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Awesome new instrument, plays and sounds like a sax but fits in your pocket. Easy to learn with tutorial on youtube at
2,232 backers pledged NZ$ 176,135 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Lucas on

      Hello !
      I was just wondering if Floship is supposed to email us about some kind of package tracking or at least just to tell us it’s on the way ?
      Or do you have any information about this ?
      I’m looking forward to having this little amazing instrument you created and if Floship could manage to have it delivered to me before I go on holidays that would be perfect timing !
      Thanks for all !

    2. Alice Bedlington on

      All good. Thanks for persevering in the face of all the difficulties caused by our kickstarter enthusiasm. Timing is perfect for me as it will get here in time for my son's birthday.

    3. Missing avatar

      Ruud van der Schaaf on

      @javier This is about managing expectations: at july the 5th I got a mail with the message "The Saxmonicas are on the way very soon." And since then, many more mails with the same kind of message,
      Sometimes it is better, to communicate less,,,

    4. Javier Fernández Cabezas on

      Keep calm!
      This is not a shop. This is a Crowfunding. You should know that important point. If you can't accept 3 months of delay, Crowfunding is not for you.
      This campaign has been exceptional for his level of information and answers.

    5. Missing avatar

      Federico Caggiano on

      Hi Nick I'm trying to contact you guys since 1 week, I need to know if you already shipped cause I changed my address
      Contact me on please
      All the best federico

    6. Nicholas Millington , Rio Millington, 3-time creator on

      Sorry Ruud. I spelt your name wrong. Re read the update it’s job done.

    7. Nicholas Millington , Rio Millington, 3-time creator on

      Hey Saud
      Just to clarify ,
      they are on route as explained in the update. The job is done ,
      Cheers Nick

    8. Missing avatar

      Ruud van der Schaaf on

      With all respect,,,, stop making promises, You are taking so much words on the subject, Better sent a message when you have posted the saxmonica,,

    9. Nicholas Millington , Rio Millington, 3-time creator on

      Hey there.
      Killing time in Hong Kong airport so got time to reply.

      With out a doubt ,there has been a huge aspect of fun, mix it in with a lot of nervous anticipation and quite a few sleepless nights , worrying about Saxmonicas.
      But overall it’s been one amazing period of time. The Kickstarter success was a real suprise but really gave us an energy boost and it’s helped bring the best out of the small team.
      If you have followed our progress you might realise we have all been on the move coming together when necessary to get the job done.
      Currently Orian is in Cambodia , Rio is in India , Bron is in Laos and I’m in Hong Kong.
      Somehow we have kept it altogether and slowly pushed forward.
      I think overall you are gonna be happy with the product.
      I was in a music store in Hong Kong this morning and they were blown away with the Saxmonica.
      So from our point of view it’s great kudos .
      Cheers for the message and enjoy the Saxmonica when it arrives

    10. Missing avatar

      Etienne on

      Congrats man, we where happy to follow your insightful journey and we can't wait to put our hands on them ! Your life/journey seems a lot of fun :)