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Relive the golden age of chivalry in a 2-4 player narrative battle game of knights and peasants, heroes and dragons, angels and demons.
Relive the golden age of chivalry in a 2-4 player narrative battle game of knights and peasants, heroes and dragons, angels and demons.
Relive the golden age of chivalry in a 2-4 player narrative battle game of knights and peasants, heroes and dragons, angels and demons.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Carl 4 minutes ago

      Does anyone have a recommendation for a miniature painter for someone in NJ, USA?

    2. Missing avatar

      Jahmis about 10 hours ago

      @Grandkhan44 Yes they confirmed that there is sky tiles in corebox. I believe they were added after KS And does not show in campaign page

    3. Francesco 1 day ago

      @JP: sorry for the typo.

      As you said artillery can be used only by units with the "crew"trait which are attached to the artillery.

    4. Francesco 1 day ago

      @GrandKhan44: even if not showed in the Core Maiden Pledge, I would assume there is a sky tile due to the scenarios (Sword of Fierbois and Beast one?) and units (angels, flying daemons and the beast) using it.

      @JP: as you said artillery can be used only by units with the "crew" attached to them. Thus if crew can join artillery, I would assume they could also be separated.

      About the shooting the defender generally choose the units affected by the results thus I would imagine you cannot choose to target the crew or the unit. Unless you have the special trait which allow you to do so (I think the trait is named "hunter").

      Nevertheless I am also interested to see how artillery and siege rules work in details. :)

    5. GrandKhan44 1 day ago

      @Ben can you confirm again that the core box will have a sky tile? The question popped up on bgg, I think you confirmed it but nobody found the source.

    6. JP 2 days ago


      How does tha crew/artillery work together?
      Can we aim at the crew so the artillery cant be used?
      Can i separate the crewman from their artillery to come on foot fight alongside the other troops?


    7. Tobias 3 days ago

      Thx Ben, I will follow because I know you will have a lot of nice surprises that may convince me

    8. Ben Clapperton Collaborator 3 days ago


      I'll ask Dabel if they have an ETA


      Who doesn't indeed? lol. It's great to have you with us over on Solomon Kane as well. We did try and do something interesting with the gameplay so I'm glad you find it appealing :)


      It's certainly shorter on overall miniature count than some other games, but high on unique sculpts (all with their own bases) and the print content is high which is expensive in its own right. How much value it will turn out to be obviously depends on how high we can get the funding total. Even if you decide it isn't for you, it's still great to have you along for the campaign :)

    9. Tobias 4 days ago

      I have backed SK early bird too, but to be honest I will drop it later. Why? SK is far to expensive, for a game that really doesn't need minitures.
      Maybe the price will get better with more SG unlocked, so I will wait a bit and see what happens.

    10. Laniston
      4 days ago

      @Ben I wasn't interested in Solomon Kane really at all, but when I saw the models for the Virtues and read about how they are who you play as I opened up to the game. After looking at the other figures and reading more about the rules it was easy to go for an early bird. Plus who doesn't want a severed hand on a pulpit in their collection?

    11. Missing avatar

      Jahmis 4 days ago

      I'm so happy how those minis look. Amazing job.

    12. Missing avatar

      Alchemy 4 days ago

      Any ETA or price information on the comic. I appreciate it's being led by Dable Brothers iena third party but then update here a few weeks back seem to point to preorders end of may early June any info?

    13. Dorthonion 4 days ago

      I backed Solomon within the first 24hours.
      Great to see more progress on JoA - I need a bigger house...

    14. Sandor Clegane 4 days ago

      The 24hr early bird is available for a few more hours.

    15. Ben Clapperton Collaborator 4 days ago

      Just on the cross-promoting with Solomon Kane (or any other project). We do have backers who would be interested, some who aren't interested in the game but like the lives and the comments, and others who aren't interested at all. It's a balancing act trying to let the people know who are interested without annoying the people who aren't. I try and keep the number of posts to a minimum, never try and give any kind of 'hard sell' ("here's our awesome pledge!"), and make it clear that I'm still going to be here as usual and you aren't forgotten about just because we're funding a new project.

