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Relive the golden age of chivalry in a 2-4 player narrative battle game of knights and peasants, heroes and dragons, angels and demons.
Relive the golden age of chivalry in a 2-4 player narrative battle game of knights and peasants, heroes and dragons, angels and demons.
9,987 backers pledged $2,152,285 to help bring this project to life.


Posted by David Rakoto (Collaborator)

When I was a child, I read comics. Everyone did. And in the summer holidays, they would sell hardback “Summer Specials” full of stuff to read, games to play, and things to do. These were all the rage for many years, and kept kids occupied and out of their parent’s hair before the days of the internet and a million cable channels of TV. This kind of compendium of fun stuff to read, make, and do, has always been popular in gaming too, so here we are again with a special Time of Legends: Joan of Arc Compendium.

This will be a $30 hardback book containing several distinct sections. The aim is to give you a mix of things to read and look at, to make, and to play. The main sections are:

  • Art 
  •  Background 
  • Miniatures Gallery 
  • Painting Guide 
  • Terrain Guide 
  • Campaign


This is a gallery of the best pieces of art in the game, shown as large as possible.

Where relevant, we will include some historical quotes by or about the characters shown, to add context and depth. This is our opportunity to showcase some of the many, many pieces of great art that we have for the game that might have not made it to the cover of a book or box. There are too many gorgeous pieces and never enough prime sites to show them all at their best. They deserve their own space, and this is it.

This will include art from Bayard Wu, Stefan Kopinski, Stéphane Gantiez, Nicolas Jamme, David Demaret, and Christophe Madura.


The Soldier’s Tale has proved very popular, and we have three more stories to tell before the campaign ends. This section collects them all together, and gives you everything in one place. It also offers me the opportunity to revisit and polish them once the dust has settled, so you’ll get an even better, and possibly slightly expanded version.


As a way of showing you what is possible with the miniatures in the game, we’ve asked Seb Lavigne to paint us the examples you have seen, and I think you’ll agree that he definitely knows what he’s doing.

This is a chance to collect all the miniatures he’s painted for us together, and show them off with new angles and alongside newly-painted miniatures that you won’t have seen before. In addition, we have a small number of miniatures painted by other artists using different techniques. This shows other styles and finishes that may inspire your own painting.


The miniatures in Time of Legends: Joan of Arc do not need to be painted. We expect that the vast majority of people who play won’t ever seriously contemplate doing so. However, many will daydream about how wonderful a painted army would look, and it’s inspiring to look at the gallery.

For those who are moved to try their hand at painting, we have a guide on how to do it. Before you begin, you need to understand the challenge. The game includes a large number of miniatures, and the stretch goals add many more. It’s impractical to paint every one of them to the best of your ability – you have to be more selective.

Luckily, there is a simple way around this. The eye is naturally drawn to the heroes and characters rather than the mass of the army as a whole. To make painting all these miniatures more practical, we recommend using simple and fast techniques on the bulk of your troops and spending extra time on the important individuals. That way, your army will look great on the table, and the leaders will look even better close up.

For this reason, the painting guide is split into two sections. 

The first part is how to paint an army using fast techniques suited to getting many miniatures done quickly.

The second part is for miniatures that warrant more attention. They may just need a little extra highlighting of a detail or two. Or, you may decide to go all-out and really lavish time and care on your favourites, whether that’s Joan herself, or a monster like the tarasque.


This is a guide to getting the most out of the many buildings we include with the game, and are available in the wider range.

It starts simple, and takes you through some techniques for adding special touches to the buildings to make them individual and personalised. Once you have mastered the basics, the guide takes you through a far more ambitious project of modelling a whole 3D hex, so that you can see how we made our amazing 3D display boards.


We’ve asked Vincent Thierry-Savidan to help us with this, as he’s the clever chap who actually builds all our displays. Might as well learn from the expert! 



Several people have asked about having more scenarios that include Joan herself. We’ve been a bit quiet on the subject because they were lurking here all along.

The core box has the first scenario of this campaign. It is the Sword of Fierbois, in which Joan of Arc finds her famous sword.

You can see this being played in the video we filmed with the Beasts of War.

