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Relive the golden age of chivalry in a 2-4 player narrative battle game of knights and peasants, heroes and dragons, angels and demons.
Relive the golden age of chivalry in a 2-4 player narrative battle game of knights and peasants, heroes and dragons, angels and demons.
Relive the golden age of chivalry in a 2-4 player narrative battle game of knights and peasants, heroes and dragons, angels and demons.
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    1. Tobias 3 minutes ago

      Many thanks Francesco for this information. At least this shows me that MG has a strict plan without the flexibility to improve things to their best. But they know how to make mitinures.

    2. Francesco 5 minutes ago

      @Stryke55: je n’ai pas bien compris quel erreur vous avez note mais je vous en prie de contacter directement pour ça. Il y a encore du temp pour les petits changements jusqu’à la fin du mois.

      @Everybody : as @Sandor Clegane wrote there is still a bit of time for small changes before the final printing order (end of August).

      Thus I would strongly recommend to email directly MG in case you would find any evident typo (or translation error) in the rulebooks (expected for the next WuW) or scenarios.

    3. Cyril REVERSEZ 5 minutes ago

      Thx Francesco for all your work !!! Thanks !!!

    4. Francesco 17 minutes ago

      @Tobias: unfortunately no ID, we will have to find another smart way to order the cards. I will probably do it by faction, general type and group of miniatures as it is already in the Content Manager file.

    5. Francesco 23 minutes ago

      My personal take over from the live (so many things, and I couldn't join from the start):

      # AQ19) Stakes as normal rules with no follow-up and bonus die per unit
      # AQ18) If there are no delays, shipping should start in November and backers should start to receive the game in December 2018. Eventual delays should not exceed a few weeks according to Leo.
      # AQ8/17) There is a chance a draft version of the open battle rules and additional army lists could be shared after the JoA tournament during the Mythic Games in September 2018. At the moment the Battle Mode is still under testing.
      # AQ13) French and English rulebooks will be shared next week (22/8/18?). The final versions of the files will be sent to the printer at the end of August 2018. Anyway, it would be still possible for backers to send feedback directly to MG by emails (e.g. to Az or Ben) for (small) changes that could still happen (e.g. layout and typos).
      # AQ12) Multibases won’t have any snapping system, they will simply have holes slightly larger than the single miniatures base. MG printed some themselves for GENCON which they will show next week (22/8/18?). They will show the ones from production when they get them.
      # AQ10) Asmodee’s app for JoA won’t be ready before one year, maybe August or September. Buyers will be allowed to play JoA game, while scenario editor will be free for JoA backers (even if they won’t buy the app).
      # AQ9) Additional clarifications will be provided on how war machine work. War machine need crew to be operational, but it is still not clear why they have separate unit cards.
      # AQ8/17) There is a chance a draft version of the open battle rules and additional army lists could be shared after the JoA tournament during the Mythic Games in September 2018. At the moment the Battle Mode is still under testing.
      # AQ2) MG could eventually provide an official player counting and type for each scenario. But it would require time and it is not clear when they could provide it.
      # AC14) From September Seb Lavigne will be officially part of MG team. He has already contributed to JoA Compendium (with painting tutorials) and more contribution would be expected.
      # AC13) MG is aiming for a definitive rulebook without the need of reviews or many FAQ.
      # AC11) Leo said there will be overlays for all the buildings (including the towers and the keep) but apparently not for multiple floors.
      # AC10) According to the updated counting from Leo, Legendary Battles box will contain 19 characters cards and 18 troop cards. Previous information on KS was "14 heros comprising 23 unit cards, one troop w/ card (mounted sergeant-at-arms)". No transfer confirmed for Legendary Battles.
      # AC9) Leo said cards will have no ID or number on them, although they will show the required cards for each scenario.
      # AC6) Leo said it would be feasible and a good idea to include background information on MG websites since many at MG are quite familiar with the Hundred Years’ War.

    6. Tobias 36 minutes ago

      I have to say, this live gives us a lot of the information we missed for such a long time. Glad to hear the rules will be up next week, and happy to hear about the actions to prevent death star scenarions/battles. Somehow I missed the answer about the numbered cards, but well if it was not possible I can do the numbers on my own (maybe inside the sleeves).
      About the dragon, and this is maybe the answer Jordan seeks. I saw those flas spots on the wings too but I think they were the same as for the resin model (I am not sure but I will try to see the same flat areas on the resin model). I would guess it would be hard to design leather wings (without feathers) without flat spot, espacially on the very thin wings between the "fingers".

