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Relive the golden age of chivalry in a 2-4 player narrative battle game of knights and peasants, heroes and dragons, angels and demons.
Relive the golden age of chivalry in a 2-4 player narrative battle game of knights and peasants, heroes and dragons, angels and demons.
9,987 backers pledged $2,152,285 to help bring this project to life.


Posted by David Rakoto (Collaborator)

The Final Days are upon us, my friends!

Artwork by Bayard Wu
Artwork by Bayard Wu

We saved our most ambitious and dramatic add-on for last because, well, it’s the Apocalypse! It would be strange to carry on afterwards as if the end of the world hadn’t happened…

Medieval apocalyptic imagery is not just slightly bizarre, it’s cranked all the way up to 11 at times. We started with the ideas in Revelation, as presented to the masses in the Middle Ages, and tried to make some sort of coherent tale from them. This is complicated as most of Revelation was probably not supposed to be taken literally, and it’s sometimes very hard to understand what it might mean. Plus, what is written and what was believed and drawn are not always the same thing. Sometimes by quite a margin. So we have had to make lots of decisions on which version of each story we wanted to use, what many of the strange visions would mean in terms of miniatures on the board, and then bridge the remaining gaps with our own imaginings.

Through all of this we have tried to recreate the unsettling and bizarre apocalyptic world vision of the Medieval mind rather than settle for the much more sanitised modern versions. This isn’t intended to always be a comfortable and familiar visual ride. You will be challenged, and that sense of unease is exactly what you should feel when you confront the end of humanity. The Apocalypse is important and it’s supposed to be both awesome (in the original sense of inspiring awe), and a little unnerving.

In the following run through, I’ll not tell you much about the individual units (unless I can’t help myself) because you got the rules to play with yesterday. The rules explain how to read a card, and what the skills do, and you don’t need me to tell you what you can read for yourselves.

The units in this expansion fall into three groups. The first is clearly Unholy, the last is clearly Holy, and in the middle we have one group who are sometimes portrayed as one, and sometimes the other.


We begin our tour of the Unholy ranks with the seemingly modest threat of the Sabbat Witch.Modest until you realise she can fly, which suddenly makes her much more dangerous. Anyone that can fly cannot be boxed in and captured or killed easily, and makes a mockery of all but the deepest defences.

Artwork by Bayard Wu
Artwork by Bayard Wu


The dead do not always rest easy, and the witch is the sort of unsavoury character who consorts with them. Some that do not rest at all are the unquiet spirits that appear as spectres and skeleton knights.

These grim reminders of ancient wars are variations of undead knights, who form a mobile core of units around which the Unholy forces can build an army. These and the lesser demons are your stock troops. Mostly they are simply variants of the living knights in terms of abilities and prowess, though being dead has given the mounted spectres the additional ability to move through and around other units and terrain. Oh, and they cannot die. Always useful.

Artwork by Bayard Wu
Artwork by Bayard Wu


Artwork by Bayard Wu
Artwork by Bayard Wu

These two groups of nightmare horsemen are each commanded by a Damned Rider. He is a better version of his followers in every respect, being able to Jump over obstacles and enemies to reach the victims he especially wants to test his ample combat prowess against.

Artwork by Christophe Madura
Artwork by Christophe Madura


I mentioned demons a few lines ago. This expansion includes some strikingly weird-looking new demons called Devourers. You can guess that they would be able fighters, and the fact that they fly won’t come as much of a shock either. What might be a surprise is their ability to carry other small units into the air, and fly about with them. The possibilities of being able to airlift units into far corners of the battlefield to cause mischief should have you cackling with glee.

Artwork by Christophe Madura
Artwork by Christophe Madura




Having examined the rank and file of the Unholy host, let’s take a look at the centrepiece units of the force. As early arrivals, we should start with the famous (or infamous) Four Horsemen.

The first of these is Conquest, and he is quite unusual in having both Holy and Unholy versions of his card. He has a neutral outlook, although we haven’t given him a neutral card as we don’t think he should be found in French and English armies.

