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Relive the golden age of chivalry in a 2-4 player narrative battle game of knights and peasants, heroes and dragons, angels and demons.
Relive the golden age of chivalry in a 2-4 player narrative battle game of knights and peasants, heroes and dragons, angels and demons.
Relive the golden age of chivalry in a 2-4 player narrative battle game of knights and peasants, heroes and dragons, angels and demons.
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Posted by Leonidas Vesperini

Poor old stretch goals, chopped to bits again! You guys just never stop.


That’s 6 Voulgiers and 6 Genoese crossbowmen added to every copy of the core box, and you didn’t even know the crossbowmen were there! Outstanding! In case you didn’t know, these veteran Italians were famous for their professionalism and skill. Favoured by the French armies (who tended to lack the massed English longbows), they are also hired by the English and Burgundians from time to time.



These miniatures can be mixed in with your other crossbowmen to provide variety, or kept separate to represent a specific unit.

And what’s the next stretch goal after them going to be? This will be at 400k, and for this we thought that we would find something special and a little bit different: bears.




Specifically, this stretch goal is for 2 bears and a bear tamer or guide, plus 3 new unit cards. Bears were a common feature of the wilder areas of medieval Europe, and tame bears a common entertainment for peasants and nobles alike. These tamers would often travel from place to place with their bears, amusing the locals for a small price, and then moving on.

These miniatures can be used in 4 different ways:

1) The bears can be used as a unit on their own.

2) The bears and the tamer can be used together as a unit.


3) The tamer, as the guide, can be used on his own.

4) The guide can be used to lead the bullock wagons.


There’s a lot of options in this stretch goal!

This sort of flexibility is a good example of one of the reasons we don’t stick the minis into the multi-model bases.

And now to work the next one. We’ll get ahead of you guys eventually!

The Voice in Her Head



Pauvres, pauvres stretch goals, une nouvelle fois taillés en pièces ! Vous n'arrêtez pas.

Voici donc 6 gougers et 6 arbalétriers génois qui se rajoutent à chaque exemplaire de la boîte de base, et vous ne saviez pourtant même pas que les arbalétriers étaient là ! Incroyable ! Au cas où vous l'ignoreriez, il s'agit de vétérans italiens réputés pour leur professionalisme et leur formation. Très appréciés des armées françaises (qui souffraient de l'absence d'arc longs anglais), leurs services étaient également loués occasionnellement par les Anglais et les Bourguignons.

Ces figurines peuvent être mélangées à d'autres arbalétriers pour fournir de la variété dans les socles, ou être regroupées pour représenter une unité spécifique.

Et après ça ? Quel sera le prochain stretch goal ? Eh bien, il sera à 400k, et pour l'occasion, nous nous sommes dits que ce serait bien de faire quelque chose d'un peu différent : des ours. Plus précisément, ce stretch goal vous propose deux ours et un montreur d'ours ou un guide, ainsi que 3 nouvelles cartes d'unités. Les ours étaient très courants dans les régions sauvages de l'Europe médiévale, et les montreurs d'ours, un spectacle fréquent chez les paysans comme chez les nobles. Ces dresseurs voyageaient souvent de lieu en lieu avec les ours, distrayant les autochtones à petit prix, puis reprenant leur route.

Ces figurines peuvent être utilisées de 4 manières différentes : 

1) Les ours peuvent être utilisés comme une unité à part entière.

2) Les ours et le montreur d'ours peuvent être utilisés ensemble et former une unité.

3) Le montreur d'ours, sous la dénomination de guide, peut être utilisé seul dans des scénarios.

4) Le guide peut être utilisé pour guider le chariot à boeufs.

Ça fait donc beaucoup d'options pour ce stretch goal !

Cette sorte de flexibilité est un bon exemple de ce qui nous pousse à ne pas coller les figurines dans leurs socles à multiples emplacements.

A présent, passons au prochain. Nous finirons bien par vous rattraper !

La Voix dans sa Tête

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    1. MAUGER on

      Super nice. I hoppe that other minis will have a such good replayability / so much options to play with. We are in a good place !

    2. Streams

      @Quirkworthy - For an update (or nestled in one) would you post a pic of the regular minis next to a known object (a quarter) so we can have an accurate size comparison.

      Keep up the great work!


    3. DevGuy on

      "That’s 6 Voulgiers and 6 Genoese crossbowmen added to every copy of the core box"
      Did you mean the stretch goal 'box'?

    4. Quirkworthy Collaborator

      @Tchrin - you can see how many multi-mini bases we include on the main page because the minis are all sitting in them :)

      SG minis don't come with these multi-mini bases because you don't need them to play any of the scenarios in the core box. Many people have asked, so we will be making extras available as an add-on for those who want.

      @Luke Turner - nice one! Bear smugglers, eh?

      @Vegabond - still not been 24 hours since we started! Give us a little time :)

      The Voice in Her Head

    5. Rudy Polese

      I love the bears! Thank you.

    6. Paireon, lumberjack of Brimstone

      It's not bear cavalry, but I'm pleased all the same. :P

    7. Vegabond on

      Almost all the stretch goals have been humans, are we going to see any evil/undead options?

    8. Luke Turner

      Nice! Now we just need to tweak that artwork to show a bear peaking up out of the wagon. Then we can have a Bear smuggler.

    9. r-adv on

      Avec la taille des figs je ne suis pas sûr que ce soit une bonne idée de faire des figurines non collées aux socles. Je crains que certaines ne finissent égarées. Faudra voir ce qu'on peut faire niveau aimants.

    10. Missing avatar

      Luca on

      Thanks for the effort in making those awesome snap-in bases.

      Anyways... gotta love those bears and bear tamer

    11. Missing avatar

      João Pedro Monteiro on

      @QW any chance we get magnetic bases? (no idea if its economicaly viable)

    12. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      Thank you Quirkworthy, works for me.

    13. Tchrin

      @Quirkworthy thanks for that, was about to ask the same!

      Regarding the multi-model bases, how many of those come with the base game please? And is it fair to assume that any stretch goal/add on (like the bear tamer) will come with an additional one as well please?

    14. Quirkworthy Collaborator

      @Chris - the aim is to find a balance between those two points. If it snaps too hard then you'll damage the minis. If it's too loose they'll fall out. We'll work with the factory to perfect the fit once we get to tooling. This is the kind of thing we did with the stat clip on Mythic battles: Pantheon dashboards, and that works brilliantly.

      The Voice in Her Head

    15. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      Do these minis "snap" into the base or are the just sort of resting in the spot?

    16. Quirkworthy Collaborator

      Just to let you know, Leo couldn't find the latest versions of the images. The typos on the Crossbowman card have already been fixed :)

      The Voice in Her Head