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Relive the golden age of chivalry in a 2-4 player narrative battle game of knights and peasants, heroes and dragons, angels and demons.
Relive the golden age of chivalry in a 2-4 player narrative battle game of knights and peasants, heroes and dragons, angels and demons.
9,987 backers pledged $2,152,285 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Mike Barker on

      Any chance we get a second design for the tents (sort of command tent) and the cottages?? would be a cool extra for KS people....

    2. Missing avatar

      Smud on

      Sorry, I meant farmhouses. The mill is not realy a usual house in a village and well the cottages are nice, but still overall 5 buildings are not thaat many.
      Look how much stuff in the siege addon is. Sure 25 $ more, but so much more stuff and especially new things. Those trees and ruins... :(

      Least favorite addon (beside the bling one) for me, so bad it is in all bundles. I will see which options we'll have in the pledge manager.
      Thanks for answering eitherway. ;)

    3. MikeR

      This is great !! Thank you !! I'll definitely be adding this expansion but please consider also adding a house pack with Large Farmhouse and Houses. It would be great to be able to build the town within the castle under siege !!

    4. Missing avatar

      Fang Yin on

      @Quirkworthy I apologize for my previous remarks,when i read more comments, i think i will like village pack~because MG can do more than I imagined~

    5. Hound of Tindalos


      The Princess - may I make a small suggestion, that the little flower in her hand will be a difficult sculpt - looks pretty fragile

      May I suggest a nice big wine goblet, that since she is throwing a Feast in the First scenario, its an object of class and coolness but is big enough to not bend/snap off??

      A nice wine goblet :)


    6. Quirkworthy Collaborator

      @Jonathan Olsson - you are on a roll here :)

      That's loads of good ideas. I want a troll too now...

      @Smud - look again. Not 1 building, but 5.

      @CheerfullyGrimm - the Good Place Inn will be a SG.

      The Voice in Her Head

    7. CheerfullyGrimm

      is this is a village pack without a tavern? more importantly is this a village pack without the Goodplace Tavern ran by Leo? I am disappointed :(

    8. Christian on

      @Smud, there are five buildings not including the tents and bridges and ruins.

    9. Jack

      Really excited for the terrain add on! We knew from the teasers Leo had given us it was coming and now it's here I'm split about it. On the one hand we have the gorgeous mill, the bonus of placing animals, the stone bridge but only one, river tiles (hopefully not the final artwork), an extra farmhouse, handy tents and the 3 new cottages. All very welcome.

      But then we have 10 more trees to add to the forest we already own if pledging all-in, another 5 ruins we have more ruins than farmhouses at this point!

      I'm not too impressed by the wooden bridges, walls, bushes, outcrops and campfires.

      What this expansion is crying out for is more buildings! It's a village add-on, many here would want to build a village or fortified village combined with the Siege Expansion without buying multiple sets of this add-on.

      Can we please have more buildings MG? Less ruins. Less trees. More of the same buildings or even a variant.

      We are getting an awful lot of wall space / defences in the Siege Expansion with which to protect a village or town but there is very little in this add-on even combined across all sets that can be placed behind the walls to simulate the edge of the village or town.

      Hoping others may voice similar views.

      Thanks for reading

      ooh and
      +1 for the cats
      +1 for the village idiot

    10. Jonathan Olsson on

      I think that roads would improve the game as well as the rivers.

      A cemetery would be nice.

      My scenario idea connected to roads and graveyard is this.
      With an added graveyard you can use the dead guys as reawaken dead spreading plague. They are wakened by the witch in the village whom the hero inquisitor need to find and kill.
      The background story is that she have awoken the recent plague victims/dead at the church cemetery first, and as more and more dies something need to be done. The dead spend sickness by fouling the air and spending the plauge.
      That's something people believed in post-reformatory times as well, described in the plauge outbreaks in the 1700-eds in Sweden.

      Needed features for this scenario;
      Think village like the werewolf scenario. + a gallow sight with hanging and corpse wheels in a forest, a graveyard and the church, road heaxes and forest and fields, villages, witch, inquisitor, some troops.

