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Relive the golden age of chivalry in a 2-4 player narrative battle game of knights and peasants, heroes and dragons, angels and demons.
Relive the golden age of chivalry in a 2-4 player narrative battle game of knights and peasants, heroes and dragons, angels and demons.
9,987 backers pledged $2,152,285 to help bring this project to life.


Posted by Mythic Games, Inc. (Creator)
Artwork by David Demaret
Artwork by David Demaret

At last, it is here! This is one of our most ambitious expansions, and what an expansion it is. Just look at all this stuff!

This box includes a whole huge castle, loads of siege engines, more terrain, more miniatures, and a whole new way to expand your games which (for now) we have imaginatively called the Siege card game.

Before we delve into the details of the new rules, let’s briefly look at some of the new units that come in this set.


The Hundred Years’ War saw the rise of gunpowder devices as practical weapons. It would be many more years before they totally replaced bows and trebuchet, but their effect was beginning to be felt. Most notably we have great bombards that can smash down city walls. Early cannons were very slow to load, and early gunpowder temperamental in the extreme. It had an unhappy habit of settling into its constituent ingredients if it was transported any distance, and so was usually mixed on the spot – a dangerous business.

Artwork by David Demaret
Artwork by David Demaret



Artwork by David Demaret
Artwork by David Demaret



An arquebus was an early type of long gun. They were also slow to load, as well as short ranged and inaccurate, but they were deadly to whatever they hit. In addition, they had something of a shock effect to troops that weren’t used to them, and, of course, they became fashionable.

Sappers are engineering specialists who work both above ground and below. These are the men who dig the tunnels, or undermine the castle walls. It’s an extremely dangerous business, and not one for the faint hearted.

In addition to these new troop units and characters, we also have all the siege engines that mainly focus on destroying the castle so that the troops can get inside.

Artwork by Nicolas Jamme
Artwork by Nicolas Jamme






Resin casts that we just printed!
Resin casts that we just printed!



A real siege takes weeks, months, or even years to complete. Inside, the besieged forces wait and watch, hoping that their runner will make it through the lines and bring back reinforcements, or that some deadly disease will rampage through the enemy camp, and they give up and go home before the castle runs out of food. Outside, the besiegers are hoping that their constant battering against the walls, sneaky tunnels, and cunning night assaults will wear down the defenders so that the final assault will force a breach and capture the castle!


To simulate these weeks of watching and waiting, punctuated by stealthy raids and underhanded tricks, we’ve added a 20-minute Siege card game to the normal game of Joan of Arc. It works like this.

Start by choosing from the siege scenarios included in this set. There are four to pick from: the historically English victories of Calais and Rouen, and the French victories of Orléans (where Joan of Arc made her name) and Castillon. The scenario you decide on tells you how to set up the board, and what units are on each side. This is like any other scenario, except that there is a castle or city wall on the board too. When everything is in place, instead of starting a normal game of Joan of Arc, you play the Siege card game first.

The Siege card game replicates the weeks of planning on both sides. During the game, units on the table will gain ground and move to new positions, get sick and be moved to the out of combat section of the battle board, or even die from the plague. New units may join the besiegers, or sneak through the lines to reinforce the defence. New siege equipment can be built, and can start to batter down the walls. All this quickly replicates the effects of weeks of preparations. After these preparations, you play out the Final Assault.

Although you have started by setting up a scenario, by the time you’ve played through the Siege card game, your situation will be different every time. You may have built a trebuchet, smashed a tower, and watched as it fell to rubble, only to be barricaded and the position reinforced. Perhaps dysentery swept through your camp, and many of the besieging army is now sick, or supplies have run out in the castle and they are hungry and desperate. Maybe, you’ve taken to firing disease-ridden cows into the castle with your catapults, as an early form of biological warfare. Whatever has happened, the gains and losses from the Siege card game will give you a unique game each time.

The Final Assault is played as a normal game of Time of Legends: Joan of Arc. Capturing or holding the many sections of the castle, along with casualties, determine whether attacker or defender can claim victory.