    7. Missing avatar

      Joshua Rivers about 2 hours ago

      He did say he would do another live with the minis in the multi base to show how well they fit. I also believe they are going to do an update with images of the new samples.

    8. Sandor Clegane about 2 hours ago

      I can't summarize the entire live (yet), but it appears that Leo has a large number of production samples (presumably 100% of the core box and a portion of expansion and SG content).

      The rule book and translations have taken longer than expected to complete (assuming this also refers to scenario development) so the margin is approximately 0 to deliver by the end of December to the majority of backers. Current schedule has print taking place in early November.

      The rulebook is complete and should be in next weeks WuW or a similar update. This is due to print by end of month, so there will be a little opportunity for editing but not rule changes.

      The heroes and monsters are delivered individually in trays similar to Zombicide, etc whereas troop unit miniatures are delivered in sealed bags (qty ~10 each it appeared).

      What I didn't hear or see and would like to know:
      -Any update on the multi-bases or any changes therein?
      -More photos of the newest production samples, definitely didn't get any good looks in the live.
      -More scenarios (I haven't read the new one posted in the update yet, but the more the better).
      -An update describing some gameplay changes that were made during playtesting. Something like "we changed terror X to terror because we kept gravitating towards terror 2 no matter the monster." But really, any content about playtesting is especially interesting to me and I cherished the info CMON delivered in regards to ASOIAF in this manner.
      -I'm assuming the scenario book for at least the core box is done if the rulebook is done. I'd love for that to be made public with the rulebook. Additionally, I think all scenario books should be made public so any others that are 'done' would be nice to get as well. I think the scenarios sell the extra content and not the other way around, so I don't see it as an issue personally.

    9. Mark Horneff
      about 2 hours ago

      Thanks Joshua

    10. GrandKhan44 about 2 hours ago

      Could anyone summarize the live? I only watched a bit. From what I heard, next week we get the rules and have a few days for last minute changes, end of the month they will go to the printer, and in December they will be shipped to the backers. Also, minis that are not unique will be in bags.
      What else?

    11. Missing avatar

      Joshua Rivers about 2 hours ago

      @Mark, that’s what Leo says, but that their margin for error was now at 0. It’s now in the hands of the manufacturers. So if they cause a delay, that will cause a delay in delivery. But it sounds like worse case scenario only a few weeks late.

    12. Mark Horneff
      about 3 hours ago

      Is this project still in track for this year ?

    13. Missing avatar

      Joshua Rivers about 3 hours ago

      Well it’s kinda over now :(

    14. MiB
      about 3 hours ago

      How do you comment on the live stream?

    15. Missing avatar

      Joshua Rivers about 3 hours ago

      My concerns are alleviated after the live. I’d still like some high res images, but the bases look good, which was my primary concern. The dragon wings might have been a blurry picture, I’ll just have to wait till it’s in my hands.

    16. Missing avatar

      Brush Brighta about 3 hours ago

      @Sandor Clegane Yes, most people put Legion and ASOIAF in one tier (Legion sculpts have more mold issues, ASOIAF is much more "finer" in detail and scale, but that makes even small issues on them more noticeable ...). Judging from the Photos I thought MBP has a tiny bit better quality then those two and so I hope JOA will be a tiny bit better... but that is hard to say from seeing just photos.

    17. Missing avatar

      Stryke55 about 4 hours ago

      Je viens de regarder le scénario "Les bêtes sauvages" pdf en français. Il y a des fautes de français.
      Exemples : 1 sergent d'armes sergent avec 1 s. 1 paysan paysan avec 1s. 1archer archers avec 1s.
      Si c'est déjà parti à l'impression alors ...

    18. Sandor Clegane about 4 hours ago

      I guess i should have equated asoiaf and legion then. I dont own legion but the look nice on camera at least. I own a lot... but no legion nor MBP yet. Conan is presumably similar to MBP.

    19. Tobias about 4 hours ago

      @Joshua: Maybe you did not notice that we have a big discussion over the last 2 weeks and that you actual started to shout awhole group down

    20. Sandor Clegane about 4 hours ago

      Can someone summarize the live for us in comments. Even better if it includes timestamps.

    21. Paulo R. Alves de Oliveira about 5 hours ago

      Is something wrong with the live or I'm to only one who can't see it?

    22. Missing avatar

      Joshua Rivers about 5 hours ago

      Also, maybe try not shouting down other backers concerns?

    23. Missing avatar

      Joshua Rivers about 5 hours ago

      @tobias, it’s not a video, it’s the images of the production models form update 120. Just because we know the materiel being used doesn’t mean we know the quality of the ministries... especially since we’ve only seen a couple of clear images of them, and the ones we’ve seen don’t look great. At this scale it’s very easy to lose a lot of detail.

