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Relive the golden age of chivalry in a 2-4 player narrative battle game of knights and peasants, heroes and dragons, angels and demons.
Relive the golden age of chivalry in a 2-4 player narrative battle game of knights and peasants, heroes and dragons, angels and demons.
Relive the golden age of chivalry in a 2-4 player narrative battle game of knights and peasants, heroes and dragons, angels and demons.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Lamespard less than a minute ago

      @ Arthur : just have a look at the PM headline :
      "Duration of project:
      from 22/01/2018 20:00 till 23/03/2018 00:00 (GMT+1)"

    2. Arthur Tiberius 2.0, King of the Apes 16 minutes ago

      Does anyone know when the PM closes?

    3. Ben Clapperton Collaborator 22 minutes ago

      We won't have MBP at Cannes. As you say, now it's no longer our game it isn't something we can do anymore.

    4. Tobias about 3 hours ago

      @Ben: Do you still play MBP at Cannes? The Homepage said so but it is no longer your game?

    5. Ben Clapperton Collaborator about 4 hours ago

      No, though nor are we imminently taking it to KS.

    6. Duckjester about 4 hours ago

      Is the rulebook for Redacted ready yet?

    7. Ciro about 4 hours ago

      Great news! xD Afaik it has been a well kept secret, so i can't wait to hear bout it.

    8. Ben Clapperton Collaborator about 4 hours ago

      Not long now before I can type *REDACTED* and it won't show up as *REDACTED* :p

    9. Missing avatar

      Hammer about 4 hours ago

      Good luck to the Mythic team at Cannes a great place to showcase JoA and bring in more late backers and I am looking forward to hearing about the next game !

    10. Duckjester about 4 hours ago

      @Ben Clapperton
      Which day will the new game be announced?

    11. Ben Clapperton Collaborator about 4 hours ago

      Looks like I was logged in in the wrong account there lol

      Just a heads up for this week. The whole team is heading to the Cannes festival. Some are on their way today, some tomorrow. It'll be a very busy time so if the WuW slips into a What's up Thursday, this is why. We'll be getting the booth built on the Wednesday so writing the update might be a bit late. I'll still try and get on the comments here at least once a day. I would assume that Leo will do at least one Facebook live from the booth over the weekend so look out for that.

    12. Mythic Games, Inc. Creator about 4 hours ago


      It looks to me like the ballistas have three crew members, so I count 53, which is still isn't 54 lol. I'm trying to figure out if there's a crew member hiding somewhere. If I can't find it I'll ask/


      We use the coloured rings when the minis are unpainted.


      Thanks, I've passed that on.

      @GrandKhan44 & @el_segador66

      They *might* be in this week's WuW. My understanding is layout work is due to start on them today and it just depends on if it gets done before going to Cannes tomorrow. The priority has been doing the layout work on the JoA scenarios for Cannes. If the rules aren't ready by the WuW then we will still have other things to show :).

      As a quick aside, this is a good opportunity to give a shout out to one of the unsung heroes of the Mythic Games team: David Rakoto. A man for whom sleep is a distant memory lol. He'll be working on the rulebook layouts on the train down to Cannes to try and get them ready in time.

      @Mark Horneff

      It's open until March 23rd. There's a countdown on the pledge manager itself. It's possible it may be open longer, but this is the latest guaranteed date it'll be open.


      You will have this before the PM closes :)


      There's an easy way to check. Has your house been burned down around you? ;)

    13. Malamute about 13 hours ago

      Are my dragons here yet? Just checkin' :-D

    14. Missing avatar

      Angy about 18 hours ago

      @ Ben,

      We're now half through the time of the pledge manager.

      When will we receive the basic information about the scenarios in each add on?
      (Players, co-op/competitive/1 vs all, historical/fantastic, battle/storytelling)

      I am waiting for this information to fill out the pledge manager. :)

    15. Missing avatar

      el_segador66 about 19 hours ago

      @Ben, do you think we'll have the rules on wednesday night?
      Tell me "yes", please , please, please!!!!!!!
      It's so important for us!!!!!!!!!!

