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Relive the golden age of chivalry in a 2-4 player narrative battle game of knights and peasants, heroes and dragons, angels and demons.
Relive the golden age of chivalry in a 2-4 player narrative battle game of knights and peasants, heroes and dragons, angels and demons.
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Posted by Mythic Games, Inc. (Creator)

 They thought they were fast, but you were faster! You’ve overtaken the Sipahi and the Noble cavalry, and they are now corralled with your other stretch goals. That’s now over 400 miniatures in every Maiden pledge! Over 400!

Before we move on, let’s have one more look at those elegant cavalrymen. This time, with the proper cavalry symbols on their cards.

Don’t they look splendid, riding off into captivity with pennants held high? You watch them go, and realise as the last of them passes that there is a small scrap of parchment trodden into the mud. Perhaps it was there all along; perhaps it was dropped by one of the riders…

There’s no time to try and decipher this message. Now we have infantry and cavalry these Ottoman troops need some missile support. Let them have it!

At $1,350k you will add 9 Ottoman Archers to your collection. That’s right, not 6, 9. And in 2 different sculpts too!



You can tell these Ottoman Archers belong in the same army as the Sipahis because they are similarly fast. This means that, like the Sipahis, they are excellent at outflanking and generally getting into nuisance very quickly.



Unfortunately for the archers, they aren’t as adept at getting out of trouble as their mounted friends. Even so, they do have a range of 2, so they don’t have to get quite as close in the first place, and if you have Myth points to burn you can buy them extra dice to attack with. Yellow and white dice don’t have Kill results, but they have a 50% chance each of either Pushing the target out of position, or Disrupting them enough to take them off the board. So for breaking up enemy formations, the Archers are very useful indeed.

The Voice in Her Head


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    1. Missing avatar

      Tungsten on

      And once again.. Turks would not wear purple like on the card art. Purple (and black) was consider to be unlucky colour by Turks.

    2. Hitchhiker on

      These are looking great - both archers and horsemen! I was sceptical to this ottoman thing at the beginning, but now it looks like a great extension.

    3. Missing avatar

      Tungsten on

      Here are some name change suggestions:

      For the infantry, jannisaries and yarli kulu are ok.
      These jannisaries are pretty generic to be a specific type, and "yarli kulu" means state or local troops. You could add "piyade" to the yarli kulu which means infantry, alternatively rename them yaya which were an early version of jannisaries.

      For cavalry, I would use Timarli sipahi and Kapikulu sipahi, where the first ones are the provincial cavalry and the second the sultans household troops.

      For archers, okchu means archer in Turkish so maybe call one of them azabs? They were lightly armoured and used bows.

      I'm by no means an expert on that time period, so happy to be corrected. :)

    4. Jardanes

      Amazing! Thank you @Mythic Games!

    5. Missing avatar

      Jens on

      Nice, perfect start of the day ! Lets welcome those Sipahi with a Cheering Hurray..
      ps:Loving the Okchu too :)

    6. Foxwhisperer on

      Once we get these archers, we have, what, 7 units (2 riders, 2 infantry and 3 archers).
      How many points is that? About 200 points?
      Ottomans need a leader (next SG propably?)

    7. Missing avatar

      Tungsten on

      Great figures! Love them.
      Like for the rest, the names have to be looked at..

    8. Harrison on

      @Partenopei- the flower reference in tje notes is probably a refence to the Ottoman sultan. Who/what the ruby spider is I dont know

    9. Neil Amswych on

      "Don’t they look splendid, riding off into captivity with pennants held high?"

      Why would someone want to ride off into captivity?

    10. Galahan on

      bring more Ottomans, lets complete the faction!

    11. Christian on

      The man who aims with his eyes has forgotten the face of his father.

    12. partenopei on

      hmmmm, "ruby spider"

      thought that was a flower?

    13. partenopei on

      I fire my bow with both eyes closed

      i am not very accurate

    14. Missing avatar

      Andrew Mitchell

      Wonderful sculpt, but I think they have the wrong eye closed. Right handed archers (like me) shoot with either both eyes open, or the left one closed.

    15. Quirkworthy Collaborator

      @Lord Lovehandles - at his next birthday he will be 21.


      The Voice in Her Head

    16. Lord Lovehandles on

      Quibbling over 300 years of history??? How old is The Beast???

    17. partenopei on

      also LOVE the Ottoman guys.

      great stuff!

    18. Missing avatar

      Cowan Smith on

      Great SG. Love the Ottomans!

    19. Quirkworthy Collaborator

      @Lord Lovehandles - behind you!

      Sadly, the assassins are too early for this lot.

      The Voice in Her Head

    20. Lord Lovehandles on

      These look great! I always look at games from not only replayability aspects, but customizable, original stories that I want to write - the creators don't get all the fun!! I love that Mythic took this in a new direction to add this line. Love the sculpts, love the tiny legs, love the themes...but we need some assassin's!!!! When do we get some assassins???