Artwork by Christophe Madura
Artwork by Christophe Madura



The other three Horsemen are simply Unholy. True, they were originally released to do the Lord’s bidding, cleansing the world of wickedness and sin (like an equine version of Noah’s flood). If you look no further than this, then they are clearly Holy because they are doing the Lord’s work. On the other hand, they are unarguably going round the world doing their best to obliterate humanity. They were supposed to cleanse the world of sinners, but instead they have indiscriminately destroyed everything; saints and innocents included. This abandonment of their true mission makes them Unholy in our book (and game).

Artwork by Christophe Madura
Artwork by Christophe Madura




Artwork by Christophe Madura
Artwork by Christophe Madura




Artwork by Christophe Madura
Artwork by Christophe Madura




Leviathan is the third and last of our Gigantic Creatures, and he is certainly Gigantic. He is a huge and fearsome beast, whose lethality in combat is legendary. He is not a complex and subtle monster at all, simply searching out every way he can manage to squeeze that little bit of extra carnage out of each attack. Your best bet would be to flee for your life.

Artwork by Bayard Wu
Artwork by Bayard Wu




Where there is light, there is dark, and where there is goodness there is evil. The antichrist represents the extreme end of this malevolence, and though he is not as imposing as the gigantic winged Devil from the Unleash Hell box, he is nonetheless a deadly foe. A subtle one though. He has no direct attack. Instead he has a talent for overcoming the willpower of a target so that it will do his bidding. Why fight when you can be the master of puppets who will die for you? Especially when you have an aura that grants all your sacrificial pawns an extra attack dice while they are in your area. The antichrist is the insidious, smiling face of evil.

Artwork by Christophe Madura
Artwork by Christophe Madura





Some things are harder to classify as purely good or purely evil. These are things like gargoyles.

Artwork by Stéphane Gantiez
Artwork by Stéphane Gantiez



Originally placed on churches to ward off evil spirits, they are also monstrous, and so could be both protective and threatening. Consequently, we have 2 versions of them: Holy and Unholy. Both versions are fast fliers who have a nasty ranged attack, so they are adept at staying out of reach of reprisals.


The Holy army looks as strange and unlikely as their deadly foes. You have seen Flagellants before, and here we have some more of their kind. These are so reverential that they have a relic with them in the form of a mummified Pope.

Artwork by Christophe Madura
Artwork by Christophe Madura



Veneration of holy relics was commonplace in Medieval times, and this is simply an extreme version of this form of worship. And very useful it is too.

Artwork by Christophe Madura
Artwork by Christophe Madura



The first of the Heavenly beings in this expansion are the Angelic Heralds, announcing the presence of the Ark of the Covenant with strident blasts of their trumpets.

Artwork by Christophe Madura
Artwork by Christophe Madura

The Ark is a powerful and almost indestructible artefact, that is only on loan to the army. Every turn you must pay a myth point to keep it in play. It’s worth it though, with powerful attacks and the ability to Command troops too. Plus, as I said, it’s virtually indestructible.

In keeping with the increasing potency of this list, we now come to Leo’s favourite angel miniature: Raphael.

Artwork by Christophe Madura
Artwork by Christophe Madura



He is a potent and majestic defender of all that is Holy, and is a fearsome warrior. Even so, he sometimes needs support, and the next unit is the epitome of protection. As you will have guessed, I am talking about The Lamb.

Artwork by Christophe Madura
Artwork by Christophe Madura



The Lamb can Command units very effectively, but its signature abilities are giving an extra Shield to his own and every adjacent area that contains friendly troops, every time they are attacked. And, for an experience point, taking a Disrupted unit from the Battle Board and putting it back into play. This is even more useful when you realise that The Lamb itself counts as a Rally Point, so he can effectively summon allies to his side. He can also fly. Of course he can.

While you saw the unicorn in the core box, you may not have realised that there was a much larger one on the way.

Artwork by Christophe Madura
Artwork by Christophe Madura





Triumph takes the form of a huge unicorn, who is fast and agile, and with Bodyguard can get to the thick of the fighting and intervene to save a loyal companion. He has retaliation to fight back when attacked, and the wonderfully useful ability to change a blank roll in either attack or defence into whatever result he chooses. An unusual combination of powers and skills, but one with many potential synergies.

The most powerful unit in the game is Judgement. He appears in the Book of Revelation, like the bulk of the units in this expansion.

Artwork by Christophe Madura
Artwork by Christophe Madura

“I saw heaven standing open and there before me was a white horse, whose rider is called Faithful and True. With justice he judges and wages war.”

