Saxmonica. Generation 2

by Nicholas Millington , Rio Millington,

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Saxmonica   Generation 2

Thanks to a successful Kickstarter project in 2018 we now have finished the generation 2 Saxmonica.

Thanks very much to everybody that helped us to get started.

New features to take the Saxmonica sound to an epic new vibe.

  • 2 new lower tubes with completely new scales and keys 
  • Great new App features 
  • Custom colours 
  • Meditation sounds

With the assistance and support of everybody that backed us for the initial Kickstarter campaign we have been able to continue the development of the Saxmonica sound taking it to great new places.

We now have our manufacturing and distribution method very well developed so although the initial development stage of the Saxmonica took longer than anticipated we are very pleased with the outcome. 

More importantly we have now reduced our development and distribution time significantly.

This means that we can easily meet our production and distribution goals.

We have added 4  great new features to the Saxmonica that we can now share with you.

2 new tubes  to give you a massive range of sounds 

The 2 new  tubes combined with the Space Jazz and many more beautifully composed backing tracks  gives the Saxmonica a massive increase in range.

The original tube plays to many beats and backing tracks but for those of you who really want to play mainstream blues, reggae and jazz In the more popular keys   we have created the  2 new Jam tubes. 

This will allow you to jam to hundreds of thousands more of the mainstream blues jazz, reggae and other genres  that are readily available on line.

It a game changer for anyone that really wants to play and develop their Saxmonica sound in the more popular keys.

With the additional Jam tubes the Saxmonica has gone from a great toy to a serious instrument thats a must have for aspiring  players. 

You basically have a full blown regular sax in your pocket. 

 App improvements. 

We are  creating  hundreds of extra backing tracks to give you many hours of great music that you can play over.

From meditation tracks that suit the original tube along with many more rock, jazz, blues and reggae tracks in other popular keys.

If you can play over the top of these you will find that you will be able to jam with almost every blues, reggae and jazz band out there. 

We have added new feature on the app that allows you to jam with reverb and echo directly off the App.

This feature is incredible. 

Put your headphones on or connect to a speaker and feel like a rock star any where. 

Busk on the streets.  Its a one man super busker kit.

Relax in comfort anywhere and create your own meditation music. 

This is so unique , so cool and so easy to do. 

Custom Colors.

We are featuring 2 new custom painted Saxmonica’s. 

Carbon fibre and swirling Crimson.

These are coated in a 2 pot industrial paint that is rock hard and its possible to cut and polish any light scratches that will appear in time, always ensuring your Saxmonica will look great in years to come. 

 Meditation Music 

We have created a new sound in meditation. 

Our meditation backing tracks have all been designed to suit the   Saxmonica sound.   It's very easy to play over them so you can chill out anytime any place.

This works beautifully with a range of new soulful meditation  backing tracks.

Now you can put our beautifully arranged backing tracks on and just play gently over the top of them to create your very own healing sounds. 

Meditation sounds. 

Space jazz meditation  is a musical category containing many different styles of music from around the world,  which includes many genres and instruments. We’ve select the right instruments and tune them to the right frequencies to suit the Saxmonica sound.

Any sound is a frequency. When you put on headphones and listen to two sounds with different frequencies — one in your left ear and one in your right ear — your brain compensates for the difference and produces a third frequency. That third frequency is called binaural beat.

This is a very unique concept as once again the Saxmonica plays beautifully over them creating  beautiful relaxing tracks for your self or others to listen to. 

When sound waves reach our ears it increases,

Clarity and balance


Improved memory and concentration

Improved sleep (both in quality and quantity)

A stronger immune system

Improved creativity  & productivity

Download the Saxmonica App now  (free download)  and check it out. Everything you need to know on playing a Saxmonica. If it's not there, you don't need it. Just follow the basic steps and in days you will be playing great music. 

This system is revolutionary to music learning and has now been tried and proven.

                                      You just can't fail.

Orian Bartov  

                                              Guitarist , sound engineer , music producer.

I first met Nick in Cambodia and after jamming and talking  together for a few minutes I realised he had a new concept in music. 

His Saxmonica sounded great with my guitar. Although he didn't really have any musical knowledge he had figured out the beat.  That's the street we are all following. 

The following few months we travelled, recorded and engineered a new sound.

This is what you are listening to, this is is simple, this is music made easy. 

You can do it, anyone can do it.

Saxmonica App

To ensure you can't fail as a Saxmonica player we have created an app to guide you through your learning experience. with minimum effort.