This 4-scenario addition will be written by our good friends Ben & Peps. These two fine gents not only wrote many great scenarios for Mythic Battles: Pantheon, they have already contributed a tarasque scenario to the core box of Time of Legends: Joan of Arc.

In addition, they were the hosts of this year’s Mythic Day, in sunny Provence – a rousing success. You can see films of the day here.

We’ve not yet finalised the details of these scenarios as Ben & Peps have been focussing on their core box scenario first. However, we have some ideas.

Obviously, we need a scenario about Orléans, possibly two. But we could also explore her capture, the failed fighting at the siege of Paris, an interior scenario where she has to decide who the French king is from among his courtiers, and so on. Not all of them will be straightforward battles. All of these scenarios will be playable with just the core box plus stretch goals.

So there you are.

We hope you find the many ideas in this Compendium as inspiring as we do. I’m looking forward to helping write it as it gives me an excuse to pick the brains of many talented individuals. Always good fun.

If you are interested in this add-on, simply click on the blue “manage your pledge” button near the top of the page. Then increase your total by the amount of any add-ons you wish to include in your pledge. You can tell us exactly how you want to allocate these funds after the campaigns ends, when we send you our pledge manager.

The Voice in Her Head


La version française de cette mise à jour sera bientôt disponible, pour la découvrir, cliquez-ici

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    1. Wilfredo Pena on

      How many pages?

    2. Missing avatar

      Florian Potier on

      Avec tout l'énorme travail réalisé, c'est quand même dommage ne pas avoir un seul scénario adapté pour 6 joueurs !!! ;) En rajouter un dans ce livre, serait peut-être une bonne idée...

    3. Vincent on

      Fr & Eng
      Je ne sais pas si c'est prévu, mais y aurait-il la possibilité d'inclure les textes introduisant respectivement les différents héros (en incluant les exclusifs de KS), notamment leur partie historique réelle lorsqu'elle a eu lieu. Cela rajouterait un nombre de pages conséquent, c'est sûr, mais ça ajouterait surtout une plus-value incroyable au contenu de l'ouvrage.

      May be that was one of the objective of the book but, do you think it would be possible to add some atmosphere's text for all caracters (including the KSE). The book worth it.

    4. Missing avatar

      Hocki on

      I want to buy it mainly for the painting guide and the pics of the drawn minis - my question: will there be at least 75-80% of the minifigs in pictures to have a guidline for painting?

    5. Amber Rose Marilucia Szpular on

      Has anyone asked if the optional buys will be available to purchase on their website at a later time? I have limited funds and plan on buying some now but some like the Compendium and RPG book and screen I could wait on if they would be available later.

    6. Ben Clapperton Collaborator on


      Mythic Battles: Pantheon had an RPG, this is continuing in that vein.

    7. Emayotte on

      RPG is coming...

      Where is this game going????

      In fact, I'm very appy that JoA take good ideas from RGP but at least between the light wargame, the 3D cry-havoc, the Umberto Eco's Mystery and the Werewolves Within la Croix du Loup Pendu, etc.. JoA need a real guideline. And fortunately Jeanne should be a good guiding light...

      Some would say that this KS campaign hasn't been enough prepared... I'm not so far and my 1$ is waiting for clarification to grow up!

    8. Quirkworthy Collaborator

      @Hound of Tindalos - you got some card examples in the latest e-module. The dialogue is in another one.

      RPG is coming...

      The Voice in Her Head

    9. Adrienhb on

      When I real your whining, I only wish for one thing: Please Mythic Games do not include a full campaign in the Core box. Just a part of it is enough.
      Never has it been said that the game will let you play, out of the box, the whole Joan's journey. And putting undead in the box make it pretty clear: this game does not aim at being realistic. And that's fine.
      Trying to follow your logic, I don't understand why you are not asking for the castle to be in the core box. Because how can I play the siege of Orléans without it ?
      The core box is already big enough for anyone to play for hours. If you want more, you'll buy the expansion(s).