We haven’t quite finished his sculpt yet, but we thought that you’d like to see him as he is so far. Even though lots more detail needs to be added you can see where we’re going.



Judgement has incredible combat power. Four red dice is devastating, and the fact that he converts “wasted” Shields in attack makes it even better. His ability to Command is very good, he has the same number of hit points as the Leviathan, and can even make a small Trample attack. Also, he can use his Bodyguard skill and large pool of wounds to protect others, knowing that Daredevil means that he can never truly die. Of course, he can also fly, to ensure that no enemies can hide from him, and no friend should ever go unprotected. An awesomely potent individual.


The Apocalypse expansion includes a total of 5 scenarios.

The first is a 2- or 4-player story called Sabbat. You can view this scenario as a prelude to the campaign if you like, or as a standalone scenario in its own right.

In it, the heavens have aligned to produce an eclipse. Sensing its imminence, a witch with great powers has summoned demons to participate in a Black Mass. During this, the one who would become the antichrist is conceived. At least, that is the plan. However, the clergy have heard of these nefarious plans and have sent a group of soldiers to stop this blasphemy. They must capture the witch, build a pyre, and burn her. Unbeknownst to the soldiers at the start, angels aid their every move. The antichrist must not be conceived!

The witch seeks to mate one of the demons she has summoned with an innocent, or perhaps herself. This must be done in the church, pentacle, or cemetery, and at the right moment, just as he eclipse is complete. The timing is crucial. Having meddling soldiers try to intervene is only going to make her angry.


The remaining 4 scenarios are arranged into a campaign that plots the rise of the Apocalypse. It allows you to optionally incorporate three other scenarios from the core box and stretch goals to create a 7-scenario narrative. If I include all seven, the sequence goes like this:

1) Inside Joan’s Head (from the core box).

2) Arrival of the Four Horsemen. A narrative skirmish of human slaughter.

3) Saint Michael fighting the Dragon (from the Legendary Dragon box). Saint Michael and a cohort of angels battle the Legendary Dragon.

4) The Beast (stretch goal chase scenario). A young woman gives birth to humanity’s saviour. Naturally, The Beast wants to eat him before he can grow up into his nemesis. Luckily, angels will aid the woman in her escape.

5) The Mark of the Beast. The antichrist is corrupting humanity and men rally to his evil cause, tempted by silver-tongued charm, and awed by the might of The Beast. The saints try to stop this army with the help of the angels and The Lamb.

6) Leviathan. The colossal monster is ravaging the land, and seeks to destroy the saints in this big battle scenario.

7) Armageddon. A final titanic battle is a stunning final showdown, with masses of miniatures on both sides.

If you are interested in this add-on, simply click on the blue “manage your pledge” button near the top of the page. Then increase your total by the amount of any add-ons you wish to include in your pledge. You can change your pledge as many times as you want while the campaign is running.

During the campaign, Kickstarter doesn’t let you tell us what the money you pledge is actually for, so don’t worry about that now. Instead, after the Kickstarter is over we will send you a “pledge manager”. This allows you to tell us exactly how you want to allocate your pledge, which add-ons you would like, how many core boxes, and (most importantly) where we need to send it all!

The Voice in Her Head


La version française de cette mise à jour sera bientôt disponible, pour la découvrir, cliquez-ici


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    1. Missing avatar

      GABARD Julien on

      tout d'abord félicitation pour votre excellent travail !
      Je souhaite faire quelques remarques constructives ou suggestions qui me semble légitimes :
      - the lamb (au delà du fait que j'ai du mal a comprendre comment il se déplace avec sa bananière) je trouve dommage de ne pas faire figurer la plaie christique et surtout, les dévots tenant le livre semblent enfoncés de plusieurs mm dans le socle.
      -Léviathan bien que magnifique ne fait pas honneur a l'artwork ou on le voit majestueux dominer un phare bien qu'en arrière plan... selon moi il mériterai une pose avec plus de prestance et d’être agrandit pour correspondre d'avantage a ce que l'on peut en attendre ( et ne pas paraitre le plus petit des créatures géantes (apocalypse oblige)
      -l'archange Raphael ne devrait-il pas n'avoir qu'une seule paire d'ailes comme les autre archanges ?! se qui permet au passage de distinguer facilement les anges des archanges...
      De plus le socle massif nui a l'aspect aérien des anges...
      - Le socle de Triumph est pas assez neutre en impliquant une créature situationnelle ( bien que très beau je préférerai de simples rochers )
      - Pour War, le mieux serai de supprimer le pommeau de la selle... en effet la pose et très suggestive... ( il ne risque pas d’être désarçonné...)
      - Les grosses incisives sur les dévoreurs le donnent un aspect ridicule (mieux vaudrais des dents de pirannas)