Hours to learn, days to master = A life time of cool.

Included is a series of customised backing tracks dedicated for the Saxmonica and a range of other instruments.

We have developed this  system as we have developed the Saxmonica sound.

This method works  on building your confidence by giving you solid foundation and easy path to follow.

This  will ensure your journey to creating great sounds and music is an effortless success. 

                     Find the tone ---- jam to the beat.

               3500 Units Stacked, Packed, and Shipped 

Health benefits of a saxmonica 

Look at the great health and mental benefits of learning a Saxmonica 

Breathing , 

Finger dexterity 




Communication through music 

Meeting people 



General fun 

Feel good factor 

                                Keshia the wandering gypsy

I was a non believer when I met Nick and Orian in Thailand. They convinced  me to try out their Saxmonica and App.  I followed the tutorials and listened to the beats.

Three  days later the Saxmonica had built my  confidence and I just wanted to jam over the backing tracks.

I'm sold on the idea.✌️

                 The Ultimate Travellers Instrument 

If you want to make money on the road, the Saxmonica is                second to none.

Busking with the app, open mic nights, or just killing time in airports, train stations and other crazy locations, the Saxmonica and App  is unsurpassed for ease and portability.

                                   Whats in the box.

          Saxmonica , carry bag, 2 reeds =  a life time of 



The Saxmonicais a revolutionary new acoustic reed based instrument that has all the sounds of a full blown saxophone but the playing simplicity of a tin whistle flute.

The Saxmonica is unbreakable, never needs servicing and comfortably fits in your pocket so is very easy to transport, therefore allowing it to be played anywhere in all situations.

It sounds wonderful with acoustic guitar, piano or a cajon drum and is a really exciting instrument to play with backing tracks of all genres from jazz to rock, blues, reggae and soul.

In addition to the Saxmonica a comprehensive tutorial is available for free on YouTube. The course outlines all the tips and tricks to get the maximum dynamic range of sound from this amazing instrument.


As a creator I believe the Saxmonica can radically alter the way music is discovered and learnt. Music is an impossible dream for millions throughout the world. The Saxmonica will change this allowing wanna be musicians to become hot musicians in a very short time.

                             The Saxmonica full system 

                            and first ever blow on the first ever production made Saxmonica 

                                   20 Day Progression

Rio and Daymo Jamming over a 20 day period.  They had no previous musical experience and this is what happened.

                          Production Schedule

                          Immediate shipping 

                         You pledge , We send

We had a very positive response to our initial Kickstarter campaign with over 3000 units being ordered. This has really given this project a head of steam.

 So, many thanks to the people that  gave us the initial support and have patiently waited to receive their Saxmonica's.

The Kickstarter campaign has allowed us to fully develop the Generation 1 Saxmonica. 

                         Busking Jamming 

Every time I busk with  my Saxmonica I raise a lot of money, people are amazed and I get asked if I have a spare one for sale. This really is a mobile little business. 

As a busker it gives you an extra sound thats very easy to make and cash in on. Its a travelling buskers dream. The Amp and Mic set gives more volume, echo and ambience.

If you are a travelling guitarist's partner, get a Saxmonica and join the fun. 

Music takes you to cool places and introduces you to amazing  people. 

You won't regret it.

                                Saxmonica Sound 

                                      Space Jazz

Made on the road, meeting friends and travelling  through South East Asia. Our recording system was a worn out Mac book, borrowed  version of cubase,  cheap micro phone and some broken headphones. Travelling light with carry on luggage, it was crazy and cool. 

                                   The Saxmonica Concept 

                               No musical ability is required, no musical books are required.

                the tutorials will give you all the required techniques to make a great sound 

The course revolutionises the way we learn music and once learnt the information will never be forgotten.

                                    What's a Saxmonica

It really is the most amazing little instrument, in a league of its own.The simple design has eliminated all the unnecessary components that many instruments possess. Due to this aspect it plays effectively one full bluesy scale in one octave, meaning that whatever the player does with it it will sound great. 

  Play Summertime

                               How should I play it

Aggressively, softly, bluesy, whichever way you feel. The Saxmonica will play all genres of music. From reggae to jazz, blues and soul.

 What if I'm not a musician

This is where the Saxmonica shines out from other instruments.The Saxmonica combined with the Saxmonica App can very easily turn any non musical person into a rock star in days. It requires no musical knowledge as you will develop a great understanding of how music is created. There is no need for hours of practice and study and no need for expensive lessons or books. Everything you need to develop your musical ability and style is well presented in the three hour course.