      Terrain setup;
      The witch have her head quarters at the gallow sight. A myth cube may be harvested here for her as she harvest the body of a killed thief that got executed for theft last month by the executor.
      That's situated at one end of the map, in the forest apart from the village if such a gallow mini would be included.
      Think the village as the werewolf scenario but that it goes a road thrue the village from one end to the other of the map.
      In one house there are items from the dead inside strengthen the witch and a dead newborn killed child, a mythical being in Swedish folklore named myrling, under the floor that rises to fight if the hero goes in.
      One house empty and one have weapons.
      On one side of the village there Is fields, (? Also hedges and some animals maybee) and our hero + troops coming in on the road.
      On the other side some heaxes open ground and then the forest and on one heax inside the outer threes there stands the gallow sight. A road is some heaxes away from the gallow sight.

      Story/scenario background
      The villages are afraid of the gallow sight and avoid it but the witch uses parts of the dead to awake evil forces. She will try to crush the local church by using dead and awake darker forces.
      The village priest have just put down some undead walking at night spreading the plague. They have found some recent corpes full of blood around mouth and swollen stomach and cut of their heads whom they put at their feats and burned the hearts at a crossroad (known from English medivel stories and archeological digs on Sweden and Europe, also stones on the body, needles under feets, bound legs and broken kneecaps and legs horrible twisted under the skeleton).
      The village i's free from plague for a while before it's coming back with the walking dead, carrying their coffins on their back spreading sickness (new evil minis?) , and now the dead can't be found. Is a witch helping them to hide?
      The sound of more the one newly risen dead have been heard lately at difficult places in town. The villagers are afraid and more dies of the plague.
      The risen dead, who have eaten the white linnen they are sweapt in after dead in order to gain powers to rise, gets more. It's desperate times as the priest can't find them. Are they not from the grave yard but instead from the gallow sight where thief's, selfmurders and the hanged are found? He is too afraid ad the rest of the village to look there and waits until the executor comes to town. That is the same time as the inquisitor does.

      He sends for the hero inquisitor who now have come to put the recent undead to rest. To stop the spreading the plague and look into the rumors of witchcraft. He add some troops in case the rumors are thrue.
      The dead in this scenario is from real medieval tales and, also known in this scenario, for walking in the night, carrying their coffins on their back (new minis?), and spreading sickness.
      The dead have risen and now the village priest can't help.
      They need to find the witch or kill the dead.

      Victory and special conditions;
      If the witch is found the dead arises at the church yard to fight. New dead or demons arises at the gallow sight to join the fight depending on how long time into the game it goes.
      They rise both, or only cemetery, if you try to burry the dead in the cemetery they rise to fight.
      Then the witch flees to the gallow sight and arise the dead there to join the fight at the church and kill the inquisitor.
      Both places rise their dead if the witch is revealed early on.
      The witch mission is to kill the inquisitor or wins if the time run out.
      The time runs out for the hero when, as time passes by, more and more villages get afflicted by the plague and dies. That the time table ticking for the hero. The sole one or two left alone is the witch and winner.
      The hero needs to either find the witch or burry the dead at the churchyard and at the gallow sight. He gets a notification that the witch uses the gallow sight by the executioner who, as time progresses, is sent by the priest to investigate the sight. He comes back and reports to the inquisitor.
      The villages who are superstitious cary weapons and may if the dead rise be added as troops on the good side towards the witch when she is revieled.

      A feature to add in is that the gallow sight dead may rise after, let's say, half the game to put in trouble for our heroes?
      Or the executor comes in half into the game telling our hero that nails and pieces of the gallows is missing, the hero concludes that the witch is real and that she tries to awaken evil forces at the gallow sight so he hasten there. To find evil things waiting for him and his troops.

      That is my proposed senario idea for you

    11. Missing avatar

      Smud on

      Why do we get only one building, but 8 tents and 5 ruins? Poor village everything is broken except the mill?

      Sorry but this addon is very disappointing. I like the idea of a terrain addon, but this just one isn't good. Too many trees and ruins, too few new stuff and atm simply too expansive. Just my 2 cents...