      Mon but est de participer pour rendre les figurines plus belles encore !
      J’espère que vous tiendrez compte de mes remarques...
      Encore merci pour votre excellent travail !

    2. Claus Appel on

      I love this expansion. But I am really missing one thing: The "four living creatures" from Revelation 4:6-9!

      "... and in the midst of the throne, and round about the throne, were four beasts full of eyes before and behind. And the first beast was like a lion, and the second beast like a calf, and the third beast had a face as a man, and the fourth beast was like a flying eagle. And the four beasts had each of them six wings about him; and they were full of eyes within..."

      I want to see more monsters covered with eyes! :D

      Like this:

    3. Byron Leavitt

      So, since we're hopefully making the lamb have seven eyes (please please please - that's honestly my main problem with this add-on), should we maybe give it one more light-cone for a total of 12? 12 is a very symbolic number in Revelation, and shows up all over the place. Or even better, make it only have 7 of them, which could count for the 7 horns it's supposed to have? Or just give it 7 tiny horns? =D You guys are awesome!

    4. Missing avatar

      Iain Row on

      @Brandon Stoltz

      Not just Judgement, Leviathan rolls 3 of 'em but none are listed. I am not currently planning on getting the Dragon or Devil, so how can we get the purple dice please?

    5. Missing avatar

      AlexR on

      Please make the angels with alternative poses from the core box..... by the way Famine is amazing.

    6. Alexandre Bilodeau on

      This is just fantastic! Love, love the artistic choice of this expansion. Good job MG, I'm impressed!

    7. Missing avatar

      der stille Don on

      I am still not sure whether to pledge for this Add-On ... on the other hand, $70,– for all that stuff is really a mezzie (Viennese-Yiddish for "best opportunity").
      Well, luckily I can decide on this during the Pledge Manager phase, can't I ?!?
      It would give me a boost, though, if someone taking part in this Kickstarter were also from Vienna, Austria, or nearby and would be interested in all the things Apocalyptic I have no imaginable use for whatsoever ... we could share that Apocalypse Add-On ...

      (By the way, the models I'd go for are "Conquest", "The Sabbat Witch", 1 or 2 "Mounted Skeletons", 1 or 2 "Gargoyles", "The Holy Relic", possibly 1 "Angelic Herald" and a couple of "Devotees", "Expiators" and "Repenters" respectively.)

    8. Francesco on

      There are some wonderful miniatures inside this box, but my family has really an issue with some we consider too much "controversial" (I know it was expected to be controversial but still).

      Could you please consider to provide some additional purchase options for the holy faction (using existing miniatures) for the Pledge Manager ?

      We really love the holy faction but, given the current situation, we won't be able to get a decent amount of miniatures.

      Feel free to provide your feedback also at:

      Thanks in advance for your time and availability in considering the proposals. :)

    9. METADNA

      Those who live with hair on a daily basis (as was the case with people of that time) know that even when a horse sleeps, it stays upright.

      The reaper is the one that collects life
      Death the one who catches it
      he can only have one mount.
      overthrown to world order
      a dead mount

    10. Missing avatar

      Henry Rodriguez on

      I love this expansion. It has some inspired artistic decisions.

      My only surprise is that there was no special terrain piece(s) included. I was expecting some building for the unholy army, or perhaps a cathedral or graveyard.

    11. Missing avatar

      Joshua Rivers on

      I’m not sure what book you’re using, but everyone I’ve see /read says conquest/white, war/red, famine/Black, death/pale. Now under famine there is mention of a plague of locust. So if anything, even bringing up pestilence would be wrong...

