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Relive the golden age of chivalry in a 2-4 player narrative battle game of knights and peasants, heroes and dragons, angels and demons.
Relive the golden age of chivalry in a 2-4 player narrative battle game of knights and peasants, heroes and dragons, angels and demons.
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    1. Ruben Dorpmans on

      Yeah the buildings do look a bit too undersized, unless doors used to be smaller in the middle ages :P that wouldn't explain the church though. The leviathan also looks a bit small compared to the various artworks he appears in. Love everything else though, especially the beast's new look! Go John Falstaff!

    2. Mike the Knight on

      I think the buildings do seem a bit undersized, might be something to look into more.

    3. Evan Macken on

      The picture makes it look that John Hawkwood is taller than the height of the door frame of the Small Farmhouse. Hope this is an issue with the comparison rather than the building being smaller than it should be

    4. Eric LAURENT on

      That's fantastic !

      Will they be casted in hard plastic (such as Walking Dead from Mantic Games) or in soft plastic (like Zombicide and 1/72 plastic soldiers) ?

    5. Matthew King

      To be fair the amount of mini's and size's in the Apocalypse is good value so expected Leviathan to be smaller

    6. Missing avatar

      Joshua Rivers on

      Unfortunately it’ll make replacing the horsemen difficult

    7. Missing avatar

      Ahmad M. Siddiqi on

      Nice! I like the height of Mehmed. I thought he was taller than Leo was suggesting. Can look the beast in the (many) eyes...

    8. Foxwhisperer on

      @Joshua Rivers : The Horsemen and Judgement seem like they are the same size as Angels. I like the supernatural guys are about the same size to each other and bigger than mortals (humans).
      It's like the gods (Zeus and his kin) in MPB are bigger than mortals.

    9. Foxwhisperer on

      Go John Falstaff! You can take 'em!

    10. Missing avatar

      Joshua Rivers on

      @Eric, I agree. The horsemen and judgement both look way too large also to me. I thought they would be normal sized horsemen. I expected leviathan to be truly huge.

    11. Missing avatar

      Eric Harris

      I was expecting the Leviathan to at least revival the dragon in size. That's the only thing that really disappoints.

    12. Missing avatar

      Joshua Rivers on

      Why does the dragon and the bests look different sizes in two photos?

    13. Missing avatar

      Andreas on

      So there is no Mythic Battles character for scale in the Apocalypse scale photo. But by eyeballing it, is the Judgement and Antichrist figures really in 32mm scale? Are they meant to be giants compared to the 16mm? By eyeballing it it just looks like Judgement is the same scale as Mythic Battles.

    14. Shai Eizenman

      @gary seems to be right.. @QW?

    15. Gary Thomson

      Just to note that the Dragon is in the last two pictures is not the scale of the dragon shown of the models shown sitting on the table. The painted dragon is smaller -it's shoulders are lower than the Beast and Devil wings.
      I think the dragon renders shown in the lower two pictures are incorrect. Either that or the beast and the Devil are going to shrink for release.

    16. Reinout Waelput on

      Mike the Knight, I agree with you. The large creatures are gigantic even compared to Odyseus, for me they would be a better fit for a 28mm game.

    17. Billy

      My word!!!

      (Oh and if viewing on a mobile phone...Just spin the phone 90° - It's perfect that way!)

    18. Mike the Knight on

      Unpopular opinion here, the creatures are double the size they need to be...

    19. Missing avatar

      Joshua Rivers on

      Both beasts are disappointingly small... was hoping they would be closer to the dragon.

    20. Daefyd Wyr

      16 mm point to point

    21. James Mummert

      @John of Arc, What are the dimensions of the hex tiles that make up the game board? Are they 4" across? 3? 6?

    22. Christian on

      @Lord Lovehandles, that's why you need divine help (like St. Michael) or siege weaponry (like the Bombard).

    23. Christian on

      Yeah Leviathan is a bit smaller than I thought.