    16. Ben Clapperton Collaborator 4 days ago


      Thank you :). Last night was a bit manic. Didn't get a lot of sleep lol


      It's Castillon which isn't there. I asked and was told we will be doing more Siege scenarios digitally.


      The rulebook we last showed is fundamentally the same as the current one. That is currently undergoing edits.

    17. Missing avatar

      JackyBob 5 days ago

      Where can we find a rules update ?
      It is surprising to see any news concerning rules since many weeks...

    18. Francesco 5 days ago

      @Mythic Games; congratulation for the funding of SK !! : )

      @Ben @Jahmis: Hello Ben, could you please clarify which scenario MG removed from the original four (Calais, Rouen, Orléans and Castillon) listed in the siege update ? Are you planning to provide the now missing scenario in digital format later ?

      Thanks in advance for your feedback.

    19. Sandor Clegane 5 days ago


      Mythic produces 1-2 KS per year - you have to expect cross-promotion. I have a feeling that at least a third of SK backers will have also backed this game, so this is probably the most important place possible for advertising.

    20. Manny Gomez 5 days ago

      Anyone else tired of these Solomon Kane updates?

    21. Tejon Blalock 5 days ago

      @T8erSalad, thanks!

    22. T8erSalad
      5 days ago

      3 EST so 1 MTN

    23. Tejon Blalock 5 days ago

      So...when today does Solomon Kane drop?

    24. Sandor Clegane 5 days ago

      I believe most recent games have gone to 32mm to eye level instead of 28mm to eye level - which I'm guessing is in line with SK's sizing. I would like to see a side-by-side with something from CMON (Zombicide BP, etc) - but I'm guessing it will be in line with that as far as scale. CMON went up about 2mm from original Zombicide to fantasy Zombicide, and about 2mm from Rum & Bones to Song of Ice & Fire. It isn't surprising for Mythic to go up about 2mm from MBP/Conan to Solomon Kane following the same pattern. 2mm is about where it still works to combine them but makes the new models look better.

    25. MrHeureux 5 days ago

      @Laniston :
      Humm not bad, not bad at all... ;)
      If you plan a (long) gaming session with all this stuff then please share at least some pics or videos on BGG, that would be great!
      I mean I would love to do this by my own but did not consider for budget/time/logistic reasons so that's great to know that some of us will eventually really do such crazy massive battle.

    26. Laniston
      5 days ago

      @MrHeureux Well...I did purchase 4 boxes of Ottomans, a total of 3 copies of siege and some extra siege boxes alongside a maiden + legendary pledge....

      so,,,there could be something big in mind.

    27. MrHeureux 5 days ago

      @Ben :
      I agree with Francesco and GrandKhan44, you are doing a great job and we still need you on this comment section! By the way Good luck for the SK campaign starting soon.

      @All :
      Just out of curiosity, is there anyone planning to play a VMB (Very Massive Battle ;) ) kind of, with more than 10 000 points or so for army lists?

      Something like this Battle of Agincourt:

      Or this one with Ottomans:

      Painting all this would require hundreds of hours for sure but that would be impressive to see ;)

    28. Ben Clapperton Collaborator 5 days ago


      There'll be three printed scenarios.


      I don't think we've had it back from the factory yet, but rest assured I'll be showing it off as soon as it turns up :)


      My understanding is that the digital version of the game will not be free, but the scenario builder will be free for backers of this campaign. When I have more information on it I'll do a WuW on it.


      I'll still be here :). I love chatting with you all in the comments. Unlike with this and MBP, where Jake (Quirkworthy) was on the comments all day every day because he was the only one who could do it, we have enough people for Solomon Kane to share the workload around. I will be doing my share, but I'll still here too and I'll still be doing a WuW every week.