    16. Tobias about 21 hours ago

      @Eder: Shipping costs (400$) are still under negoation as far as I know

      @Mark: PM is open untill 22 of march 23:59 CET.

    17. Mark Horneff
      about 21 hours ago

      How long is pledge manager open till

    18. GrandKhan44 about 21 hours ago

      @Ben do you have an ETA for the rules and stuff?

    19. Eder Morales about 23 hours ago

      Is there any hope that shipping to remote countries (Chile) will be reduced? i'd love to get the legendary bundle, but if i did i would have to pay 400 USD in shipping only...

    20. METADNA 1 day ago

      Une réponse à mon MP svp !

    21. Missing avatar

      Dan 1 day ago

      Again on the courier: it looks like CMON deliveries are having serious issues in Italy because of Nexive, so they decided to switch courier (see last Zombicide GH update).
      So, again, please, don't choose Nexive as a delivery courier for Italy.

    22. Missing avatar

      Ray Dexter 1 day ago

      Thank you GrandKhan44 and Ben,. hat was very helpful

    23. Missing avatar

      Phoibos 2 days ago

      In one of the published army lists it is possible to select two different versions of mounted knights. But we have only one kind of model for a mounted knight if I am not mistaken.

      So if I field both variants how will I be able to tell them apart, assuming that I won't paint them?

    24. Missing avatar

      Hammer 2 days ago

      Siege expansion says 54 minatures and 39 terrain but I only count 51 minatures in the graphic. Are the three missing minatures spare siege towers ;) or are there only 51?

    25. Missing avatar

      Tungsten 3 days ago

      @John Burroughs, based on all the available pictures, you get enough walls and gates to create a 3 by 3 hex castle (48cm side square). So the keep would fit in the middle empty hex.

    26. Missing avatar

      John Burroughs 3 days ago

      I've never seen it spelled out anywhere, and I'm still waiting for the actual Siege video.

      But I've been wondering if the Siege Expansion includes enough walls and towers to completely surround the keep, or if they only cover part of the perimeter. I know the description mentions how many of each size come in it, but no indication of their size, other than short and long for the walls.

    27. Missing avatar

      Ahmad M. Siddiqi 3 days ago

      Thanks, Ben!

      20 scenarios in the core? Seems Battle of Stirling Bridge may be getting another lease on life... (It would be consistent with Mythic saying each miniature in the core features in at least one scenario.)

    28. partenopei 3 days ago

      did anybody watch Knightfall tv show?
      a wasted opportunity imo, could have been so much better :-(

    29. Ben Clapperton Collaborator 3 days ago


      I don't think there's we're going to be offering the siege tower outside of Siege, at least in the pledge manager. It isn't KSE so it may be something we can do in future, but for now it's just available in Siege.


      I'm not sure exactly when they'll be aired. BoW have a lot of video content to manage the release of so we have to wait our turn. It will be during the PM, though.


      We certainly want to get a PnP out as soon as we can. I can't give an ETA on it, though.


      Ok, I see what you mean. It was new to me when I played the BoW scenarios (my n00bishness will leap off the screen in all of them lol), but I didn't find it an issue. The first number is the range (and it sometimes is an 'a' to mean adjacent area rather than a number), the second one is the amount of units.

      @Ray Dexter

      The document GrandKhan44 shared is very close. The last I heard the core pledge has 20, so two more than there. I think Siege has three, though there'll be more made available online as we continue to support the game.


      I believe the Ars Nova scenario Jake said he'd do is still being worked on. I'll ask him for an update on it when I see him next.


      Asian shipping is something we're trying hard to get reduced. All the other options we've been explored have so far not been any better than what we already have.

    30. Francesco 3 days ago

      Hello everybody, in case you are interested BGG has just approved the new version of JoA content manager (xlsx file). In addition to the previous info on miniatures and unit lists, I have added also an overview of scenarios per set. Please feel free to have a look at:

      @French speaking backers: in the same file I am working on matching units names in French to the ones in English. Feel free to provide suggestions on the ones I haven't translated yet (in red).

