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Awesome new instrument, plays and sounds like a sax but fits in your pocket. Easy to learn with tutorial on youtube at
2,232 backers pledged NZ$ 176,135 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Nicholas Millington , Rio Millington, 3-time creator on

      Hi Vinod
      Sorry that was a toungue and cheek comment. India is a country I haven’t been to so am looking forward to catching up with them over there at some stage and learning a bit about the country
      But I do know he Indians that have seen and heard the Saxmonica have been a little charmed by it

      Cheers Nick

    2. Vinod Subramanian on

      Rio and Daymo decided to take on the Saxmonica challenge just before heading to India.

      Maybe I will end up turning them into turban wearing snake charmers, Hopefully blues players.

      You have a really peculiar and old stock impression of India. no, there are no snake charmers here.
      And i am being respectful and considerate.

    3. Nicholas Millington , Rio Millington, 3-time creator on

      Hi Paul , miss Kitty ,merv and all the other stalwart supporters,

      If you are newbies , then I really hope I’ve done my job,
      Rio and Daymo took on the challenge and in my mind succeeded brilliantly.
      What you see is an uncensored version of what happened. Note not a music book in site.

      So they have thrown down the gauntlet for anyone wanting a quick path into a musical journey.

      Ist week is about the squeak
      2nd week is about the beat
      3rd week is about the groove and figuring out how to let your fingers really move

      For the rest of your life ,
      You might even find this helps you find a wife,
      Or if you are like me ,
      It will get you in and out of strife

    4. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    5. Missing avatar

      Francis Paul B. Peralta on

      Wow! Can't wait to get this in my hands!

      What's the next project going to be? A different scale Saxmonica?

    6. Missing avatar

      Jake Miknuk

      Wow it sounds amazing! I can’t wait to play this thing

    7. merv storey on

      As I have told many the joy of pledging is seeing a persons dream come true! Having the guts to put yourself out there and actually do it is in itself a great thing!
      Now, you get to take a few minutes and watch what your new family can do with what you have created!!
      Enjoy and in my case be gentle! I know my Family is going to be cruel enough!!
      Oh, and thank-you so much! I know the frustrations are going to be mine alone but I will swear atcha, a bit!!

    8. Paul Marsland on

      Hi Team, do not envy you having to facilitate " Appifying "! That said I would greatly appreciate the chance to mate up with "Monica" and Ape your performance to-date.

    9. Missing avatar

      ori ben porat on

      looking to buy one from someone who would like to sell

    10. MissKitty

      Hooray! I can hardly wait to receive my Saximonica and learn how to play it! =^.^=