    10. METADNA

      The last word is that MG hadn't planned a campaign and that there were only standalone scenarios for tuto and illustrated the potential of the gameplay. Some backers was waiting for a campaign... they had the courage to include a campaign along the way. Thanks for that

    11. Hound of Tindalos

      Hi QW,
      Any chance of giving sample dialogue etc. card examples etc. so some of us can start drafting up scenarios for fun?
      Also, when people say there is going to be an RPG component - does it mean that there is going to be Role-Playing Game rules to this too? Or is that a .... mythic rumour?
      Got a great campaign ready to write up! :)

    12. Justin Boehm

      @METADNA you've got a valid point there, it is kind of "The Story" that the game's theme represents, so it being part of the core would make sense.

    13. METADNA

      I'm really grateful to Leo and the MG team for all their consideration and splendid work, it's only because I hope the best for their game, it's only so that nothing tarnish this magnificent project for the current backers and for the future retail seller version, that I feel it is essential to include the complete campaign in the core box, for Joan of Arc but also for all future Time of legend games. In the long term, to remove any confusion.

    14. METADNA

      I'm really grateful to Leo and the MG team for all their consideration and splendid work, it's only because I hope the best for their game and so that no doubt this wonderful project will not be tainted by the current backers and future players of the retail version that I think it is essential to include the complete campaign in the core box, for Joan of Arc but also for all future Time of legend games. In the long term, to remove any confusion.

    15. HOENEN Quentin on

      Those scenarios should be in the core box or in a lower-priced add-on.

    16. Angela M.

      Very nice indeed. I like the idea of printing the stories like the soldiers tale to make for the background.

    17. Foxwhisperer on

      I'm happy to get this book just for the excellent art. I'm even happier to have the 4 scenarios included within.

    18. Missing avatar

      Dimitri on

      Great add-on (once again).
      I basically love all of its content.
      But most specifically, the addition of 4 news scenarios centered on Joan and the campaign rules are more than welcome.

    19. Fabian Roth

      I agree - the scenarios are misplaced for me in this book. I would love to get them, but it's not worth 30 Bucks if I am not interest in the rest of the book :(

    20. Bungi on

      I am neutral towards this add-on. It is good value and it looks like it has a tremendous lot of pages and stuff in it. But one thing I highly dislike is the kickstarter exclusive tag on it. You guys design, playtest and work very hard to create scenarios which are fun, but to put them into something that may be sold only once in this kickstarter for a period of ~30 days seems off to me.
      This is the same thing with the campaign book for conan (I know, this was not your game, but the problem is the same). Why creating great scenarios when only a small % of people get to play them.
      I do not want another price or a second booklet, just the possibility to get the scenarios regularly, maybe later on in retail. I hope my point comes through.

      On another point: the art is astonishing, if I were into art books this would be an instabuy. :)

    21. Missing avatar

      Julien on

      Yes, campaign should be in the gamebox not in an optional buy

    22. Missing avatar

      Mogens Iversen

      An art book with painting guide etc. is very nice and a fine optional buy. I'm offended by the fact that the campaign about Joan of Arc (which names the game) is in an optional buy. The campaign should imo be in the gamebox possibly unlocked as a stretchgoal. So its a no go for me as it is now.

    23. Foxwhisperer on

      Please put the heraldy of all of the heroes in the painting guide. And maybe some examples of heraldy for the generic heroes too.

    24. METADNA

      To be honest, the complete Joan of Arc campaign should be add (not only pdf), Joan of Arc story is the game's guiding line. A lot of people never think they will only have a part from the main campaign with the core box scenario book and are very confuse. MG need to fix that as soon as possible.

    25. alessandro on

      i think a pdf of at least the scenarios can be a good and fair solution. Having the first mission of a campaign in basic pledge and the others as extra is a little strange. I've little interest for the art book, but i could buy a geme compendium

    26. Missing avatar

      Mello on

      Seems like a good value but I agree with many others that the only way to play the entire Joan of Arc campaign requires an additional purchase seems wrong.

    27. Justin Boehm

      @METADNA they do seem very reactive, fingers crossed!