The card game comes with three decks of cards, two supply tracks, and a turn track. One card deck is for the besieged, one for the besieger, and the third for events. We’ll get to the two player decks in a moment. First, lets look at the supply tracks and events.

Having good food and water during a siege is vital for both sides because troops need to be fit and healthy to fight. To keep track of this in a simple way, we’ve included a supply track for each player. This monitors how much food and water they have left. The event cards come into play if a player’s remaining amount of supplies falls below a critical level. None of them are nice.

Events are things like low morale among your forces causing you to lose cards, epidemics of dysentery or the plague killing your troops, spoiled goods reducing supplies even further, mutinies, storms, traitors, and so on. You get the idea.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Supplies are important is the message you need to hear: keep an eye on your food.

The Siege card game plays very simply. The clever bit is in choosing the sequence in which you play the many cards. It works like this:

Each player (besieger and besieged) has their own deck of cards. These decks are similar, but contain important differences that reflect their different roles in the siege. Players start with a hand of 5 cards.

Each turn, players draw 3 new cards from their decks, look at their whole hand, and decide which 3 cards they want to play. When they have decided, they place them face down in front of them and wait till both players are ready.

These face down cards are revealed simultaneously. Total the initiative value on each player’s cards to see whose cards are resolved first. The winner of the initiative resolves all 3 of their cards in an order of their choice. Then their opponent resolves their 3 cards. That completes a turn. After 4 turns, the game moves onto the main board, and the Final Assault begins from whatever situation it is currently in.

As I said, it’s a simple game, and the heart of it is what lies in those card decks. So let’s take a little look.

Both decks have some of the same cards. One of the most important of these is the mysteriously named Poliorcetics. I’d never heard this word before, but clever people tell me that it’s the fancy way of saying siege warfare and all the things that go with it. Each Poliorcetics card you play unlocks a space in front of you to hold an additional card. Cards in these spaces are face up, and form an additional option when drawing a card from the deck. Each time you draw a card, you can either take one of these face up cards from in front of you, or whatever is on the top of your deck, sight unseen. You can have up to 3 of these extra Poliorcetics cards. After you have drawn your cards at the start of a turn, any Poliorcetics spaces that were used are refilled. It’s an important benefit, and represents skill at this noble art.

Each player’s deck also has cards for resupply so they can raise their values on the supply track. They have cards to craft experience or myth points, or gather intelligence, which gains intrigue points. All of these points may be used during the Final Assault, though the experience and myth points can also be used when reinforcement cards come up to buy more troops in advance.

The besieger’s deck includes cards to build ladders for climbing walls, battering rams to smash gates, mantlets to protect the attacking troops, sappers to dig mines, assault towers to avoid needing to climb those pesky walls, and lots more. It’s got guards and palisades to protect your camp, marshals to organise it (gaining you extra cards), and cards that improve conditions so you can avoid outbreaks of nasty diseases. It lets you infiltrate, forcing your opponent to play with face up cards next turn. You can make an attack plan, mount a night assault, or poison your opponent’s water supply. You can make a limited assault now, and fight a battle on the main board to capture a vital piece of terrain. You can send extra troops to tighten the blockade and reduce their supplies, prepare for the final assault (adding a turn to the Final Assault game), send out decoys (allows repositioning before the Final Assault), or simply summon a war council. You can even fire cows at the castle with your trebuchets. You can’t say there’s no choice.

Artwork by David Demaret
Artwork by David Demaret



The besieged inhabitants of the castle have slightly different cards. After all, you can hardly encircle your attackers to cut off their supplies. Instead, you have ways of reinforcing and repairing the walls and towers, destroying some of the attacker’s siege engines, or maybe build a few of your own to shoot back. You can send a messenger for help (rolling a doom dice to see if he makes it safely), set guards to stop the besieger sneaking in and causing trouble, build extra cisterns to help you hold out longer, or simply collect rocks to drop on their heads as they attack the walls. I’d like to say there is a cow-catcher in there, but I’d be making it up. It’s the only thing missing though.