      And thank you :)


      Thank you to you too :)

    29. Francesco 6 days ago

      @Ben: Hello Ben, here is a selection of topics you could include in the next WuW .

      By the way, I agree with GrandKhan44 that you are doing a great job. Please stay with us and thanks again for your hard work. :)

      Q17) Would it be possible to see a complete set of rules (not an overview like in the updates) of the siege and open battles ? (added on 15/5/18, updated on 12/6/18) Even a draft version would be ok. I know you would prefer to show only documents with a proper layout but we are eager to provide our feedback. :)
      # Q2) What is the official players counting, title (and possibly background) for each add-on and stretch goal scenario? (added on 18/11/17, updated on 12/6/18). Tentative overview by users at:
      E.g. at UK Games Expo you mentioned a long scenario for the village pack, what will be the title/background?

       # C10) Any chance to get some additional copies (or variants) of unit cards which are likely to be in many army lists, especially in the Legendary Battles box ? (added on 2/5/18) Otherwise that could be really an issue when playing, especially for backers who bought LB expansion to play with up to 6 players
      # C9) Reference information and/or reference code/number on cards/tiles (and listed in each scenario description). (added on 11/4/18) Tiles ID confirmed, please do it also with the unit cards too.
      # C8) Will get other coloured plastic components apart from the trees ? E.g. barricades, stakes, bushes and pavise shields would be nice too. (added on 17/4/18).
       # C5) Army lists builder along scenario builder. (added on 20/1/18) Official refined version to replace:
      See more details in one of my previous post. Although I suppose it is too soon for you to discuss the details with Asmodee.

       “”” RULES IMPROVEMENT FROM GAMERS “”” RI1) Small and easy balance improvements in the Council “River” Cards: just avoid too much difference in effectiveness between the cards. (added on 12/11/17).
      As far as I remember from Benoit the ones used in the demo have already been improved but I hope you won't mind a reminder. That is probably the only issue I have encountered while playing the demos and quite important to make this game a great one !!

    30. GrandKhan44 6 days ago

      @Ben will you manage communications for SK as well or will QW be doing that for his own game? I ask because I hope you can still be as helpful to us once SK launches... you are doing a great job!

    31. JP 6 days ago


      Question about the Asmodee app.

      I know it will regroup scenarios, army list, etc but will the app be free?

      If it’s free ( for backers ? ) will the game be also free? Or will it be two separate apps? Or maybe the same, but the « companion » part for free and the « gameplay » part paid?!

      Tanx for the help!!

    32. Laniston
      6 days ago

      @Ben - Next update can we see some pictures of the Mehmed II model? I wanna see that Djinn leading some Ottomans against Dracula/Vlad

    33. partenopei 6 days ago

      @ Ben
      thank for the reply
      hopefully the size difference is minimal

      looking forward to the campaign as seems very interesting!

    34. Missing avatar

      Jahmis 6 days ago

      @Ben does siege come with 3 or 4 scenarios?

    35. Ben Clapperton Collaborator 6 days ago


      You should find the minis are compatible with most ranges in 32mm scale.

      @Mike the Knight

      We launched this very campaign before our previous one (Mythic Battles: Pantheon) was completed. We're a much bigger team than we were then too. We've already begun the process of production which is why you're seeing minis coming into the office in the weekly updates. Our sculptors and developers have long since finished with this project and have been working on Solomon Kane for some time.

    36. Duckjester 7 days ago

      The size of the minis puts me off a bit too. I like to cross my minis over into different games and these might be too big. I'll be there for the launch though since you never know what Mythic have up their sleeves.

    37. Derrick Marais 7 days ago

      At the time of the campaign the Dragon was billed as "the biggest playable figure in boardgame history". Did anyone ever mention what the previous holder of the title was?

    38. Mike the Knight 7 days ago

      So everythings complete and in the factory already? Great! That was fast. This ones my most anticipated games from KS.

