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Awesome new instrument, plays and sounds like a sax but fits in your pocket. Easy to learn with tutorial on youtube at
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      Atrez Full on

      My Apologies for that Harshness.Its just frustrating and the least is to keep us updated on the delivery,as thats what we want,everything else is secondary.Priority to the primary product.Thats all.

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      Atrez Full on

      Hello There...Whats happening with the shipment.At this point i dont care shit about the app when the instrument hasnt arrived and i have no updates as to when it is being shipped and when i can expect to get it cos August is already coming to an end.

    3. Nicholas Millington , Rio Millington, 3-time creator on

      Hi Travis.

      I have included my suggested step by step progression in the blog section of the app. I have more video tutorials to add as I have been teaching several people here how to play
      I am seeing that I can add some more content over the next few weeks .
      This is a work in motion but once you get the tone and can follow the beat you should make quick progress over the backing tracks on the app.
      The video tutorials are in no specific order as what I find is that you will work a lot of stuff out for yourself. The tutorials are a reminder when you need to know something. I.e how to play the devils note. Etc
      Hope this helps. Nick

    4. Travis Solberg

      will there be a a progression added to the tutorials for a flow from beginner to more experienced saxmonisitians

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      Yvonne on

      Thank you for the update. I tried everything...but nothing worked, so hopefully you will be able to sort it out this coming Monday. When will the Saxmonica be ready to be shipped? I am more interested in knowing about that, than the app. itself, but I do appreciate what you are trying to do. I am getting anxious to see it, and receive it. Thank you!

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      John Catherwood on

      I see no reaon for having a login needing an email address at all. If you do have ecommerce eventually, then have it added then. Indeed the whole rigmarole of having to type ina password adn email is offputting - why does the app not just open? it isn't as if it is logging individual progress, or needs to keep data private.

      junk the login entirely. Please.

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      Marieke Derks on

      Thanks for the excellent communication to team Saxmonica! Really looking forward to getting the instrument and your idea to provide tutorials are very very much appreciated! Good luck with all.

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      Janet Fenwick on

      Nick! Can’t wait to see your genius idea and appreciate that you are working out the kinks in our first generation product. I haven’t tried the app, but I’ll check it out when it’s all set to go. Take your time to do it your way and do it right. Can’t wait to see it! Love the whole concept. Hang in there.

      Janet fenwick

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      Warren Senyk on

      I appreciate you putting time into the app and sharing how that is progressing but I would certainly appreciate more updated info about the product itself and when they are being shipped. I invested in the saxmonica, not the app. Thanks

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      Robert Irvine on

      I haven't received my instrument yet have been shipped.