After you have plotted and schemed your way into the best possible position, the day of the Final Assault arrives. Your men are in their positions, perhaps you have smashed a breach in the walls, or built an assault tower. Whatever the situation, now is the decisive moment. The battle is at hand.




The only additional rules are to do with the pre-battle Siege card game I’ve already talked about, and for the castle itself. Huge and powerfully-built constructions like this are given a resistance from 1-5 for each section. This is an amount of damage that section can withstand before it is destroyed. During the game this can be reduced by attacks from siege weapons, though normal attacks are too feeble to cause any harm. Each attack from a siege weapon reduces the resistance until that terrain element collapses. At this point you replace the piece with one of the ruins from the box.

Final Assaults last for five turns, unless one or both of the players has been able to change this number. Who the final victor will be depends on who holds the walls, and how high the losses on both sides have been.

And that is Siege!

I’d love to hear what you think in the comments below. As always, I’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

If you are interested in this add-on, simply click on the blue “manage your pledge” button near the top of the page. Then increase your total by the amount of any add-ons you wish to include in your pledge. You can tell us exactly how you want to allocate these funds after the campaigns ends, when we send you our pledge manager.

The Voice in Her Head


 La version française de cette mise à jour sera bientôt disponible, pour la découvrir, cliquez-ici.

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    1. Francesco on

      Just to be clear I am fine with the ballista, but I would like to have more background/game design information on it (e.g. battles during the Hundred Years' War where they had an important role) and why Mythic Games decided to not include the mangonel catapult. :)

    2. Francesco on

      I was wondering why Mythic Games decided to include ballista and not mangonel (probably one of the most common types of catapult middle ages).

      I was randomly reading (e.g. Wiki) and watching some sources (including video games such as Age of Empires, Total War, Lord of the Realm 2...)
      on Middle Ages (just to see which unit cards could be interesting), and it seems mangonel and trebuchet were generally preferred to the ballistas which become scarce (due to their complexity).

      Could you please get some feedbacks on it ?? I am still evaluating the Siege add-on and some clarifications would help me to decide. More game information and videos would help too !! :)

      Thanks in advance

    3. Missing avatar

      ElizLestrad on

      If you can catapult cows, I hope there is a “Sassy Insults” Card for the defenders.

    4. Frank Meredith

      Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant!

    5. Missing avatar

      GABARD Julien on

      aucune échelle pour prendre d'assaut les murailles ?
      Super travail comme toujours en tout cas !

    6. Missing avatar

      Ahmad M. Siddiqi on

      @Francesco - On 1) after the card game (which they say is 20 minutes) you play 5 turns - which is the equivalent of short battle mode. Seeing how fast the game plays, I imagine you could do it in an hour or under altogether.

      2) I am also curious about this. Mostly, my interest is if any of the scenarios are 3 or 4 player - or if not, whether it would be easy (and interesting) to implement a division of command so you could play it 4 player in teams of 2. That would be great in my book.

    7. Francesco on

      I am a bit late to the party but, if possible, I would be glad to receive some further clarifications to confirm my purchase of the castle.

      1) How long it would take a siege scenario (final assault) without the Siege card game ??

      I remember Jake (Quirkworthy) said that you could do the siege scenario directly without doing the siege card game. If it would be possible to do siege scenario in a short time (45 minutes) like the other scenarios, it would make the add-on even more interesting for us.

      2) How different will be the scenarios in the Siege Add-On ?

      I suppose all of them will be competitive but I am wondering, apart from the different setting (and army list) how different (and replayable) they will be . Maybe they will have very specific rules for each scenario we could get some information on.

      Unfortunately my wife had cold feet about the open Battle Mode. She is also not so keen in long games, especially when they are highly competitive and include the destruction of your opponent's troops. Thus my only hope for the Siege Add-On is the possibility of short (possibly 45 minutes like the other ones) not so complex (but still replayable) scenarios. :)

    8. Missing avatar

      Nick on

      Wow, what a seriously awesome add on to the rules.
      You guys never cease to leave me open mouthed, agog at the creations, mumbling to myself (must have it... ) and fumbling for my wallet.
      You wicked people.
      Please never stop !!

