Time of Legends: Joan of Arc

by Mythic Games, Inc.

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    1. DevGuy on

      "an hex" should be "a hex".

    2. Missing avatar

      Tungsten on

      Wow, didn't realise this figure could actually breath fire.. :)

    3. Christian on

      worth the wait! Thanks QW!

    4. Christian on

      Can you explain what "Terror 2" does? After you get some sleep of course :)

    5. Lord Lovehandles on

      Leo looks so happy!! I would be too. Amazing sculpt, although the professional paint job helps. Have you all ever thought about doing a raffle or something for a professionally painted piece like this and using the money to add a post KS stretch goal or even for charitable donation? I could see people spotting $5 or $10 to have a shot to win this, and that would be a nice piece of change to do something with. Probably after the KS, but just an idea.

    6. Kickstarter Addict

      Im in Love ❤..I want multiple 1 Red 1 Bue. Hope PM is open a while so it can stop buying lunch and tell Santa

    7. Enzo Maini

      @Lord Lovehandles - KS does not allow those contents. However, for their previous game they did raffle off for free a painted version of the Atlas sculpt on BeastsOfWar.com. You can see the image here --> https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/806316071/mythic-battles-pantheon/posts/1749121

      Perhaps they can do so again for the Dragon.

    8. Jack

      The Dragon, rules!

      Seriously though, it sounds like a lot of fun to play with. A little concerned about how he functions in a siege game, will he simple remove entire wall and tower pieces?

    9. Daefyd Wyr

      Can one flying creature fight another that is in "The Gate of Heaven?
      I know they cannot affect/be affected by ground units.

    10. Mike the Knight on

      Depends on how much damage a tower wall can take Jack

    11. Mike the Knight on

      @Quirkworthy Can you explain the icons on the Dragon dashboard? Sword is a melee attack, 2 spears is ? Dragons foot is Trample, Helmet is Defense?

    12. Paul Bladon on

      Do the gigantic minis like the dragon come prepainted?

    13. Stuart Fern on

      I'm pretty sure the "2 spears" are arrows, and that is his ranged attack. In this case it is him breathing fire.

    14. Captainmarlowe on

      This dragon is simply awesome, really impressive. Now, it could also be a nightmare to paint correctly without messing it up. I wouldn't feel comfy for this one, which I passed on, because he would instantly be destroyed by my children :D

    15. David C on

      @Paul None of the miniatures come pre painted unfortunately.

    16. David C on

      So al three of the giant creatures in the game are in the Unholy faction? The only one to be revealed is in the Apocalypse box, and the artwork indicates that will be Leviathan.

    17. PK

      So how can the dragon be tougher than the Devil? I mean, it’s THE DEVIL

    18. Missing avatar

      Danny on

      I love this sculpt, in fact I'm going to go ahead and say I think it is the best sculpture of a miniature dragon I have seen - an auto purchase for me, maybe a little awkward for gameplay due to its size, but not to the point of being unusable.

      I think it might be a bit if a stretch to say that it is suitable for 40mm or 54mm scales though, only because of the tower it is mounted on (the door and windows would look too small against 40mm or 54mm figures I feel)...if you green-stuffed the tower or remounted the dragon on a different base, then I'd agree.

      I'm looking forward to the PDF rules dropping so I can better understand how it will work in the game.

    19. Quirkworthy Collaborator

      @DevGuy - a hex, not an hex - that's what I would use. Where do you see that? Technically, either is acceptable.

      @Christian - Terror 2. Of course, sorry. If you want to attack a unit that causes Terror, you need first to overcome your fear of it. Roll a number of (appropriately) yellow dice equal to the number after the Terror, so 2 for the Legendary Dragon. Each Disrupt (head) result cancels the attack of one unit (owner's choice). Basically, creatures that cause Terror are scary, and other units may be too afraid to attack.

      Note that Terror isn't just monsters, it's also awe and respect, so Joan has it too.

      @Lord Lovehandles - no, we hadn't thought of doing a raffle for the Dragon. I suspect you'd have to prise it from Leo's cold, dead hands...

      @Jack - Siege? Easy! Walls have structure points like any other building (usually 3). The Dragon can trash them with Trample attacks like any other building. Of course, this effect can be combined with more traditional Siege engines too.

      @Daefyd Wyr - yes, though I would like to remove the "gate of Heaven idea as I think it leads to dull game play. Cool in theory, but not so cool in practice.

      @Mike the Knight - symbols: the sword and shield are attack and defence, like a normal card. The giant paw is Trample, and the two arrow heads mean direct shooting attack (needing a line of sight unlike archery).

      @PK - the big red demon is only one of the possible manifestations of the Devil. Some folk would argue that the Dragon is another.

      @Danny - I'd clean forgotten he was standing on something. Yes, that might be a scale issue. I was just thinking about the size of the dragon himself. And it was 2.30am...

      The Voice in Her Head

    20. Dondon


      The only thing I don't like about the Dragon is that he can't move to a Hex unless it's empty. I guess that is being done this way because of game mechanics and balance, but I'm pretty sure the Dragon should step on anyone fool enough to stay on his path... At least that's the feeling we should get for such a mini and creature.

      Maybe you could change that one with the Dragon being able to move any place he wants and instead of killing every unit there let the other player decide where to put their units if there is space adjacent to their Hex... That way tactics are a step up and the Dragon does not lose movement capacity.