    24. JC Ramsay about 5 hours ago

      Greetings all - Leo looks like he is in a Very Good Place

    25. Missing avatar

      Brush Brighta about 6 hours ago

      @Sandor Clegane Legion>ASOIAF ??? Legion has a much lower quality then ASOIAF, at least the models I own of both. And Warhammer, as much it hurts to say that, is above those two. I would be happy with ASOIAF-Quality, but am hoping for a bit better.

    26. Dat BRaat about 10 hours ago

      Hey all together i just submitted the whole Q&A section from Francesco some comments down below to the live session. I think some of you already did just in case that we don't send the same questions again and again. I hope i can attend the live but I'm not sure at the moment.
      I think we already have many questions here in the comments from the last weeks and I am looking forward to the answers.
      @Mythic please make the video available via youtube afterwards. The live quality here on kickstarter was not the best in the last sessions.

    27. Francesco about 15 hours ago

      @Ghool: no pressure at all for the JoA painting tutorials. Take your time.

      But the sooner the better. :D

    28. Francesco about 15 hours ago

      @Tobias: thank you very much for the endorsement but, as already said, it is thanks to the help and support of other backers like you (and many others) that we somehow manage to reach MG. So keep doing a great job and being involved !!

      Beside I may have also to delegate the questions I gathered depending on the time of the live. It wouldn't be the first time a backer kindly copy and paste the questions.

      Told you, many great backers here. :)

      @Joshua Rivers: about the not so nice bubbles, I remember Ghool had some ideas he wanted to try. It may be worthy to check his channel, also for future JoA tutorials:

      From my side I would probably try with a snow effect made by a mix of PVA glue and bicarbonate I have had good results with lately. The only issue is the (light?) yellowing after a while (not sure if varnish could limit the problem) but I don't know if and when could happen on my miniatures.

      Well for the judgment miniature a bit of yellowing on the cloud, as mystic light, wouldn't be so bad probably. :)

    29. Tobias about 15 hours ago

      What I want to say is, we have so many blind spots, and we know almost everything about the PVC minitures. They will have bended weapons, like all PVC minitures I have seen, and they will not have ABS weapons (maybe the larger Minis will have ABS parts, but not the majority).

    30. Tobias about 15 hours ago

      @Joshua: I don't know what videos you have seen, but I saw only very nice minitures. And there are really more urgent questions about this game regarding rules, ballancing, scenarios, card IDs, and multibases.
      The minitures are Like they are, If you don't like them request a refund, because they will not change.

    31. Missing avatar

      Joshua Rivers about 16 hours ago

      Angel... stupid phone.

    32. Missing avatar

      Joshua Rivers about 16 hours ago

      It looks like the production angle is different than the master that they showed. The sword arm is now cast into the wing instead of being separate.

    33. Missing avatar

      Keith Jiao about 21 hours ago

      LoL after all just like they said about cloud of the Judgement
      “It’s too late to change anything”

    34. Missing avatar

      Joshua Rivers about 22 hours ago

      He can say it all he wants, that doesn’t mean they will be. What else is he suppose to say “na they’ll look just ok”.

    35. Missing avatar

      Keith Jiao about 22 hours ago

      Leo said many times about how detail it will be.

    36. Tobias about 23 hours ago

      Guys I have my trust in you, for asking the right questions, especially Francesco. He is the greatest guy here for this project.
      And I hope Leo does not make false promises.

    37. Missing avatar

      Joshua Rivers about 24 hours ago

      In pretty sure the bases won’t be a separate part of the model. The minis with the same color bases are the production bases, not the other way around. I agree the angels look better, but there’s a reason, they’re larger. Look at the chain around the knight’s horse, and around the necks of the heroes. Almost all the depth/detail is gone. The knight’s shoulder on the arm holding the lance also looks like a mess, maybe that’s where the plastic was injected in the mold and clipped.

    38. Sandor Clegane 1 day ago

      Update 120 (Core Box Plastics - Post 2212856) is definitely the best source of information on the miniature quality. I don't have nearly as negative an opinion as Joshua from that, but I will say that I now notice the bases on the majority of models were clearly not part of the same mold as the miniatures. Are these the final production bases? If not, the warping/curling of the few with the 'lighter' bases is concerning. If these darker gray bases are the final production bases, then really the very few units with "rocky" bases being warped isn't a big deal to me. The fact that the (vast majority of) bases would be made separate from the miniatures also speaks very well to the odds of the "clicky" multi-bases working out.