    31. Hernani 3 days ago

      Any chance of lowering down the shipping costs to the Philippines? :) I'd like to buy more add-ons but I'm kinda restricted.

    32. Missing avatar

      Ahmad M. Siddiqi 4 days ago

      @Ben - can we have more information on the two Ars Nova scenarios before the end of the PM? Especially the second one Jake was going to design. Understand it will probably not be complete, but at the moment it's hard to tell how engaging either of the scenarios will be.

    33. Duckjester 4 days ago

      I think the graveyard appears on a hex instead of a 3d model

    34. partenopei 4 days ago

      @Tom Yates

      I believe they decided NOT to do a 3D terrain piece for the graveyard as was not practical.

    35. GrandKhan44 4 days ago

      ... and I really think MG should publish a similar table themselves ...

    36. GrandKhan44 4 days ago

      ... it is in French but not so difficult. Equipes means team, Escarmouche = skirmish, Bataille = battle

    37. Missing avatar

      Ray Dexter 4 days ago

      Does anyone know the approximate number of missions for each set? It would help me in making my selections.

    38. Missing avatar

      Ray Dexter 4 days ago

      Last I heard they decided that the piece only got int he way of game play so they weren't going to go forward with it.

    39. Tom Yates 4 days ago

      Back during the campaign there was some word floating around that we might also get the Graveyard terrain piece that the promo videos had, was that ever settled?

    40. GrandKhan44 4 days ago

      @Ben my issue about the command skill was not with the army lists but the cards for the units themselves. You have a big white blob and a smaller black blob with numbers, it is kind of hard to tell without looking in the rules which is range. Not a big issue just something I noticed.

    41. Arcueid 4 days ago

      @Ben, could I hope to gen a PnP before end of the PledgeManager ? It would help a lot to decide how far I want to go i the bundles ;)

    42. Duckjester 4 days ago

      Any word on when we can expect the next BoW video?

    43. Missing avatar

      Hammer 4 days ago

      @Ben what about the possibility of adding an extra siege tower to the 85$ siege expansion would that fit the parameters? I could understand that size and weight might be an option to fit in the siege equipment box, and it might not be possible to add new items to the PM for the tower to be stand-alone. Probably not an option based on cost but another option....

    44. Duckjester 4 days ago

      A lot of vampire based games and RPGs use Celerity as a skill. Dracula would be comfortable with it.

    45. Ben Clapperton Collaborator 4 days ago


      I will pass that on ahead of the next set of army list layouts.

      @Mr Tanaka

      I asked about this and was told that decisions had to made on what we could do and what we couldn't do with the extra add-ons, and an additional siege tower couldn't be made to work within those parameters.

    46. Vincent Gueguen 4 days ago

      You have "Quick 2" against Kickstarter ?

    47. Ben Clapperton Collaborator 4 days ago

      Pressed 'post comment' too soon there lol

    48. Ben Clapperton Collaborator 4 days ago


      I think we might be. Pretty sure it's a conversation we've had.


      I'm not sure on the PnP. The focus at the moment is on the rulebook and Cannes with regards to prepping things for public consumption.


      It's not quite as impressive as it seems as a lot of it is for shipping. In terms of the new money, that was anticipated, planned for, and costed in terms of the SGs that were given away during the campaign (with fingers crossed lol). It's pretty common to do it this way as the more that is given away during the campaign the more appealing it becomes to pledge and it can help things snowball, and then you make it up in the pledge manager.


      I asked about the posters. Currently they're a 'maybe' as we haven't had the opportunity to properly look into what it would involve to do it.

      @Dr. Tom Jack

      As we get the test scenery back I will ask about that.


      You'll find it as 'Quick' when we get the rulebook out. The word was changed in the second edit as it's bit obscure in English. (Though if we ever do Time of Legends: Julius Caesar you'll find it there). It means that when the unit moves, instead of moving one area it can move up to its value in Celerity/Quick.

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