    12. Jonathan Olsson on

      Amazing, would love to add a troll in here and then you got one or two great mythic scenarios to add :)

      Got some ideas apart from the big one I send you
      Either the troll and the princes is connected.
      In Swedish folklore from this period of time, partly found in medieval ballads and 16th c folklore, tolls took kids and changed them for their own, changings, before their baptisms.
      You got a church and priest in the ordinary set up and add here a troll and a child and you got a changing scenario where the evil forces will stop the child from getting its baptism with added evil creature following them towers the church.
      Also the troll may guard the bridge or pay a tribute and one shall get rid of him. Classic monster vs hero scenario. F.ex St George and the dragon but with a troll instead. You may know how gthe city of Antwerpen got its name, it's known from its medieval altar pieces, who's name means throw the hands who comes of a troll defeated by the knight.

      You may also get several other Swedish folk tales from the medieval ballads here if you ad a prince.
      One other crossover is
      The witch who steals milk from their neibours cows is known from medieval mural paintings in Sweden and Denmark. Your objective is to find the witch.That's a easy one to do here.
      There are also a princes which add a scenario with the dragon (crossover) with a classic story tale kidnapping thing.

      Rouds would be nice, maybe an add on, then you may create your own ambush scenario or add one going with them

    13. Quirkworthy Collaborator

      @partenopei - I like your scenario idea!

      @Mike the Knight - well spotted on the bridge. I've passed that on.

      @Luke Raymond - They started one way, and got changed during testing. I need to check the latest version.

      @Stuart Fern - I hope that you'll share your scenarios with everyone :)

      @FangYin - we will not be adding new bundles.

      @Tungsten - a graveyard would be a cool terrain feature. Maybe something we add later or in the PM.

      @嚴小騷 - multiples of characters offer options as well as new characters. For example, see some of the scenario suggestions from fellow backers below. Duel between two apothecaries...

      @Foxwhisperer - I think those circular interiors are for the tents. Towers will have their own. Keeps are very defensible. The towers are made as separate pieces that could stand alone. They are not permanently fixed to the walls (unless you glue them).

      @Nicolas Corai - thanks for the summary.

      @Justin AC - the cats were sleeping. As usual.

      The Voice in Her Head

    14. Missing avatar

      Christian Moritz

      Please think about producing plastic/resin Hex fields to help making a perfect Board ! Great game - love the atmosphere...

    15. Missing avatar

      Justin AC on

      Where are the cats? Please look into this, and let me know if it will be.

      Please reconsider since they were very important for a village, and greatly influenced this time-frame.

    16. Foxwhisperer on

      @Wolfram. Since Apothecary has a game effect in battles, it's only fair for both sides to have access to apothecary figure. Thus 2 apothecaries are good to have.
      If blacksmiths have game effect too, this should apply to him also.

    17. Missing avatar

      Wolfram on

      It is a bit silly to have the apothecary as a stretch goal and then include another one in the expansion.

      Similarly, why have two blacksmiths? One is already provided in base game.

      How about a minstrel or/and a village idiot?

    18. Nicolas Corai on

      For those who don't have time to listen to Leo's marathon live sessions, here is some info from today's live regarding this expansion.

      The two Village Pack scenarios (3/4 players, 1v1v1 or 1v1v1v1):
      1. A banquet organized by the Countess Yolande d'Arragon (worker placement game?). Each player receives a secret list of goods that will allow them to score VP at the end of the game. The players, as local lords, can recruit peasants, send their peasants retrieve and harvest raw resources, transform the resources at the mill, obtain bonus actions from the countess, upgrade peasants to pikemen (after using the blacksmith to arm them) to deny other players access to certain resources...
      2. Admiral Jean de Vienne's expedition against Plymouth, 1377. The players are nobles from Rouen, who are required to provide materials for the construction of boats. They must build boats to ferry the resources down the Seine river. Their peasants must be trained to become pikemen, sailors, or men at arms to defend the resource convoys against river pirates and tax collectors.

      River rules:
      A river area can contain up to 4 elements. Bridges take up 2 spots and can contain up to 2 units. A troop crossing a river tile will have to roll the doom dice, to check against drowning (heroes lose 2 hit points).

      The tavern will be a further stretch goals

      There won't be a 3d element offered for the cemetery that could be seen in the Beasts of War video, maybe a tile.

      The village ruins are the same as those in the Devil add-on, MG have simply refined the model.

    19. Foxwhisperer on

      @QW: Are those round overlays shown here for the tents or castle towers? I'm hoping towers as the Siege add on didn't seem to come with overlays for the towers or the keep.

      Speaking of which, does the keep have some defensive benefits? If I'm doing a scenario with just a keep defended by few troops against larger force (Just freestanding keep without castle walls).

