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Relive the golden age of chivalry in a 2-4 player narrative battle game of knights and peasants, heroes and dragons, angels and demons.
Relive the golden age of chivalry in a 2-4 player narrative battle game of knights and peasants, heroes and dragons, angels and demons.
Relive the golden age of chivalry in a 2-4 player narrative battle game of knights and peasants, heroes and dragons, angels and demons.
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Posted by Leonidas Vesperini


Artwork by Christophe Madura
Artwork by Christophe Madura

  I’m glad we got past those flagellants in a hurry! Let’s go back to something much saner: the last of the pikemen variants, called Piquiers. These unlock at $450k. Once again we have a new unit card for you to add to the mix, as well as 6 extra FREE miniatures. This brings to total number of miniatures per core box to well over 300! Wow!


It’s worth noting that these pikemen are a Kickstarter Exclusive. They will be available as part of the stretch goal box supplied to everyone who buys a core box in the pledge manager, but won’t be available in retail afterwards.

Artwork by Nicolas Jamme
Artwork by Nicolas Jamme


Now, in order to catch up with you guys, I’m going to stop there. Maybe I should go and see if I can find part 2 of the Soldier’s Tale.

Wait, what’s this?

 Oh dear, trouble’s brewing. In fact, it’s already tainted one of our sculptors who hasn’t finished these winged demon miniatures yet. But you can see the glorious art he’s working from…

Artwork by Stéphane Gantiez
Artwork by Stéphane Gantiez

 A scary bunch. We’ll show you the sculpts in an update as soon as they arrive.

You get 6 of them when we reach $475k.

The Voice in her Head



Je suis si content que nous ayons quitté ces fous de flagellants à toute vitesse !

Nous allons pouvoir passer à quelque chose de bien plus sain d'esprit, la dernière variantes des piquiers. Ils seront débloqués à 450k$.

Là encore, nous vous proposons une nouvelle carte d'unité à ajouter au lot de ce type de figurines, ainsi que 6 nouvelles figurines OFFERTES ! Ceci amène le nombre total de figurines de la boîte de base bien au-delà des 300 ! Wow !

Il est intéressant de noter que ces piquiers sont Kickstarter Exclusive. Ils feront partie de la boîte de stretch goal fournie à tous ceux qui achèteront une boîte de base lors du pledge manager, mais ne seront pas disponibles en boutique par la suite.

À présent, comme nous sommes à la bourre et si l'on veut vous rattraper, je devrais sans doute m'arrêter là pour aller chercher la partie 2 d'une histoire de soldat.

Attendez... c'est quoi, ça ?

 Oh oh, les problèmes arrivent. En fait, ils touchent même déjà l'un de nos sculpteurs qui n'a pas encore fini ces figurines de démon ailés. Mais vous pouvez quand même admirer la magnifique illustration dont il s'inspire...

Une bande de créatures effrayantes. Nous vous montrerons les sculptures dans une mise à jour dès qu'elles arriveront.

Vous en aurez 6 dès que nous aurons atteint 475k$.

La Voix dans sa Tête

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    1. Ramzeseba on

      Sorry, I see answer.

    2. Ramzeseba on

      Way flagellants have diffrent weapon on art and live.

    3. Vegabond on

      That’s more like it, some baddies!

    4. Skyhunterd on

      @Quickworthy (Note to self: Guess less, ask more. Thanks for the behind the scenes info. Appreciated!!)

    5. Quirkworthy Collaborator

      @Skyhunterd - it's a bit more convoluted than that. The original concepts were in B&W. Our sculptor worked from those, as normal. Then the artist did a colour version of the concepts, but in the process he also made some changes, including to the weapon they were carrying...

      The Voice in Her Head

    6. Skyhunterd on

      @Quirkworthy Fair enough, corrected on the flaggelant/flail part. I guess it was simply easier to give them halberds than the (more flavorful for me) flails depicted on the card.