      Yes, it does appear that the miniatures do have fairly soft plastic although I can't tell how soft. There are definitely tiers of miniatures (Warhammer/Legion > Song of Ice and Fire Miniatures > MBP/Blood Rage/Zombicide > TMNT/Battlelore > Mansions of Madness). I would personally be happy with the Zombicide tier but honestly that's even a tough hurdle for most companies to clear and it seems likely ToL isn't produced with the exact same production companies as MBP.

      I really can't see anywhere near as much from photos as I can in person. These miniatures are so tiny that of course they won't look amazing in photos where the scale is lost. The angels and ox cart look very good to me. The generic heroes in the charge photo less so (I think the Knight looks good) but that could be somewhat the fault of the rocky base not looking very good and those two being outliers.

    39. Missing avatar

      Joshua Rivers 1 day ago

      Looking at update 120, there’s really only one image where you can make out the detail of infantry sized minis. They look like they have a lot of mold lines, the chain mail detail is very soft, the knight’s shoulder looks like a mangled mess, and the bases look warped. Also some modes look like they have different colored bases than others. The darker colored bases don’t look warped, but they also don’t look like they’re the same plastic as the miniatures.

    40. Missing avatar

      Joshua Rivers 1 day ago

      @tobias if the plastic is as soft as the dragon makes it look, no amount of hot water is going to straighten them, as they’ll just bend back down. Especially weapons like the halberds.

    41. Missing avatar

      Joshua Rivers 1 day ago

      And that flexibility isn’t a good thing, it shows the plastic is very soft.

    42. Missing avatar

      Joshua Rivers 1 day ago

      I doubt people at gencon were very scrutinizing while checking out the dragon in a packed exhibitor hall... sorry if I don’t take their word for it. The images are worth a thousand words and there’s definitely some loss of detail, and it’s pretty bad in a couple of spots. I’d really like to see better images of the core box minis. The only good images we’ve seen so far are of a couple angles. The rest are too blurry and too far away to tell anything about it.

    43. Angy 1 day ago


      I understood from Ben's answer that he'll be collecting questions, but that the answers will come directly from Leo in the live (have a closer look at the last sentence of his first paragraph). Of course it's also possible to make new questions during the life.

    44. Gedracon 1 day ago

      @Tobias: When they announce the time for the live on KS via the stream function. You can submit all your questions there and they will be shown during the live session. People can see them and also vote for them if i'm remembering right.

    45. Tobias 1 day ago

      @Ben: You just can think that I wait for Leo the whole Wednesday. There is no time given for his live. Even if, what about the people with urgent questions that can not participate? Are those questions unanswered at all? Please you have to give us more than a live, you have to give us answers. You can forward our questions to Leo. I think you should do this. this is a really smal favor for us. PLEASE!

    46. GrandKhan44 1 day ago

      @Ben could you publish the live on YouTube afterwards? Much easier to watch...

    47. Ben Clapperton Collaborator 1 day ago

      Hi guys, just to address the question about why a live. It's because Leo is the person best placed to be able to answer all of these and a live is the best way for him to do it. Whilst myself and before me Jake have been the ones handling the comments here, the actual design and production work of JoA has been handled in France. Putting Leo on camera cuts out the middleman and lets you ask questions directly. It also is a much more efficient use of my time in that I can collate questions for Leo but then leave him to answer them, rather than relaying the answers back myself which would take longer.

      The plastic production version of the dragon was on display at Gen Con. We had it out of the display cases so that people could hold it as well as just look at it. The reaction of people who saw it, both backers coming to look at it and people who had never heard of JoA and just passed by the booth, was overwhelmingly positive. It looks great, holds the detail, and is durable enough to be handled. Erwann took a photo for the WuW of him bending part of it to show it had the flexibility to do that without damaging the model.


      I'm passing your Brussels Games Festival questions on to Pascal who is running the event for us. I'll report back when I have answers from him.

    48. GrandKhan44 1 day ago

      @Ben my question is: even if they are not sent to the printer, how many scenarios and rulebooks for expansions are considered complete?

    49. Francesco 1 day ago

      @Mythic Games: just a few questions about the upcoming Brussels Game Festival:

      1) At what times MG booth will be open? Usually you have to close way before the end of the fair.

      2) Which scenarios will be available? I suppose Brossiniere and Fierbois like at GENCON but feel free to surprise us !!

      3) Who is coming from MG team? I suppose Pascal, who else?

      Just to be sure we will make the most of it !!

      Thanks in advance for your feedback. :)

    50. Missing avatar

      Keith Jiao 1 day ago

      MG need to stand up and answer these questions. do we have to send email individually for answers?

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