      What about a freestanding tower (without walls) as a border watchtower or something. Is there rules for that?

    20. 嚴小騷 on

      Dear Mythic Games:
      I like this add on very much, but, could you change the Blacksmith and the Apothecary to another new characters??
      They are already in the core game box, and new Characters can provide much more fun.
      Thanks a lot

    21. Missing avatar

      Tungsten on

      I would really love to see some tombstones added to this package or maybe replace some of the trees?
      A graveyard would be a great addition from a story telling potential.

    22. Missing avatar

      Fang Yin on

      @Quirkworthy Will have a new bundle without this addon? I like Magnificent war~fight with hero,with knight,with demon,with angel~not with the domestic animal~this addon is not the same as I thought~little disappointed :(~

    23. Stuart Fern on

      I think what this pack offers for me is a whole host of custom light scenarios that I can create with my kids (big gamers but they still mainly enjoy things that are social and fun). So I am seeing rules created for sheepdog trials, a war between two apothecaries trying to find ingredients, a horse race with betting, a Jack and the beanstalk scenario. Add to that I want to use the bridges to create a bottleneck scenario or ten. Maybe recreate Horatius defending his bridge in ancient Rome or even Operation Market Garden from WW2 with angels as paratroopers. I want the Stark army trying to capture a mill in order to kill the Mountain but instead only capturing two young Lannisters. I want possessed animals, rivers that are flooding, entire towns on fire, a Princess held captive in an enemy camp, a merchant trying to sneak through a forest of bandits with untold riches and so many more. I am just going to pump out scenarios.

    24. METADNA

      In 1443, at the age of forty, Charles VII met Agnes Sorel, she radiated so much by her grace and beauty that she received from the king the "castle of Beauty" and she was nicknamed the "lady of Beauty. Near the royal building of Beauty, stood a mill, called "Mill of Beauty".

    25. Timmo Warner on

      I like the look of this addition, but the blacksmith figure has one of my "miniature pet peeves."

      Showing him with his anvil if he is required to move around may bother me unless he's explicitly supposed to always have it somehow. It is similar when a character is posed with their foot up on a rock. It makes me think "Does this person stop to put their foot up on a rock everywhere they go?"

      It might just be me, but I think poses can sometimes have too much detail when something more generic would fit better.

    26. Luke Raymond

      Do the animals have any stat cards associated with them? Will they be used as a type of destructible object to indicate damage done to defenders in a raid scenario?

    27. METADNA

      This village addon with his stone bridge and tents, is perfect to play/create a scenario about the murder of "Jean sans peur" except that this character is still missing -_-

    28. Mike Barker on

      +1 to the blacksmith!!! That would be a superb addition!!!

      Let’s play the game for ‘who will control de blacksmith’ or ‘ hey, let’s check if there is something we can use in this blacksmith’ or ‘wtf?? They are coming and we are still repairing our weapons!!!’

    29. Mike the Knight on

      Excellent Add-on box, the addition of animals was a pleasant surprise. Don't forget to model the stone bridge with bricks on the inside wall, take a look, it's blank. Any chance for a blacksmiths forge? It doesn't have to be too complex just a simple supported roof to attach to a farmhouse and the forge is good. See: or if you're feeling really generous:

    30. partenopei on

      would be a nice scenario for a couple of peasants having to herd their sheep from one end of village to the other to market while a battle is going on, attempting to avoid both sides.

    31. partenopei on

      love this expansion, bravissimo!

      allows even more varied gameplay, awesome


      This add-on looks like a dream ! :)


      wooooOOOOOoowwwwwwwwwww... !!! One of the very best add-ons for sure !
      Can't wait to play this new dimension boardgame :))) CONGRATULATIONS !

    34. rodp on


    35. Missing avatar

      Aggarth on

      Wow guys that's crazy! really awesome!

    36. Missing avatar


      -My Wallet

    37. Quirkworthy Collaborator

      @Adam Dodge - The law of dibs is very strong. Luckily, there is already one of those young ladies in the core box, so you can have one each :)

      @METADNA - I assume they have a card. It's very unusual not to.

      The Voice in Her Head

    38. METADNA

      Is it possible to move the animals (sheep, horse..). ? do they have a card ?