    12. Missing avatar

      Justin AC on

      QW: I understand possessed people look normal, besides being deathly ill looking, but that hasnt stopped you guys' before! All these units are looking far from the norm, so why not do it to possessed people? It would certainly appease both sides since one side likes weird stuff, and the other side would consider it normal (not overly done though); thank to hollywood. I guarantee you people of that time were more scared/likely to run into some possessed person than most of these units.

      For everyone who are telling the nay-saying people to be quiet and enjoy the weird figures, I have your answer. Mythic Games so far has been about making games out of history, with their own little...little..... flair added to it. This is fine, the Cthulhu look is not a little though. They did the human units perfectly (for the most part) for both games, so why stop there and do something totally different for this add-on? I get what they said, but many I feel are just confused by it, and would rather have them just make the game all weird like that or not weird.

      Also, PLEASE tell me which historical/mythical games out there, have mini's, not to mention of this quality, and arent super expensive? Thought so! There are hardly none, and I applaud mythic games for filling this void. The few that do exist have gone completely the Cthulhu route. Now people who are complaining about the naysayers, and telling them plenty of regular mini's exist in the market, yea...ok...think we covered that! To you I say how many weird/Cthulhu miniature games are out there? Thats right, most of them (companies) are going that route, not the classic depiction way. So really if you want weird, and not historical looking in any way, please go to those games. Dont turn this game or future games by this company in yet to another saturated Cthulhu market. I'm all for artistic interpretation, but some people have to remember that this game is based on historical pictures, books, stories, etc, of units/myths. This game is not, and should not go down the route that is Cthulhuish, if future games do, than what sets them apart honestly. I say this because JOA seems to be more Cthulhu than MB was. So with that in mind, it seems that Mythic Games is going more down that route with future games, and some who love that genre love it...but they already have plenty of games to choose from with that genre. What about us people that just want games that stay true to lore mostly like MB did? Please resist this fad!

    13. BloopidyBloop on

      @Justin, ah so basically what might be housed in a reliquary - got it! Thanks!

    14. Nicolas Corai on

      Since everyone is venting grievances (as always) I'll do so too:
      1. The gargoyles don't do it for me, especially the tail
      2. Leviathan seems a bit small for a Gigantic Creature. How tall is it? The sculpt also loses a bit of the awe generated by Bayard Wu's artwork

    15. Missing avatar

      Justin AC on

      Bloop- Its used to house dead saints bodies (or part), and other "holy" objects."

    16. BloopidyBloop on

      I’m a former catholic school kid and know about pretty much everything except for The Relic! Might someone be able to enlighten me?

    17. Nocturnus

      Great addon!
      Although I would like some of the miniatures more, if they could get a little change:
      Death: please remove that strange mouth on the horse's throat.
      Famine: his ox's body looks like a elephant, please make him look more starved
      War: the rider is looking like silly skeletal Gollum/ monkey, please make him rather look like a chaos warrior (games workshop)
      Antichrist/Leviathan: I cannot catch the reason for using lion-heads here, normally a lion is rather considered as a noble animal and not something hellish. Also the english are using lions in their faction symbols/ flags and I don't like that kind of overlapping. Lastly this war is happening on the European continent, so why the african animal head? I don't think that the people of that time were thinking of the antichrist as having a lion head since none of them will ever have seen one. There ought to be some unusual or terrifying head more fitting to the setting/place of time period.

      Apart from this: great stuff!!^^

    18. Missing avatar

      Lasse Peterson on

      Artistically fantastic!
      As a believer I’m not sure if I could play it BEACUSE: the Lamb = Jesus = God. How could God ever lose? Then he wouldn’t be God.
      The hole add on is cool in many ways but hard to play for someone who have understood what this is all about.
      And still ... I haven’t made up my mind ... :-)
      Bless ;-)

    19. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      Love the weirdest and that its not just cookie cutter

    20. Avtomatik on

      @joshua you are wrong. Pestilence is conquest

    21. Jardanes

      Famine is my favourite of the 4 horsemen. Really good.

    22. Missing avatar

      Joshua Rivers on

      I believe pestilence is the same as famine, not conquest.

    23. Feqz on

      Exceptional! You did a great job with this add-on. Awesome artistic vision.

    24. Justin Boehm

      Personally I'd have gone Pestilence instead of conquest, but other than that, Bravo! It's an amazing looking Expansion and certainly requires no changes to the greatness it shows!

