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Awesome new instrument, plays and sounds like a sax but fits in your pocket. Easy to learn with tutorial on youtube at
2,232 backers pledged NZ$ 176,135 to help bring this project to life.

Saxmonica Tracking Numbers

Posted by Nicholas Millington , Rio Millington, (Creator)

Hi There ,

It seems the Saxmonica's are finding the right homes based on the feed back.

I realise that some of you are awaiting tracking numbers.

Here's my explanation.

We blew it.  Our mistake,  We have had a glitch in the system since we set it up. 

We didn't realise until after the Saxmonica's had been shipped. 

It was bad communication within our little team.  We all moved to different countries at the same time and now are chasing our tails on this. 

For those of you who have received your Saxmonica you can forget this. For the others we are still working on getting the tracking numbers out. 

I do have a lot of faith In the courier system. Your email addresses are with the courier companies so I'm sure they will arrive on time. 

There seems to be no real pattern to the deliveries , as I know some have arrived in countries where others have not arrived. 

India . USA, China, Singapore , Uk , New Zealand , Germany and other countries have all indicated that they have got their units so the rest cant be far away. 

Once again sorry about this but we are working on it.  

Here's a link to  put the Saxmonica together.  A few people have asked about reed position etc so have look if you are unsure. 

Thanks Nick

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    1. Missing avatar on

      I finally got notified by customs, just in time for xmas

    2. Bhavik Sanghvi on

      Hi, I received an email saying delivery attempt failed but on their website I am not able to track using the tracking number

    3. Missing avatar

      Martin Sharenkov on

      I'm in London,UK. Have not received sax nor a tracking nhmber.

    4. Nicholas Millington , Rio Millington, 3-time creator on

      Hi Dean
      Ive been fighting off a bit of hate mail lately.
      All good.
      Thanks Nick

    5. Dean Myton on

      Nick and Rio, I owe you a great apology I got the saxmonica the day after my post, i feel terrible. I just got notified after a year of waiting on a $200+ investment on another kickstarter project, they were going to go belly up without any return or reward. I was feeling pissed and took it out on you. I had 2 other kickstarter projects tell me the reward was in the mail with a no show on actual performance. I will start to play soon.

    6. Nicholas Millington , Rio Millington, 3-time creator on

      Het Gabriel.
      If you look after the two it came with you should get months out of each
      But the better quality the reeds the better the sound

      I play with a vandoren 3. It’s really smooth. Harder to play but really nice
      Rico Royal are nice and crisp


    7. Gabriel Ripka on

      Just received my Saxmonica. As a beginner what replacement reeds should I be buying?

    8. Missing avatar

      Ben Kasteel on

      Hi Im in Australia my Saxamonica Arrived today after a Long Wait, Packaged well......... But Piss Poor Finishing on the saxamonica it still has Flashing on the inside and outside of the Tube from Moulding, the black plastic cover that covers the Copper bend that goes to the Mouthpiece has been cut Uneven and has not been properly attached, But it Does Sound Friggin Awesome, Was it worth the Wait ?? .......probably but I'm Still Undecided, Nick can you send me an email and I will send Photos of manufacturing fault.

    9. Jay Poole on

      In the UK and still no sign of a Saxmonica here

    10. Uwe Speckmaier on

      Ich habe mein Saxmonica noch nicht erhalten :(

      Unterstützer-Nr. 246

      Uwe Speckmaier
      Zirler Weg 45
      D-71522 Backnang

    11. Missing avatar

      Warren Senyk on

      WTF Nick?? "We had a communication problem within our little group"!! What does that even mean???
      I'm here in Arizona, was one of the first registered backers, double checked and confirmed my shipping info twice with you and STILL no Saxmonica and STILL no information on tracking numbers.
      Very unimpressed and now wondering if I should just "write this off" as a loss.
      Congratulations to those other backers who have really received tracking info or received the actual product. If you have, my email is: if you could message me your personal experience with the shipping company's process.

    12. Nicholas Millington , Rio Millington, 3-time creator on

      Hi Dean.

      I know you are about to receive your Saxmonica .
      This most definitely is not a Kickstarter rip off.

      We entered this program many months ago and I know it now seems a long time. It’s been frustrating from our side as our mission really has been to get you a good product that exceeds what you actually pledged for.
      The time frame has been a hassle that everybody has had to deal with .
      But rest assure you have got our 100 percent commitment to this project and furthering it as the sound develops.
      A swarm of Saxmonicas are finding their prospective homes right now.
      I imagine by now some neighbors are getting a little testy and are more annoyed at me than you. 🤣🎶😎
      Yours will find you in a matters of hours.
      I’m sure .
      So many thanks for the early pledge and helping this product get a good start .
      Cheers Nick
      Ps our flights were super cheap , that’s why we all took them that day

    13. Dean Myton on

      Im beginning to believe this is another Kickstarter RIP OFF. They all moved to different countries thanks to our money!!!

    14. Dean Myton on

      I live in OHIO USA and have NOT recieved mine as yet!

    15. Missing avatar

      Dima on

      Local post office won't give out parcels without receiver quoting a tracking number. Saxmonica may be in the post office already but cannot check without a tracking number. Really waiting for that tracking number.

    16. Benjamin Lee

      Still havent heard from Flopship im afraid..

    17. Missing avatar

      Primate on

      Do you have my shipping address?

    18. Missing avatar on

      Germany and nothing arrived, It is getting frustrating especially since I have another Kickstarter-project that never delivered. Kickstarter why don't you rename this kick-in-the-butt-starter?