    9. Goodsound on

      What a gobsmacking cool expansion, which with little more soldiers and cubes could be a standalone game.
      If I got it right, gameplay looks like this:
      1. Setup
      2. Card Game
      3. Apply effects of card game to setup
      4. 5 rounds of standard JoA play with cube activation

      So does that mean, that I put an activation cube on the wall to let soldiers fight/shoot?
      Isn‘t it a bit fiddly with cubes like that?
      Can I (as a defender) pour some hot tar over attackers? If not, please implement ( I am not the first asking this, but couldn‘t find an official answer).

    10. MAUGER on

      @qw : is it 54 minis or 34 minis in this add-on (take a look on presentation). If I add them 20 seems missing.
      Any estimation of shipping for this add on should be great.
      6 days after it's still so cool and a must-have.
      Only scales missing but we can build it by our own no ?

    11. Martín López

      No ladders?!

    12. Missing avatar

      Yquel on

      Le projet est absolument magnifique et la qualité du matériel vraiment digne de respect. J'imagine que des puristes peuvent émettre des réserves sur la taille de tel ou tel engin de siège ou l'aspect de certaines armures, mais il faut garder à l'esprit que le matériel et l'aspect des constructions n'était absolument pas standardisé à l'époque, et que chaque région construisait selon ses traditions et les matériaux disponibles sur place (voir le projet de Guédelon ).
      L'avalanche d'extensions fait saliver, mais le coût devient prohibitif !!!
      Pourra-t-on acquérir ces extensions petit à petit dans l'avenir, après la fin du pledge ???

    13. Angela M.

      The servants operating trebuchet, bombard, ballista or culverine all look identical sculpt. Are they?

    14. METADNA

      Opposing units at the foot of towers and walls (across an area adjacent to the structure) must have a vital malus to simulate the stones, cauldrons of oil and various objects that were to rain on them, this implies that the closer one gets to the fortifications the more one undergoes the fire of the defenders, the fine management of the exposure of these troops and the timing, will then also be crucial. Is that planned?

    15. METADNA

      Les unités adverses au pieds des tours et murailles (ctd une zone adjacente à la structure) devrai avoir un malus vitale pour simuler les pierres, chaudrons d'huiles et objet divers qui devaient pleuvoir sur eux, cela sous entend que plus on se rapproche des fortification plus on subit le feu des défenseurs, la gestion fine de l'exposition de ces toupes et du timing, serai alors également cruciale. Est-ce prévu ?

    16. FranHoiss on

      J'avoue que la taille du trébuchet m'est décevante...
      Sur toutes les illustrations du jeu, on voit de grosses machineries de siège, c'est dommage de ne pas retrouver ça sur le champs de bataille.
      Dans le film Jeanne d'Arc de Besson, on y voit les trébuchets que j'attendais ^^

    17. S Buntenbach

      Trebuche as sg for expansion :)

    18. Quirkworthy Collaborator

      @S Buntenbach - or rename it :)

      The Voice in Her Head

    19. S Buntenbach

      Please redesign the trebuche
      Maybe give us only one big, thats better than two wrong

    20. Quirkworthy Collaborator

      @Derrick Marais - just got an answer - yes, the points roof pieces on the gatehouse are removable.

      The Voice in Her Head

    21. Quirkworthy Collaborator

      @kaal - we'll be going over all the unit names when we finish the KS and know what the full set looks like. I'll raise it then.

      @Derrick Marais - everyone in the office thinks that the roofs are removable, but the guy who would definitely know isn't here right now. I've asked.

      @Tor Harald Brenne - I've not seen rules for capturing siege weapons, but I like the idea. I'll pass it on.