    25. Matt on

      I like this expansion and agree it should be "weird" based on the subject at hand (both holy and unholy); and it's a level I'm basically happy to hang out with - Shadows of Brimstone, Deep Madness, Dungeon Degenerates... I have things I'd like tweaked - different angel sculpts, etc. - but wouldn't want the project to be designed by committee. That invariably weakens the vision of the thing. I really appreciate things like the Lamb and The Holy Relic, and will echo that smaller / mid-sized, thematic game elements are more exciting to me with just a few giant characters like the Devil and the Beast. Thanks to MG for reaching back for these representations; it really creates a unique and interesting atmosphere. :)

    26. Brandon Stoltz on

      Also, noticed a slight problem. I noticed that Judgement had an attack that used one of the purple "giant dice" but no such dice are listed as part of the set. Is there some dice in there and it went unlisted as a mistake or was that intentional?

    27. Cynthia Snead

      Wow! Just wow! In a good way. I think changes and suggestions have been covered by others. I just wanted to say that I'm blown away by this add-on. A must-buy for me. You guys are amazing!

    28. Missing avatar

      Guges on

      The red burning runesword guy had art in the RPG book update.

    29. Missing avatar

      Guges on

      What happened to the guy with the red burning runesword and black armor? I hope he's not the guy with monkey feet on the horse (war?). Someone please tell me red burning runesword guy is getting a model.

    30. Dorthonion on

      The Ark can also be combined with suitable WW2 minis in 15mm to make a Raiders sequel :)

    31. Sandor Clegane on

      My favorite miniature in the game is the mummy-pope. People wanted a pope mini...and they got one!

      But seriously, the mummy pope and the arc of the covenent. The possible scenarios relating to those two (with the devotees, etc) are plentiful.

      I care a lot more about scenario-driven gameplay than just having big tough good and bad guys battling it out. But I suppose I lean slightly towards historical game-play over mythological. I imagine having a lot of humans that are doing everything they can to NOT fight things like the Tarosque.

    32. Lord Lovehandles on

      Ok - yeah just found it. Thanks Sandor. I prefer the comments sections on these Updates - main comments page is getting intense.

    33. Sandor Clegane on

      The 1.4 SG is on the campaign page. Some new cavalry. No update to match it, but I expect we will see one when we hit the 1.4M mark and then we will see the next SG.

    34. Lord Lovehandles on

      Did I miss something? Are there no more stretch goals available? Nothing if we hit $1,400k? Just curious, not complaining.

    35. Bobby D on

      So glad these people ↓↓↓ have 0 to do with the design! YAY!

    36. Mmag on

      It's really weird and strange expansion... And it's exactly, how it should be! My top 3 is Death, Femine and antichrist... Disturbing yet great minis - it's not another hollywood PG-13 cliche directed by Disney - and i love it!

    37. Missing avatar

      Hannibal518 on

      What i would change:

      Conquest: looks good i just do not like the horse having a beak and could do without the snakes tail

      War: the horse is great could take or leave the horns. But give him a better rider. I imagine war be a warrior not a monkey with a big sword

      Death: the upside down horse does not bother me but the big mouth on its chest does. You can not even hide it with paint. Death himself seems plain compared to the horse.

      Famine: i would get rid of the whole thing. I would do a heathy looking rider(after all he has all the food) on a horse. On his scales put a meager portion of food on one side and a large amount of coin on the otherside with the scale balanced or showing the food as heavier. Then put some starving beggers at his horses feet.

      Devours: get rid of the teeth inside the beak

      Make the horsemen available for both holy and unholy armies

    38. Bazz

      Well well well lol, this expansion has caused quite a stir. As always I Love mythic games but will always be honest and as much as I love this expansion I feel that...

      A) War just doesn't work, an amazing horse but the rider looks terrible and doesn't do the horse justice, if any could be changed I would hope this one (esp as book version looked amazing)

      B) The holy army is out numbered...still that's an easy fix, more holy army stretch goals please

      a small c) that I love the leviathan but not a fan of the skin scales as looks better in the pic

      Now on too the good

      $70????? for all that? Just $70? are you guys mad? Thts beyond good value......thats godly value.

