

    12. Missing avatar

      Neil Donald on

      Me too, surely you can give us a tracking number! Even the ‘snail mail’ UK postal service can do this. So when are we gonna get our stuff?

    13. Tina Sieber on

      Unfortunately, I still haven't received my Saxmonica. I would really, really appreciate a tracking number, so I know whether it was supposedly delivered or whether it's still en route. Thank you!