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Awesome new instrument, plays and sounds like a sax but fits in your pocket. Easy to learn with tutorial on youtube at
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Saxmonica and extra customs tax

Posted by Nicholas Millington , Rio Millington, (Creator)

Hi there , 

We are getting a lot of messages about additional customs charges.

Although I would love to be able to make them go away I can’t .

On reflection this is really a result of the large e commerce platforms I.e  amazon , Shopify etc, who are really changing how international trade is executed around the world. 

Governments want their slice. 

In New Zealand they have recently  lowered the the rate that was $400  down to $75 

So goods with a value over 75 dollars are now taxed. 

It seems that the Europeans and British are super vigilante on collecting the tax. 

One way to look at it is that the Saxmonica tax is helping to finance brexit. 

And when the British umbilical cord is finally cut maybe someone will be playing saxmonica blues as the UK drifts off on its own .

Cheers Nick 

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    1. Florian Förster on

      Hi, Nick,
      I have a problem. Our Customs Office sent me a letter to collect the sax. But I was on a business trip. After 7 Days they have sent it back return to the sender. Is there a possibility to ship it again?

    2. Missing avatar

      Stefano on

      As already said, it is the first time ever that I have to pay something at the customs, be it from Amazon, Kickstarter, Indiegogo or whatever.
      Anyway, the Saxmonica is really a nice thing thus it is worth the extra cost 😀

    3. Arni Vidar Bjorgvinsson on

      Sorry Stefano, but the shipping has absolutely zero to do with you paying taxes on imports. That's all on your own government.

    4. Missing avatar

      Stefano on

      Btw, Brexit has nothing to do with it, starting from the fact that I had to pay in Italy, not UK.
      The problem was yours and of your shipment partner.

    5. Missing avatar

      Stefano on

      Hello, the parcel has been received today in Italy without tracking by a delegated person and she had to pay 15,99€ for "expenses". In the years I have received lots of stuff from China or far east and I was never charged for expenses, taxes or whatever.
      So far, quite disappointed.
      I hope to review my rating when I will have the saxmonica in my hands in the next days.
      Anyway, you really should review your shipping process, it was really unmanaged.

    6. Missing avatar

      jeremy Bruns on

      I've gotten a letter from the customs office today stating because there was no tax label I have to pay 23EUR in taxes.
      I understand it's the first time you have ever fulfilled/ done such a project but srsly the last steps shipping, not answering etc where a total mess...

    7. Dirk Hoffmann on

      Hi, i picked up my 2 Saxmonicas today from the german custom service here.
      As previewed i had to pay 3% custom tex + 19% value added tax.
      But thats normal when you buy something from overseas.
      Only the PostNL tracking was a mess, besause there they indicated delivery attempts that didnt happen, so there was a little confusion until the custums service contacted me.
      Now happy to have a extra present for my son an myself for christmas.

      Thanks in advance

    8. Arni Vidar Bjorgvinsson on

      @Kristófer: Fékk mínar í dag :)

      @Nick: Received my Saxmonicas today, and am thoroughly impressed with what I have. Really solid build and fits nicely together.
      Followed no instructions to assemble and blew it with no sound coming out. Looking forward to starting to learn how to make noises! :D

      @Coen: I would say that any KS campaign that claims they're taking care of the customs are either ill-informed, or simply lying. Unless you're sending with the huge express couriers like FedEx and UPS (this is frankly unlikely with any but the most expensive campaign perks) which have special contracts with each country's customs institutions, then I believe it's actually impossible to pre-pay customs fees for most countries :)

    9. Coen Zuidervaart on

      Picked it up from the post office earlier today. GFs Birthday was on the 13th of July, so almost 5 months later than planned, but she received her gift!

      Over the moon so far and Mary's Little Lamb is already prancing around the house. Very difficult in terms of breath so far, but she's very happy with it.

    10. Missing avatar

      Detmar Kleensang on

      And there it is! My Saxmonica was stuck at customs and I had to free it from there personally. All good now. The first squeaks had to be done. Cats are running away from me, but I will get better with time. Thanks a lot Nick! It is absolutely great!

    11. Jon Green on

      Frankly, if this tax is being used to subsidise Brexit, then I resent every wasted penny even more, particularly since our beloved Post Office charged me £8 to collect about £5 worth of VAT.

    12. Missing avatar

      merv storey on

      I’m sure here in CANADA we will also get bit!

    13. Missing avatar

      Filip on

      oh... forgot to say... no tax needed to be paid since it was below 50 EUR value...

    14. Missing avatar

      Filip on

      Just got mine at this very moment... it already arrived on friday... but to my friends office... and all i can say is amazing... it was worth the wait... the packaging is great... it is in fact smaller than i thought... and that is not a bad thing at all... now all i have to do is start learning... thank you Nick and all of the team for this amazing instrument....

