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BREAKER: Urban Agriculture Challenge's video poster

A design challenge to turn urban gardening into enterprising agriculture. Read more

Manhattan, NY Food
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This project was successfully funded on January 5, 2012.

A design challenge to turn urban gardening into enterprising agriculture.

Manhattan, NY Food
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Farm Blocks prepares to launch

Farm Blocks: a portable, modular raised-bed growing system - it's the 21st century victory garden. The mission of the company is to transform one million acres of underutilized urban space into farm - one block at a time. 

After twelve weeks, intensive research, and weeding out six alternate business ideas, team Breaker is preparing to launch Farm Blocks. More than a product, it's also a service designed to support the novice to the expert grower. The idea responds to the needs we heard expressed by several different user groups: restaurants looking for "farm to table" options, urban farms looking for an alternative to high-cost, labor intensive methods of avoiding contaminated soil, and the ever-growing demand from schools looking to implement gardening and nutrition programs into their curricula. Farm Blocks will launch with a business to business strategy with plans to expand into the retail market. So remember, when you see a Farm Block on the shelf at Home Depot, you can say you made that product possible; we couldn't have done it without our generous backers.

Special acknowledgement to Seth Harris and Kenyatta James who are Farm Blocks co-founders and Sarah Thatcher and David Beiner, employees number one and two. Several of the remaining Breakers have offered their services on a per diem basis. 

The work continues. Follow @projectbreaker on twitter to stay up to date with our upcoming challenge, Technology for Civic Engagement, beginning May 31st. If you're interested in supporting this challenge, you're welcome to make a donation through our site Please spread the word.

Thank you!

Juliette, Bart, Sara, and Michelle

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