    28. METADNA

      They will consider it

    29. METADNA

      @Justin Boehm Mythic Games is very reactive

    30. Justin Boehm

      @JLo personally I think you did overlook it, but your opinion that there "is no complaint here" is just as valid as mine that having this at a prohibitive cost AND kse at the same time is bad form for a company to show to its backers, especially considering the obviousness that I'm not the only one with this concern. It's not wrong of you to have your opinion, nor is it wrong of me to have mine. I hope that they consider the comments here and do decide to include at minimum a digital download for the scenarios for all backers, or preferably a printed version, but that doesn't mean they will and in the end there's very little a backer can do about it aside from voicing their concerns.

    31. Nicolas Corai on

      @Quirkworthy - The problem with the JoA compendium is that the main interest for most players is the extra scenarios - most people are buying the game to play it, only a few are buying it primarily to paint the minis, yet the campaign is practically glossed over in the description above.

      To compare, the MB:P compendium had 3 campaigns, with 9, 7, and 6 scenarios respectively, while the JoA compendium only has 4 scenarios, with the first part oddly split off in the core box.

      It feels like what the players expect to be the primary campaign of the game requires the purchase of an add-on (incomplete core box), and even then they only get 4 more scenarios for it, which we know hardly anything about (like, are they multi-part scenarios or 1-page each), and no secondary campaign (incomplete compendium).

      Therefore, I would not be surprised if the JoA compendium is less of a sales topper than the MB:P one was.

    32. METADNA

      I'm not really applied for smartphone, but replayability question, it will just be great to have an app for narrative cards. This would allow theoretically almost unlimited questions and answers for the same scenario, as well as updates. Such an app would be unbelievable coupled with the advertised scenario editor.

    33. JLo on

      @Justin Boehm - I didn't overlook anything. There is no legitimate complaint here. Yes, it is KSE, but the "need" to get it now goes directly to FOMO. Again, this is an optional buy. If you don't like the price, don't buy it. If the price is prohibitive during this KS, even if it wasn't KSE, you wouldn't like it later at retail.

      Mythic Games doesn't have a problem here. Like I said, either buy the compendium or don't.

    34. Justin Boehm

      @METADNA I'm not saying it is free digitally, I'm saying it should be lol.

      @JLo I think you're overlooking that it's a KS exclusive so if backers don't get it now, they will never get it, so those scenarios will be lost to them. This is why backers should get at least a digital download of the scenarios with their pledge, or there should be an approx. $5 separate printed book with those scenarios in it.

    35. JLo on

      It seems many people overlook the fact that this book is an optional buy. Mythic is not holding a gun to anyone's head and forcing people to buy it.

      Stop making problems where there isn't any. The solution is really easy. Either add $30 and get the campaign, wait for the bundles, or don't get anything. If this compendium was never offered, peoples' lives and enjoyment of the game would move on fine. Get over it.

    36. Missing avatar

      Javier Godoy on

      Maybe the problem is that you try to appeal too much public with this book, and that cause the price has risen too much. Some people want the scenarios, other want the painting guide and the gallery, the third want the background and the artwork. All this cause feelings of too much useless content in much people and its perception of being an expensive add-on (even when it's a fair price).
      I can't pledge for this add-on, because I have a limited budget, but I think it's a good one.

    37. Hound of Tindalos

      Hi QW,

      Any chance of giving sample dialogue etc. card examples etc. so some of us can start drafting up scenarios for fun?

      Also, when people say there is going to be an RPG component - does it mean that there is going to be Role-Playing Game rules to this too? Or is that a .... mythic rumour?

      Got a great campaign ready to write up! :)

    38. Missing avatar

      Julien on

      ou au moins s'il était accompagné de quelques figurines exclusives...

    39. Missing avatar

      Julien on

      4 scénars et un peu de BG pour 30$ pour ceux qui ne veulent pas peindre leurs figurines, c'est pas très intéressant... Pour le même prix on a le Devil, qui est 1) un vrai add-on au jeu 2) et qui sert à jouer.

    40. METADNA

      @Justin Boehm Thanks for this information !!!!!!!
      if free for all backers, nothing more to say, i'm completely HAPPY ^^

    41. Justin Boehm

      @METADNA Personally the campaign alone should be free digitally for all backers, and the $15 digital should be for the full book if there is a full digital book at all.