      The Voice in Her Head

    22. Missing avatar

      kaal on

      Yep. It's a couillard... Yes he's in the family of trebuchet. But I vote for the name couillard on the card :p

      (It's a funny name in French, related to the ballzzzz)

    23. Tor Harald Brenne

      Will there be any rules for capturing the siege weapons ?
      If you dont like the walls add some greenstuff, problem solved :-)

    24. Derrick Marais on

      @Quirkworthy Sorry if this has been asked before, I didn't see it. Are the roofs on the gatehouse turrets removable?

    25. david boado on

      Amazing--I'm in! Also, in response to other comments about price, consider this. How long would it take you, personally, to handcraft these models, cast it, then replicate it? Or design and produce it yourself? I'm a serious DIY guy, and what we have with this expansion would easily take 100's of hours. Even at min wage that's $700 of time and effort. And remember this is a small-scale print run, too. Prices are still up there. Not to mention you'll probably have this set for a long time. Let's not focus on price. Let's continue to support indie gamers and inspired designers. That's what KS is about. Otherwise, we could always go to or -mart and get the latest game at $25. Nothing in the stores compares with this!

    26. METADNA

      Joan of Arc Optional Purchase Help for an overview

    27. Quirkworthy Collaborator

      @kaal - the trebuchet is a bit small, yes. I assume that it's in order to fit in the space. A very similar thing that really is about this size is the couillard.

      The Voice in Her Head

    28. Tobias on

      Aa long asnthe bricks are not ordered in colums everything is just fine.

    29. Tobias on

      @QW: True words. What I know about round towers is that they are more resistent against canonballs, because of that the amount of round Fortessens increase in the medieval age with the usage of cannons/trebuche.

    30. Missing avatar

      kaal on

      The trebuchet is too small :( that's sad because everything else seem in good scale, thanks 15mm for that.

      I agree with other, the wall of the castle seem strange

    31. MAUGER on

      We have almost a new game here so I will think about it like this not like an add on. This is amazing ! You are creating something unique in the game world. Qw I agree it s a pure 15mm not a 15+32 game only the size of the dragon make me doubt at the start. I like the way you do your community management and games designer/writer too. It's not so easy for this project with so many profiles. Considering the gobal price yes a KS is expensive but you are supporting a New wave of ambitius projects. No one force you to take everything. Shipping and base are a budget. Siege is a must have with it. So if I was you I will still focus on the base : describe the 12 scénarios and how add on are connecter to them.
      With great bundles we couldn't say anymore that is expensive. For now we can understand some bad feeling. Indeed I am totaly in love with the project, I hope you will keep try to do it for every gamers not only for richer.

    32. DizzyAngelDemon on

      This was an amazing update for my birthday, thank you guys!!

    33. Quirkworthy Collaborator

      @Tobias Schmidt - it may be that the castles were built the same way as Notre van Damme, but it may also be that they used a different approach. Round towers were known to some ancient cultures, so it's nothing new. Military architecture is often regional in style, for example with octagonal towers. It's an intriguing subject, and I know enough to know that there's a lot more than everyone changing from square to round towers at a certain point. I don't know the details of the 100YW France though.

      The Voice in Her Head

    34. Eyne Nacht on

      Another great Add-on. Mythic Battles Pantheon is exceptional as a product and it's Campaign was the best example of how a KS should operate, ever! You're still the Master in my opinion. Great KS here!

    35. Tobias on

      Ohh If you use round shape towers they shoild ne smooth, because round shapes comes later in mediveal age. But I am not sure when they first appear (round Not cournered)

    36. Tobias on

      @QW: Do you know when the Notredam was build? 1163 and it sides are smooth. The stone usually used should be limestone, which erodes realitive fast. The erosion caused the strong structuring of the surface. 300 years can cause visibole erosion but you can give the wall a smooth structure too. Take a look at notredam and there you can see exactly how are stonebuildings are build in mediveal age.
      Love You!

    37. Missing avatar

      david paul boulton

      GAH! Will you please stop adding really cool what I would consider "exspansions" more suitable for future release to this, its getting expensive :S

    38. Quirkworthy Collaborator

      @Mike the Knight - yes, we will add an interior overlay.