    24. Lord Lovehandles on

      @Sandor - I agree with the "dragon is too big" statement UNLESS you let go the laws of physics. Here's what I mean. Given his size comparison to a troop in this game, I don't think a person could put enough strength into a weapon to get it to pierce its hide. Beyond the toughness of a dragon's hide in the mythic world, take the scales out and you have skin in layers thicker than their arrows are long. You couldn't kill the thing -literally. Even with Odysseus there, you could imagine that an arrow would bounce off the thing, but he's not built to be on scale with 28mm figures - he's built to be on scale with 15 mm figures. I love the dragon - he's a huge, fierce dragon, so you would have to go all fantasy on this...or blessed arrows or something.

    25. Frank Lee on

      Good to see the Reaper can double as Charon with your Mythic Battles Pantheon figures. Or as a skeleton man with your Conan figures, as featured in the little known story 'Conan and the Skeleton Man'.

    26. Bobby D on

      @Sandor +1 to your, make him bigger! Ha, what kind of derp says it's too big?! I always shove it in to make it fit! No one likes a small one! Dragon...I mean...

    27. Benjamin Kubczak

      The Beast is really flaring out its wings and heads to make itself look big like a cat, but Leviathan is definitely more raw, solid mass in plastic.

    28. Sandor Clegane on

      @Das Grau

      -Dragon too big? Impossible. Make him bigger I say!

    29. M. Trout

      So, in standard miniatures wargaming terms, this is 15mm scale…

    30. Missing avatar

      das Grau Geist on

      Capsule thoughts?
      * Dragon is TOO big!
      * Beast is awesome
      * original bear-Beast would be nice bonus if sized like the small Farmhouse

    31. Nicolas Corai on

      @Nathaniel - Yes, the Beast was upgraded to Gigantic Creature, and the corresponding dice will be added to the core box (which makes me think, maybe we don't need extra gigantic dice in the expansions now?)

    32. Hitchhiker on

      Keep in mind that Leviathan is quite massive.He would outweight the Devil for sure although he is not as high as the others.

    33. Nicolas Corai on

      The leviathan seems a smidgen too small now that the beast has been right-sized.

      Also, could we get bigger resolution pics of the Apocalypse and Big Creatures lineups?

    34. Missing avatar


      Great update to compare models to each other but what it really needs is a comparison to something everyone already has an understanding of its size (like a coin, or something easily recognizable).

    35. Missing avatar

      Nathaniel Hoffman on

      The Apocalypse update said "Leviathan is the third and last of our Gigantic Creatures", and the Devil & Dragon were stated to be GC, so I was assuming The Beast isn't. But The Beast is larger than the Devil & Leviathan - so is it a GC (in the gameplay sense) or not?

    36. Brian Douglas on

      10-15% bigger probably nails it for me!

    37. Brian Douglas on

      Leviathan a bit small but the rest are impressive!

    38. Missing avatar

      Jordan Wilde on

      Holy he'll I'm glad I backed for the devil. These miniatures are absolutely gorgeous and I love the designs. The dragon especially is incredible.

    39. Missing avatar

      steve hitchcock on

      love the chicken is as big as the church!!

    40. Bazz

      slight boo boo as in second pic I believe thats Archangel Raphael not Gabriel :) but thanks for awesome images , you guys rock

    41. JustBlayz on

      holyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy sheeeeeeeeeeeeeetttt

    42. partenopei on

      saw a few seconds of the Leo live earlier and he had a monk mini standing next to the dragon and the guy was the size of one of the dragons claws

    43. Mark-Ders on

      Wow, now that makes a statement about the size differences

    44. Evan Macken on

      Sweet baby Moses! Look at that Dragon! Would like to see it beside a castle wall segment. But the 16mm scale conveys the huge creatures size so well

    45. Laniston

      Love it! Very cool scale, and I love that there is lots of detail even on the tiny people.

      Gonna be a sweet spectacle of a game

    46. Missing avatar

      Mattes on

      Love how it says "big creatures: Falstaf,..."
      A big warrior for sure ;)

    47. John on

      When we say it’s huge, it’s huge indeed lol

    48. partenopei on

      Falstaff could take that dragon down, no problemo