    39. Adam Dodge

      @QW. Great update. I was lucky enough to open it and call dibs on painting the Mill. My girlfriend was crushed when I passed the phone to her so she could read it and see what I’d won. Unfortunately she then noticed the peasant female before I did and called dibs on that.....

      Now I could throw my weight around and overrule her, but I respect the law of dibs and don’t take it lightly. A man that breaks the law of dibs is no man at all, especially in a time of chivalry. So to that end, we need a second peasant girl added please.

    40. Quirkworthy Collaborator

      @Ian short - we've got to do some more playtests with multiple-floor buildings. The concern is that they become too fiddly and slow everything down. When it's just one floor then you can have it sitting under the building, so its easy to use. However, we did include a crypt for the church, so it's not impossible.

      Unfortunately we cannot afford to tool a new ruin for every single building, so ruins are more representational. Likewise, it is simply not practical to have a ruined version of every single item. Simply assume that the remains of a ruined bridge are washed away.

      Dismounted horses had a different game effect to a normal unit when I last played with them in a game. They gave someone capturing them a one-off double move.

      @Kristoffer - you are far more likely to see these animals and farms in general on a battlefield than a city. Very few medieval battles were fought in cities (I'm not counting sacking a city after a siege as a battle because they were generally completely one-sided). That's one reason we included them.

      @Mmag - We will print out and check that the stone bridge can support troops before we send it off for moulding. I think it looks OK at the moment, but there's no substitute for putting real minis on it to test that theory.

      We already have at least some swamp hexes in the core box. I know this because I've had to fight through it more than once... :(

      @Benjamin Kubczak - I look forward to playing that scenario of yours :)

      @Martín López - you already have a lot of tiles to play with. The latest count is 98 altogether.

      @Ruiz Philippe - De quoi étaient faits les villages médiévaux? Fermes bien sûr!

      @Aillas - I'll talk with Leo about player numbers after his Live.

      The Voice in Her Head

    41. Aillas on

      I thought that is not a good idea to not include a two players option too.

    42. Aillas on

      For what number of players are new scenarios? I think Leo said 3-4 players. If it is true, I don't think this is a good idea in primary 2 players game.

    43. Missing avatar

      Timber8wolf on

      Nice Addon, but i also think more water hexes are needed. Especially when you play with six people and have a big battlefield. It is not enough to get it over the complete map as some sort of border between the armys.

      I'm still waiting if changes will be done, before i upgrade to the bundle or only buy the legendary addon.

    44. Missing avatar

      Øystein J on

      Love it!
      The mill is fantastic and I really think everything else really adds a lot to the game. A solid add on that Im no doubt will be adding

    45. Ruiz Philippe on

      Plutot desapointer.... un village genial.... au final.. ben des chevaux. Des arbres ... des animaux une ferme bref j ai plus l impression d une extention ferme que d un village.. dommage j espérer vraiment . Un village qui en jete

    46. Benjamin Kubczak

      Oh, and of course cows can now be trebucheted into a castle! Not to mention the possibility of some Monty Pythonesque siege scenarios!

    47. Ruiz Philippe on

      Plutot desapointer.... un village genial.... au final.. ben des chevaux. Des arbres ... des animaux une ferme bref j ai plus l impression d une extention ferme que d un village.. dommage j espérer vraiment . Un village qui en jete

    48. Sandor Clegane on

      Also, for anyone who likes to look at custom-terrain boards for other mini-games but won't ever get around to building one themselves... this add-on provides a customizable terrain-board look and feel without any of that effort. Looking at the pictures from this update I can't help but get the same feeling you might from a plaster-foam handmade board.

    49. Martín López

      I think that you need to add a few more tiles because in the picture you used 12 tiles and not even the half of the components to "complete" the landscape, there's very little additional space to maneuver. In my impression almost all the add-ons should add a few more tiles.

    50. Sandor Clegane on

      To counter some opinions, I personally like the farm animals. They can serve as 'meat' for an army or play a roll as objectives somehow. I suspect many scenarios will have objective tokens and markers and it just plays better with minis over tokens. It does make me think we maybe should have gotten a few of the peasant miniature instead of a single, but this add-on has a lot of content for custom scenario building.

      And to reiterate, I think the river and bridges will be very beneficial to simple combat skirmishes regardless of the rest of the add-on.