    7. Quirkworthy Collaborator

      @Marcus B - from my limited experience (many years ago) at converting things this size, I'd say conversions are even easier than with 32mm. All sorts of stock plastic shapes from the model shop can be pressed into service, and many details can be painted on.

      Weapon and head swaps are some of the easiest things to do, and these crazed warriors are a perfect example of a unit that will look at its best when non-uniform.

      The Voice in Her Head

    8. Marcus B on

      At the 15mm scale chosen it might be a challenge, but I think some green-stuff will allow those axes to change into a whip or flail relatively easily. Would not want to
      Do anything more complicated at this scale though.

    9. Quirkworthy Collaborator

      @Skyhunterd - Flagellants have nothing more to do with flails than any other weapon. They used whips, sometimes called scourges, to flagellate themselves - essentially recreating the whipping of Christ by the Romans. That act is where they get the name from.

      They were often itinerant pilgrims, and if they were armed it would be with whatever came to hand. Generally these weapons would be repurposed farm implements rather than "proper" weapons like swords. So, axes, knives, and, yes, flails. Before mechanisation, flails were a common agricultural tool and would have been readily available. They serve as well for battering enemies as they do for threshing crops.

      @Toby Webb - these guys are normal size humans, so 16mm tall. That's about all the normal they can muster though ;)

      @Julien Delahaye - some KSE minis will have specific scenarios. Others will be usable with the battle mode, or to give other scenarios a new lease of life by swapping some of the units involved.

      @Trent Y - it depends on the unit. Some will be easily available, some are intentionally rare.

      The Voice in Her Head

    10. Kevin Belotti on

      L artwork des flagllants est pour l instant mon top 1 ahah

    11. Skyhunterd on

      It's not only a question of imagery.

      The very name flagellant implies a flail, not a halberd (unless they use the halberd to flog themselves or others). Weird weird choice.

    12. Marcus B on

      I agree with @ray bans. The flail type weapon shown in the art work seems much more in keeping with the imagery of a religious fanatic.

      Combining the axe with the pointed hood gives the model more of 'executioner' vibe.

      @Quirkworthy are you able to confirm are these 'models' digital renders that could be modified still or actual models/resin casts?


    13. Missing avatar

      Trent Y

      So I'm curious, will there be the chance to get more of a particular unit? Say if I wanted to run more Flagellants in Battle mode.

      Will it even be possible (is there a restriction on the number of units you can take)?

    14. MAUGER on

      Very nice unit !

    15. ray bans

      nice work happening,

      but I am disappointed that the weapon for the flagellants is different to the concept art, as this would make more sense for the unit.

    16. Smottz on

      I dig the release strategy/timing of things in conjunction with the story. For we know that every story has its climax...

    17. partenopei on

      i think i read/heard the actual....devil is in the game

      maybe the dude with horns

      hope the monks we see near beginning of the trailer standing next to the Bishop are in it

    18. Mr.Gamer

      Sooo where is the demon lord eh?

    19. Nujiel on

      sorry if the question has been asked, but will "Kickstarter exclusive" stuff only be used in Battle Mode or also in scenario ? For instance are demons usable in one of the core box scenarios?

    20. partenopei on


      better get the prayer dice out (there ARE prayer dce arent there?)

    21. Toby Webb on

      Wow, these look awesome. What size will these mini's be? 16mm human size, or larger for monsters?

    22. Quirkworthy Collaborator

      @Michael 'Captain Arcade' Bedggood - no, the stretch goal miniatures come separately. None of the scenarios need more unit bases than we supply, so you can simply swap these extra miniatures out.

      Several people have asked us to provide extra bases for them to fight HUGE battles with everything. To this end we're working out how to provide them as an add-on.

      The Voice in Her Head

    23. Birne Gilmore loves Deus Lo Vult on

      oh, what a sweet artwork for the demons ... I just want to hug them *-* ... ^^

    24. Michael Bedggood

      Do each of these groups of minis come with a base to insert them into also?

    25. feanor2k

      Demons! :O