      Arch Angel Raphael is AMAZING and gonna team him up with my griffin for some holy ass wooping lol

      Cant wait to have the devil storm into my village causing chaos and have him cower in fear as a small man on a white horse rides into town to give him a godly beat down...epic :)

    39. Christian on

      is The Great Reaper and Death the same or different characters in the game? Can I field both of them?

    40. Missing avatar

      Craig O'Connor on

      I think the aspect about this expansion I'm most disappointed about is the "standard" look of the regular angels in this. They have the same look and style as the ones from the core box, and when you consider how some of the angelic hosts are described in literature, they could have had the same kind of weird, off kilter designs as the unholy troops. It almost feels like the priority was to design (admittedly awesome) looking weirdness for the unholy guys, and the angels were kind of an afterthought.

      Don't get me wrong, I really like some of the other designs. That artwork of the anti-christ is phenomenal. It kinda reminds me of some of the unsettling imagery from movies such as the Omen and Altered States, and I like the fact the lamb has limbs growing out of its back too. Raphael also has four wings (which is a design element which I think could have been carried over to the other angels).

      Also, just one other note - and this is me being extremely pedantic, but the gargoyles should actually be called grotesques or chimera's. Gargoyles were specifically crafted as drainage pipes.

    41. Erestor on

      It is weird, strange : Ireally love it !
      So different from what we always see.
      GREAT JOB !

    42. partenopei on

      amazing expansion!

      was not planning on getting the mythical stuff but this has changed my mind.

      was not expecting the Ark of the Covenant and also very happy with more zealots and their epic holy relic!

    43. Hitchhiker on

      Oh my goodness!
      What an incredible expansion - so rich and unique! I absolutely love it. "Triumph" is marvellous. So is "Raphael" and... well pretty much everything. "War" looks strange - but in a disturbing and unexpected way, so it is probably the intention with this pose. Absolutely crazy this guy.

      Some points I like to mention (don't know if they have been answered already - in that case: just ignore me :-)

      - "Famine": I prefer the drawing of the cow over the actual miniature. The miniature is quite massive - nearly like a rhino. In the drawing it is skinny, you see the ribs and shoulder bones and everything - perfect for "Famine". By the way: I love "Famine" to sit on a cow-thing and not just another horse!

      - "The Lamb": More a rule thing: On the card it says "Friendly units in an adjacent area get 1 shield", in the text below it is said " his own and every adjacent area". Is this the same (in terms of wording of the rules) or should the text be recified?

      - "Judgement": I think the "cavalry" symbol is missing on the card. He only got "flying". I think he should have both (as the "Death" card does).

    44. Missing avatar

      Joshua Rivers on

      @nicola, it also has spiked coming out of its eyes for some reason? It’s definitely the worst part of the model.

    45. Bobby D on

      +1 for the artistic design! Don't change a thing!

      I can completely understand where some of the downy kids are coming from. I always want realism in my fictional characters! I want to see the same bland interpretations that have been beaten to death! Pun intended... as is sarcasm.

      @QW Will you please pass this along to everyone there. You are doing a fantastic job, please don't pander to the coddled. They can drown themselves in rivers of their own tears. You have done such great PR trying to please them over these last few weeks. Let this go untouched, it is so unique, odd, shocking and terrifying. Is that not what we would hope for in the time of an Apocalypse?

    46. Nicola on

      Leviatan's tail looks more like a CAMEL than a snake!

    47. Joaquin

      I LOOOOOVE the Reaper of Death!!!

    48. Missing avatar

      ElizLestrad on

      To whoever mentioned doing a proxy of the Reaper for Death, I think they are two different sizes. I thought of that too though. Depending on the scale of the four horsemen, I think finding proxies to match Conquest’s art style will be pretty hard. And modding a figure like Death to flip the horse correctly is likely impossible.

      More than likely 3D printing would have to be involved or you’d have to replace the entire group (a waste since conquest is actually very good). This would be especially hard considering you’d have to match the art style.

      Not really sure if the effort and money likely involved is worth it.

      Though I am debating finding someone to sculpt me a St Catherine...

    49. Missing avatar

      Joshua Rivers on

      Abaddon “Destroyer", the angel of the abyss, and as the king of a plague of locusts resembling horses with crowned human faces, women's hair, lions' teeth, wings, iron breast-plates, and a tail with a scorpion's stinger that torments for five months anyone who does not have the seal of God on their foreheads.