    19. David Jolly

      Mine arrived today in Sydney (no tracking number) Happy days!!

    20. Missing avatar

      Lexie King on

      I'm extremely disappointed with this product.

    21. Fang Lum on

      Hi, i'm in Singapore but i haven't received the tracking number as well.

    22. Sebastian Gabrisch on

      Germany Here too, also no saxmonicas on the horizon... :(

    23. Missing avatar

      generalfire on

      I haven't received mine yet. :(

    24. Nicholas Millington , Rio Millington, 3-time creator on

      Hi Steve
      From thinking I was going to make 200 in my garage to having to make 5000 identical sounding instruments created a few design challenges.

      Hence some of the delays.
      When I saw the final product , we looked at the branding and thought we would keep it simple . The mouth piece can be changed and with all the initial recording I used a different clamp made of leather.
      Thats the beauty about the Saxmonica. When you do improve you have the option of changing mouth pieces , reeds etc to get a different blend of sound. Hope this explains the changes and thanks for the support.

    25. Missing avatar

      Steve Nadeau

      Received mine today New Hampshire USA, was there design change, since it looks different from the original in the campaign... The word SAX is missing, the reed collar has 2 tiedown screws compared to the one in the original, just curious on those items...
      Other than that I am satisfied and will give it a shot with lessons or just fiddle with it till I get good...
      Thanks and job well done from start to delivery time ( 4 months overdue from "ESTIMATED DELIVERY DATE" to actual delivery date is still a short time span those people who are still waiting should be patient and it will get there

    26. Nicholas Millington , Rio Millington, 3-time creator on


    27. Peter Juan Mihaere on

      Kia ora team... mine magically turn up at home whoop whoop. Thanks for the reed video. I put the gold thingy (technical term) on the wrong way lol... but all good. Looking forward to the summer learning. I’m blowing the snot out of it while driving in the car... I think most people think it’s a smokeless electronic cigarette or something. But little do they know what’s coming when I master the blowing so I can start making music. Thanks for the updates. Trust me this Kickstarter is pretty tame compared to one that took over eighteen months to get to me... so smile... it’s not too bad. Ciao... PJ

    28. Missing avatar

      graham on

      Nothing here for me in the UK, no tracking number and no saxmonia, getting very tired of it all now. Come on Nick, surely it is not rocket sience to get tracking numbers.
      Please, can any actual backers confirm they have recieved their saxmonia?

    29. Missing avatar

      Daniel Inigo on

      Hi Nick,

      Can you realize how frustrating is reading your excuses everytime?
      Now, the issue with the tracking numbers is very unbelievable. You have lost the list with the numbers? Now? More than 2 weeks after the supposed shipping has been done?
      I imagine that the shipping company has not fulfill the forms by hand, so it is really easy to export an Excel file with the a new list, isn't it?
      Why don't you send us tracking numbers? If you do it, everyone will wait for their saxmonicas easily at home, but if you don't, everybody will get more and more angry, because, in fact, there is no real evidence that the saxmonicas are arriving. It's quite easy to create an account at Kickstarter and comment "I receive it!". I have only read no more than 5-10 comments saying they get it. And we are 3000 backers...
      So, please, do understand us and give us some believable evidence that all is on its way.
      I do really want to play it!

      Thank you.

    30. Missing avatar

      Darrin Harvey on

      Canadian with no delivery, no tracking number... nada.

    31. Missing avatar

      David Neale on

      Why is there so much moaning?
      Just wait until it arrives...with thousands going out only so many can leave each day.
      There's a lot of uneccessary grumpiness going on - is it always like this from kicksatrt backers..?

    32. Jerry Guy on

      I think we should all learn “All you need is Love” I’m confident that soon I’ll be tooting? Squawking? Blowing? In some way assaulting music!!

    33. Uwe Jakob on

      Hi, i just reeded in the update that the germans already got their units. I am from germany and i did not got anything. And i am surprised reeding here same stats from others too. So the information in the update seems was not true.

    34. Nicholas Millington , Rio Millington, 3-time creator on

      Hi There
      There dosn't seem to be a pattern as to how they are delivered. They are being delivered as we have many messages to say they are with their new owners.
      Some people in California have received them and others havn't .
      So its just a matter of time now.
      I have a lot of faith in the courier systems.
      Your contact details are with the courier so you will be contacted if there is a problem locating your address.
      I don't want to keep repeating myself and I realise its been a long wait.
      But its a great little unit and it will arrive

    35. Missing avatar

      Ruud van der Schaaf on

      Nick, another promise, the 23th one since july! Nothing received in the Netherlands. Work it out instead of travelling and making promises!!

    36. Missing avatar

      Ruud van der Schaaf on

      Nick, another promise, the 23th one since july! Nothing received in the Netherlands. Work it out instead travelling and making promises!!

    37. Missing avatar

      David Thorne on

      Nothing received here in the UK either - getting just a bit weary of continual promises and no action.

    38. Dan Caescu on

      In the US and also did not receive mine.

    39. George Palilis on

      Vienna Austria Promenadegasse @ 1170 not here yet. Cheers

    40. Missing avatar

      Patric Wilms on

      Germany and nothing on the horizon

    41. Missing avatar

      Thorsten Ruhlig on

      Iam from Germany too - get no Item. Seems to be some items don`t Deliver in Germany. The Tracking Numbers are so Helpful...

    42. Missing avatar

      Anjo S. on

      I am from Germany and also have not gotten mine yet. Any further information about delivery would be nice.

    43. Missing avatar

      Michael Frey on

      Nick, I'm in the US and have not received my unit yet. Any info on delivery?