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Awesome new instrument, plays and sounds like a sax but fits in your pocket. Easy to learn with tutorial on youtube at
2,232 backers pledged NZ$ 176,135 to help bring this project to life.


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      jeremy Bruns on

      So it is indeed Floship and they just answered :)

      There has been a delay on Saxmonica's end. However, I can confirm that there is indeed a shipping order and the parcels will be shipped out very soon. Early next week, all orders should have left our warehouses. You should receive the product(s) within a few weeks from now.

      I hope this helps 🙂

    2. Nicholas Millington , Rio Millington, 3-time creator on

      Hi Anastasia

      Don’t loose faith,
      I have had quite a few days like that lately so I know how you are feeling.
      All is good.
      Your Saxmonica will arrive very soon
      Cheers nick

    3. Nicholas Millington , Rio Millington, 3-time creator on

      Hi John Once again. sorry for the delay , Just posted an update now that im sure you will get in your emails.
      They are finally on the way.
      We have had a few false starts but this is now final.
      thanks Nick

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      John Catherwood on

      As one of the earliest backers of this I was sort of hoping for an early delivery... nearly two weeks since last update, no one seems to have got their Saxmonica yet... I think we need better communications here.

    5. Robert Walker on

      Still no sign. Not good to hear that someone living in Hong Kong still hasn't received theirs.

    6. Missing avatar

      Anastasios Sotiriou on

      I started loosing faith that there is such thing as a saxmonica..

    7. Missing avatar

      Pauline Saunders on

      Any confirmed tracking details yet?

    8. Missing avatar

      jeremy Bruns on

      *correction I've texted floship since it would make a lot of sense if it has been used since a lot of other kickstarter projects used it too.

    9. Missing avatar

      jeremy Bruns on

      Hey Nick and Team,

      I've been very patient since the original estimate was September, if I remember right.

      It would be greatly appreciated to know when our precious saxmonicas will arrive.

      I live in Germany and never heard of something as a postal services notifying that a package from "..." is on it's way.
      The only notification I ever got is when a package got stuck at customs.

      Anyways it's been a while now and I was considering buying a saxmonica as a christmas present to a friend but only once I hold a real one in my hand.

      The lack of answering about the shipment status is concerning me a bit and
      to make matters worse I could not find any shipment company named FlowShip in Hongkong.

      @all anyone living in HongKong and can confirm that everything is correct here ?

      I've texted them and am waiting for a response

    10. Missing avatar

      Kevin Ling on

      Hello here’s backer #105, I would like to know when will I receive the Saxmonica as I haven’t got any notice about the shipment and I actually just live in Hong Kong. Thank you!

    11. Missing avatar

      Yvonne on

      Hello Nick,
      Thank you for writing. Could you please....give me an idea/ update, as to when I will be receiving the Saxmonica ?
      Will I be notified...or how does this work? I look forward to your answer. Thank you.

    12. Missing avatar

      Lucas on

      Ahoy ! We’re all being patient and stuff, and you keeping us posted helps a lot, although I think the lure with the German guy was quite a bad move ...
      I understand you are taking a few holidays but it would be highly appreciated if you could answer a few questions that have been asked here ... it is in HK since almost 2 weeks now, what’s happening ? Have you made a deal with them for a plane or boat shipping ? Is the shipping company supposed to contact us ? Is it even called Flow Ship, as you always write, or Floship ? Is this the real life ? Is this just fantasy ?

    13. Missing avatar

      Nicolas Nikirikic on

      I didn't get anything. Where can I find tracking number?

    14. Missing avatar

      Warren Senyk on

      Hello did the fellow from Germany hear he was receiving a package from Hong Kong?
      What is the notification format?

    15. Renato Rael on

      Hi Nick!
      Can you or FlowShip email me the tacking number?
      Brazilian Post (Correios) is really slow and badly managed, also they require that us, Brazilian Citizens, pay them an extra fee, US$4, to allow the package to enter the country.

    16. Missing avatar on

      hello nick
      will flow ship send tracking numbers or we will just wait and expect for our monicas to show up on the door ?

    17. Missing avatar

      Maarteb on

      Hi Nick,

      Nice that a German customer thinks it is coming, but isn’t that the workshop upside down? Don’t you have to know when the saxmonica’s will be arriving where. I live in the Netherlands and have heard zilch.



    18. MissKitty

      Thank you for your update! As of Oct 22, Canada Post has gone on strike. The strike areas are rotating so as not to completely stop postal service across the country. Canada Post is also going to stop any overtime work. So there wil be an increased backlog of mail, deliveries, and parcels filling up thousands of trailors. If anyone from Canada complains they haven't received their Saximonica yet, it's a good possibility that it may be because of the strike. Just FYI. =^.^=