    15. Missing avatar

      RoseAnn Brodie on

      Thanks, I've got to pay £14.95 or around US $30 to get mine. I thought you had sorted out the liability for the value of this. To say I'm hacked off at this is putting it mildly. I've waited all this time to get my saxmonica and I get a hefty charge clapped on top before I ever clap eyes on it. Thanks very much.

    16. Robert Walker on

      Mine arrived at the weekend. I got quite a pricey customs charge. I got it home eagerly unwrapped it and was very surprised and the texture and the logo definitely looks nicer in person.

      Having never played a reed instrument (I played trumpet and tenor horn when I was younger), I was a bit wary. I jumped straight in and tried to get a sound out of it without any instruction. I got nothing, then a squeek with the odd hint of a note. I fired up the app looking for a basic tutorial. I ended up going on youtube and within a minute or two I managed some notes. A few hours later I was playing much better, especially on the first 4 holes. As I got a bit more consistent, I could add a bit of vibrato and starting to really enjoy it.

      The only thing I feel that limits this instrument is that it's only one octave, but I feel it's done exactly what I wanted. For anyone wanting to try a reed instrument that's not expensive, simple in it's design, this is perfect. Even the cat seemed to enjoy it by the end of the day after being a bit scared at first.

    17. Missing avatar

      Bautz Bauer on

      Hi Arne,
      I am one of the privileged to have received a tracking number. It is LX523364824NL. Using a parcel tracking app (17Track) it shows 10 tracking events, the last one dt 2018-11-30 20:58 indicating that the item has reached country of destination (Germany) and was handed over to DHL. If I visit their tracking site with my tracking number they respond with the message, that they expect tracking details shortly but can give further info only if they physically receive the item in their system. I assume it is stuck in the customs proceedings. If no invoice is contained OUTSIDE of the parcel it won´t be further processed by customs until I personally show up to open it and show the contained invoice and pay taxes. That happened to me several times with science books I ordered from outside EU..... If invoice is outside of the parcel and marked as to be opened for custom purposes DHL - or which ever courier service - can use it to get it processed by customs and they will then charge you later on delivery. They are probably all swamped now since the delay - on saxmonicas behalf - put this all smack in the middle of Christmas traffic.

    18. Missing avatar

      Arne Birken on

      Does anyone know, if the Saxmonicas to Germany are stuck in customs, too? Didn't get anything, yet. No documents, no Saxmonica, no information. I'm starting to get angry, too. I can forget to have it for Christmas, as it seems...

    19. Missing avatar

      Martin Siegel

      @Coen Zuidervaart:
      Mine looks like this
      LX123456789NL - thenumbers are not the real ones.
      As it had Dutch tracking number I hoped that impost into the EU has been taken care of and it would go smoothly from The Nethernalds to Austria. But it seems everyone has affiliates in China nowadays even the Post. Mine is held in customs now because documents are missing. I was aware of the fact that VAT has to be paid for commercial shipments from outside the EU and prtepared for that but not that it will be shipped without documents showing the value. This really makes me angry. Two weeks before X-Mas it is very unlikely that I will get it before that date because customs are stuffed with parcels right now

    20. Coen Zuidervaart on

      Quick question: Do you sort of know what the tracking numbers look like? Because I received a message from our postal service that a package was inbound, but it wasn't in the sorting process. And it has been this way for a week. If the first letters/digits of all tracking codes are the same, I might be able to deduce if this could be the Saxmonica or not.

      This is in The Netherlands.

      "Arni: While not the case in this Kickstarter, I have backed some where they said they were taking care of import taxes only for them to mess up somehow and still be hit with them. I don't have that illusion here, but in other KS it has sucked.

    21. Missing avatar

      Detmar Kleensang on

      Never mind. There is no getting around this. But I would be lucky if there is a tracking number coming in or that saxmonica itself by surprise. But here in Germany, or at least at me in person, there is no delivery in sight. Am a little bit wondering, because my given information is actually correct and so many else saxmonicas already had found their destinations.

    22. Norm Silverman

      Just received ours. Excellent build quality and brilliant tone

    23. Missing avatar

      Ruud van der Schaaf on

      Still nothing in the Netherlands, what about tracking numbers Nick?

    24. Arni Vidar Bjorgvinsson on

      People's amazement and uproar on Kickstarter over customs charges never ceases to amaze me. It's like these people have never ordered anything from abroad before, or never understood that almost all import/export on the planet it dependent on taxes and tariffs. I've even seen people demanding a refund on the customs fees from the Kickstarter campaigns, like they are somehow responsible for said fees. *SMH*

    25. Victor Bow on

      what company was it shipped with? if its dhl..they have a service charge...even if theres no custom fees..its..their own processing fees.

    26. Missing avatar

      Geri Henderson on

      I have an APO address and leave for the States on Friday. I had hoped to take them with me as gifts. Any chance?

    27. Missing avatar

      Kristofer Helgason on

      Do you know when to expect the Saxmonica to arrive to Iceland?