      I don't know if I have explained myself correctly... Hope you can understand.

      Also please say Thanks from me to Benoit for being such a nice and cool guy while attending people at your Essen's booth. He was really nice :)

      And Thank You for your work here too :)

    21. PK


      A fair rationalization- but I think the Devil made you do it... ;-)

    22. Quirkworthy Collaborator

      @Dondon - thank you!

      The Trample attack simulates the Dragon smashing stuff out of his way. He may not want to tread on unstable and wriggly things and prefers clearing a path first.

      I've passed on your comment to Benoit :)

    23. Dondon


      Ok, Thanks!! I see then :)

    24. Alexandre Bilodeau on

      Finally the update about the dragon. Looks fun to play. I already know that everyone will want to play the dragon and this will be the "fight", lol.

    25. Hound of Tindalos


      Say, should not the Beast have the BIG dice as well? Just wondering as he/it is no shrimpkin!

      He looks kind of a rough and tumble fellow

    26. Quirkworthy Collaborator

      @Hound of Tindalos - there's big, and there's BIG!

      The Voice in Her Head

    27. Missing avatar

      der stille Don on

      Beautiful Dragon, really!
      But I think for my humble abilities in painting (and handling with care) it is far too big (and fragile) for being used in an actual game. I guess I must pass on him.
      ... anyway, that reminds me – can we backers decide up to the last moment of the Pledge Manager, how many and what add-ons (adds-on?) we want to back?
      I am afraid that before Yule I shall not be able to pledge more money than the $120 necessary for the Maiden Pledge. In January (hopefully) it should look rather different.

    28. Quirkworthy Collaborator

      @der stille Don - yes, during the PM you will be able to add funds, and choose new add-ons.

      The Voice in Her Head

    29. Hound of Tindalos

      The beast is gonna get an inferiority complex :(

      Well, maybe it can roll 9 little dice to make up for it, one for each head, and a bonus two for the 11 horns....

      But it still likely will go see a psychotherapist complaining about little monster syndrome..

      "Doc doc.... I'm the Beast for crying' out loud.... and they make me roll these little piddly dice"

      Doc "How does that you feel?"

      Beast "I'm going to start my own faction and get REVENGE"

    30. Quirkworthy Collaborator

      @Hound of Tindalos - sounds like a scenario in the making...

      The Voice in Her Head

    31. Hound of Tindalos

      Scenario "9-Head Shrinking: The Series"

      Tune in each week - nah, lets make it a Netflix 13 episode miniseries.... as Mr. Beast contends with the trials and tribulations of infernal bureaucracy, zany neutral entities from hyperdimensions, soul searching for the reasons of WHY..... and of course, LOVE.

      Starring the Beast - as Himself.

      J. Jonah Lucifer - the Devil

      BMOB (Big Monster on Board), The DRAGON, - played by the Dragon

      And a case of over 400 mini cameos

    32. METADNA

      Concerning the battle mode it could be strategically, interesting to keep the giant creatures in reserve as long as they have not been invoked in game. At the begenning players need to protect the summoners of holy faction (priest and heroes) or unholy (demons, witches corrupt heroes maybe corrupt priest). So it will be possible to kill the opposing summoner to prevent/delay the invocation of their giant creature. But this could depend from the scenario used for this battle.

    33. Missing avatar

      der stille Don on

      @ Quirkworthy – Thank you for the answer! Great (and quite possibly disastrous for my piggy bank) !

    34. METADNA

      Having a colossal attacking ability only between giant creatures could be very fun! (also would help those who still hesitate to take an all-in) ;)

    35. Lord Lovehandles on

      If I'm reading correctly, the dragon add on comes with Michael, the Archangel. Seems like a worthy opponent. If you go by Revelations, Michael was the game changer in the war in heaven. Single handedly shifted the war. Are we going to get any stats/ preview of him?

    36. Lord Lovehandles on

      And if we're going with the Biblical account, Michael was a warrior angel wielding the power of God on his side. So, the scale/ size matters not. Ok I went Bible to Yoda, but you get the point. Also the Griffin is holy. After the war in Heaven, the woman was given "wings of a great eagle" to escape the dragon. I really like this theme.

    37. Quirkworthy Collaborator

      @Lord Lovehandles - we wanted to focus on the Dragon himself in this article, even though he does come with some other cool stuff. I think Leo's battle on the 7th will feature some angels. I know he was working on army lists for it.

      The Voice in Her Head

    38. PK

      Will stunt Leo be available as an add-on?

    39. PK

      +1 @METADNA re GC vs GC only special attack rules- my thoughts exactly

    40. Missing avatar

      Joshua Rivers on

      I feel like this update should just be titled “did we mention we have a dragon?”. And the next will be “oh we did mention we have a dragon? We forgot...”

    41. Rick on

      It would be cool if you did a translucent dragon fire breath piece to accompany the dragon. A translucent clear could be tinted with glass paints to create a pretty cool effect on the board.

    42. Matej Zeithammel on

      The dragon is best of the best, can´t wait to have it at home :-).
      Just quick question. The dragon will burn buildings,yes? I don´t see any ruins of houses etc. in this optional pack.

    43. Goodsound on

      Yes, the ruins (at least one) is missing!