    42. Justin Boehm

      @Quirkworthy well, it is what it is I guess, doubt anyone can change your minds lol. Will the scenarios at least be available digitally for backers?

    43. METADNA

      I was expecting the main campaign as a future stretch goal, not in a paid add-on.
      I buy a game, I buy a complete playful experience, I buy the fact of being able to live and make live the epic of jeanne d' arc. THE COMPLETE MAIN CAMPAIGN MUST BE INCLUED IN THE GAME.
      Nevertheless I find that $30 for an artwork, painting guide, background and a campaign, this justifies if it isn't the main campaign, although I like many I am a follower of the pdf. So if you can readjust the compendium content, My suggestion: an artwork compendium + historical background + painting guide + secondary campaign (s) (can be in separate volume) to $30 physical version and $15 digital version. Please consider this, perhaps it would be wise to proceed to a vote.

    44. Missing avatar

      Florent Bernard on

      Bonjour, je parle francais pour éviter les grosses vagues, ca n'en vaut pas la peine.
      J'adore votre travail, je pense que le livre est superbe pour son prix, mais... En fait le seul truc qui m'intéresse dedans, c'est les campagnes. Le reste prend simplement de la place.
      Est ce qu'il serait envisageable d'avoir accès aux campagnes à moindre coût, sans le reste? En étendant le livre de campagne de base (cauchemar logistique cela dit...) ou avec un autre petit livret à pages souples?

    45. Quirkworthy Collaborator

      @JaFO - I'd forgotten all about colours of war. I actually have it too ;)

      Bundle deals going up this week. We've been preparing the graphics.

      The Voice in Her Head

    46. Quirkworthy Collaborator

      @Nicolas Corai - the Beast scenario will be in the SG box, whatever that ends up being called. I will probably write a new introduction for that (possibly from the point of view of Tomas the Inquisitor) because only the final piece of the Soldier's Tale really relates to it directly. The Soldier's Tale wasn't originally intended to be more than an amusement for you guys as you joined in the campaign, and it's really only here because we've been asked to include it.

      @Ian short - anythings possible in the long run. There won't be any more volumes in this KS campaign though.

      @Franck Cini - we will be including interesting and pertinent quotes where we can find them for the characters shown. Most people tell us that historical background isn't worth doing as they can just look it up on wikipedia. That's why we've stuck to things that aren't anywhere else.

      @Justin Boehm - the original version of the book wasn't going to include a campaign. I argued that it would make a better book, which I think it does. We had already made the choice to have a single book, not two as we did in the last campaign and so, if the campaign was not in here, it would not be anywhere.

      Picking and choosing bits from sets to sell is simply not practical for us.

      @Athanasios - of course the physical book offers many advantages over digital, including being significantly more sword proof. If some blade-wielding villein lunges at you, a digital copy will not save you, but this sturdy volume just might :)

      The Voice in Her Head

    47. Missing avatar

      Ryan Crowe

      +1on JaFO’s comment. I’m also waiting for that “all in” options. Book looks good but I’m not interested.

    48. Missing avatar


      So when do we get the 'all in' pledge ?
      'cause I am losing track of the amount of money I need to pledge to get 'everything'

      @Quirkworthy : Battlefront have 'Colors of war' (… )
      It focuses on WW 2 miniatures, but I'm sure some of the techniques apply to this game.

    49. Missing avatar

      Athanasios on

      At $30 a hardcover book with all this content is very reasonable. I'd readily purchase a digital version if it became available because I've switched to digital-only media for a long time now; it's carbon footprint friendly, home-space and travel friendly. Unless the physical book offers a tangible advantage over digital version which I don't see here. Of course this is just a personal choice.

    50. Justin Boehm

      @Quirkworthy I totally understand not breaking up groups on minis etc, as that would be breaking up gameplay elements and they should stay together, but that example is not a valid supporting argument for the book, as what you are doing with the book is actually forcing people who want all the gameplay elements to pay for something that is not gameplay related in any way, and at a premium. It makes sense to keep your gameplay items separate from your non-gameplay, so there is no reason this should have been part of the art/lore/painting book to begin with. I still feel that it should be a separate printed option, savings backers who don't need/want/can afford the other things in that book $20+ at least.