      @Queenie (aka Marcia K) - that feature tends to be one from PM that have been designed in-house based on shopping carts and online store software. Most mainstream PM I am aware of are the pay-it-all-at-the-end variety. I agree that the pay-as-you-go version is superior, and if anyone can recommend any which aren't tied to a company then I'd be happy to look into that.

      @Tobias Schmidt - I understand exactly what you mean. I noticed that too, but then I thought about some of the castles I know that have non-structural facing, and assumed that this was what was intended. For me, the question was whether they were bare stone at all. I know that in some periods and places castles were plastered and painted, so they would be smooth(ish). Not done the research into that topic in HYW France.

      @Jack - scaling ladders will be tokens.

      The Voice in Her Head

    39. David Smith on

      Yeah you are right Tobias the brickwork isn't interlaced enough.

    40. Jack

      It's just gorgeous, thank you guys! My only niggle is we get just one siege tower and no scaling ladders... This is still a wonderful all in kit though. I think if you can provide another add-on to flush this out for let's say $25 it could include
      - a couple of siege towers
      - lots of scaling ladders
      - piles of rocks (for the defenders)
      - boiling hot liquid in a pot over a fire (for the defenders again)
      - short wall pieces with damaged wooden defensive pieces (set ablaze, half destroyed etc)
      - tunneling works (just the entrance and exit points with mounds of dirt kicked up)
      - wall with sewer gate possibly, good for leading a sally forth against the enemy or for sneaking behind the defenders positions.

    41. Stijn Callant on

      This just looks awesome.

    42. Tobias on

      @QW: Please don´t understand me wrong when I say this now. But the Walls and Towers, the Brickstone arrangement is wrong. If you already knows that than forget what I say now. The Brickstones in reality are not supposed to form Collums, the are staggered (I dont know if gives me the right word, in german is means "versetzt"). Otherwise the wall would break down very fast. You should fix that honestly.
      What I really like is that the towers have a round shape, that fits absolutley to the age of Joan of Arc.

    43. Adam Dodge

      This add on is better than I expected, a definite must have for me and my girlfriend. We love the idea of the card game first too, that sounds like we can have a good laugh watching our plans for the battle either strengthen, or crumble away, depending on the luck of what we draw.

    44. Mario Clarino on

      This is a add-on the will seemingly pay for itself with versatility. And was a little surprised that the trebuchet does not have a minimum distance.

    45. David Smith on

      Yeah, the trebuchet is on the small size, the art looks fine for size of it.

    46. Jean Luc BERNARD on

      @ Kurt Weihs : +1 : D (Demonwolrd in stock too !) And sculpts here for 15mm scale are incredible too.

    47. Queenie (aka Marcia K)

      Could i suggest a slightly different approach to how add ons are added post kickstarter in the backer kit (which ever system is used ). Reaper have a great system post kickstarter that allows you to pick and pay for add ons until their closing date. So instead of a huge lump some of cash at the end date, over the given time frame people can add on the extras they like in more affordable installments. Just something to think about.

    48. partenopei on


      apart from the amazing bling....
      ...cowtapults! dysentery! plague!

      doesn't get better than that.

    49. Missing avatar

      Kurt Weihs on

      As a long time miniature gamer I applaud the move to 15mm. I have a large amount of old German Demonworld 15mm fantasy figures that will work great with this and visa versa. The castle and other terrain pieces have use beyond JoA:L I'm really looking forward to getting these pieces and painting them. Looks like I have just over a year to clear the decks on my painting table to be ready for these.

    50. Mike the Knight on

      So much more than I expected! Card game is a very interesting concept. The Keep is a bit bland but that's ok. Everything else looks great! I'm concerned about how big the box for this might be.
      Also just a couple questions, if the walls are over run and we need to fall back to the keep, do we need an overlay or should we just place the troops that are housed inside up top on the roof?
      Where do we hide when the Dragon comes?