 The Tutorial

                                                   An example of my style of teaching.

                              Over 30      3-4 minute easy to follow videos on the App

The tutorial has been designed around the age old technique of playing music by ear. What this means is as a player you concentrate on the beat of the music.The beat is the driver and will effectively take you to where you need to go. Within days you can be playing quality music to a range of beats and backing tracks.There is absolutely no need to study books or play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

If you tap your foot to a beat or hum to a tune the Saxmonica will allow you to play along.

The tutorial has been designed around a learn it and understand it method. There is no need for hours of laborious boring practice.The tutorial takes you straight into blues, reggae, soul, jazz or whatever your music tastes are.

The Saxmonica has the sweetest saxophone style sound. It can be played very quietly or comes with huge volume. It has the sexiest, meanest sax growl and a dynamic range of amazing tones. It plays beautifully with a range of acoustic instruments, from guitars to bongos.

It can easily be amplified to hold its own with all electric instruments. It's sound range is massive.

As the Saxmonica is a fully acoustic instrument it really allows the musician to feel what he/she is playing.This feeling has great impact on the musician as you feel the soul when you play.This feeling allows you to present a sound that really does mirror your emotions when you play. 

It is super exciting when everything flows. Your fingers, breathing, vocal expressions come together with the beat, becoming one of the great feelings in life. 

As a musician you are always searching for that spine shivering sense. The Saxmonica allows you to feel like a rockstar in your garage jamming to beats. When you get that feeling you just want more of it. 


The significant design features of the Saxmonica is its size. It is a two peice unit that easily fits into your pocket therefore it is extremely easy to carry. It is unbreakable and never needs servicing. It has interchangeable reed and ligature (clamp that holds reed in place) giving it a huge range of different tones.

Due to its unbreakable construction the Saxmonica can be played in the icy mountains of the Himalayas or the sand dunes of the Sahara.

                      Saxmonica as a Training Instrument

A further significant aspect to the Saxmonica is as a start out instrument for young aspiring wind instrument players. The characteristics of the Saxmonica make it an ideal instrument for anyone wishing to progress in playing wind instruments. 

Young people often struggle with full size instruments due to the size, the weight and hand spacing. Their fingers can't reach the keys making it very hard to get good solid tone along with the weight and general awkwardness of a full size instrument therefore hampering their progression. 

The Saxmonica has very similar characteristics to a full size saxophone as the basic hand position and fingering is identical to clarinets, saxophones and flutes.  

The saxmonica will allow a student to master their breathing and basic fingering which is absolutely vital to playing a full size saxophone. 

Further to this it is unbreakable therefore reducing the damage and servicing cost that are relevant to maintaining a full size saxophone, clarinet or flute.

This is also an ideal instrument for professional musicians to keep their embouchure (mouth muscles) in good order if they are on holiday and can't take their full size instruments with them.    

                           Why we are on Kickstarter

As a genuinely new and innovative musical instrument we felt that Indiegogo is the obvious choice for a product launch. We are a New Zealand based startup and are looking to raise funding to help establish this product internationally.

This is a genuinely innovative product and as music is international along with the Kickstarter community we feel this is the obvious launch platform.

                                     Creators Quote 

As the inventor/creator of the Saxmonica I have spent many, many hours in my garage testing and fine tuning this instrument and developing a tutorial to cover all aspects of learning it.

My musical ability at the start was very limited but during the development process I have gained a significant knowledge of music This instrument has allowed me to pursue a musical dream later in life and I have tried to convey all of this practical approach to my own leanings into the tutorial I have produced.




 Team Saxmonica

                        Nick Millington       Creator and the push behind the idea.

                        Orian Bartov.          The man behind the music composition.

                       Rio Millington           The social media advisor. 

                       Bronwyn  Hill           The behind the scenes energy.                   

 For our backers

As a backer you will very shortly become the proud owner of a Saxmonica.

If you currently have no real musical ability and you choose to really learn this instrument I can genuinely say this has the potential to change a dimension of your life.

I am hugely passionate about this instrument as it has had a dramatic impact on my life allowing me to meet and play music with a group of people that I would otherwise never have encountered.

I genuinely wish you well and hope that your musical experience is as good as mine.

It rocks. We appreciate your support.

Backer support.  We will answer any questions as they arise so please feel free to contact us with any queries.  

                                     A Kiwi Greeting 

Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ


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