    39. MaltaX 7 days ago

      Mike, they can't just sideline an entire team of developers, sculptors, artists, etc for 8 months just because they're waiting on a factory to build stuff and ship it to the hubs.

    40. partenopei 7 days ago

      Mythic ate a little larger than most creators/publishers on KS so should be able to handle two projects, especially as JoA is far along in the design process.

    41. Missing avatar

      Ben Wall 7 days ago

      @Ben - Looking forward to finding out more :) It also just occurred to me to ask are there any sky tiles in the maiden pledge or are they just in the add on stuff?

    42. Missing avatar

      Ben Wall 7 days ago

      @Mike the Knight - It's a good thing for us Mythic is not your usual company ;p

    43. Mike the Knight 7 days ago

      Are you guys sure you want to launch another KS game when this one hasn't even started fulfilment shipping yet? That's usually a very bad idea.

    44. partenopei on June 10

      hello Ben

      is it set in stone that the minis for SK will be 35mm and not the more standard 28-32mm?

      i am sure many if us would prefer the smaller size so they are compatible with existing collections.

    45. Ben Clapperton Collaborator on June 10

      Hello everyone :), as you might imagine we're neck deep in preparation for the Solomon Kane KS launch on Tuesday. The plan is to do a welcome live with Leo a little after 8pm (UK time) and then one afterwards with Jake and Az. Even if you're not planning on backing SK it'd be great to see you all when we do them.

      @Ben Wall

      I'm sure they will have. We even gave a terrain effect to the rainbow tile. I'm not sure off the top of my head what the Apocalypse ones will be.


      I have similar difficulties watching replays even on my laptop. We do occassionally make contact with their live video team so I'll try and pass it on.

      @Brian S. Young

      The models are in production now which is why you're seeing them in the updates. This aspect takes longer than the print which is why start it earlier. Shipping will not happen for a few months.

      @Tim Kings-Lynne

      Everything will ship at the same time :)


      Not sure if it's in the works. The current focus is getting everything we promised in the campaign completed, but after that we intend to continue playing in this sandbox :)


      I've replied to your email

    46. Charlie Bijmans on June 10

      Is there a possibility to late pledge for a friend of mine?
      He was interested but i dont know if its to late...

      Thanks in advance

    47. partenopei on June 10

      if you wish to take a look at another skirmish game that adds some supernatural to historical events, take a look at AD1666 in its final day of KS.

    48. Benjamin Kubczak
      on June 8

      @Dana: I’ll put a Battle of Crecy scenario together once the app is released! ;)

      @Francesco: The issue with flying units remind me of how I’ve played Heroscape in the past. We’ll maybe play one game with a bunch of flying units and then for the next one, we draft armies with the rule that flying units aren’t allowed this time. Then maybe we’ll play a game where Marvel superheroes aren’t allowed, etc. etc. I can see playing battles in ToL:JoA to be similar for me using on-the-fly house rules for drafting an army to mix things up, like this time only playing with historical units, no flying units, no siege equipment, no ranged weapons, no heroes, etc. Anything that seems a bit OP we could adjust as we prefer. I like the flexibility that MG has built into the game design.

    49. Benjamin Kubczak
      on June 8

      @MrHeureux: Thanks! I’m eager to have fun playing around with scenario designs for this game; it’s such a nice box of toys that MG has put together! :) Regarding the capacity of the sky hexes, it doesn’t make thematic sense to me that the sky would be limited to a certain number of units, but maybe mechanically the limit would help so players don’t spam each other with armies of nothing but flying units. I’d be up for at least trying it without any limitations on number of units in the sky.

    50. MrHeureux on June 8


      @Benjamin Kubczak, @Francesco :
      Great ideas guys!

      Concerning sky hexes, reffering to the current rulebook (hopefully a new one will be released soon!), we could have full hexes or divided into 2 and 3 zones like other normal terrain hexes. So yes 8, 6 or 4 max flying units grouped together. Furthermore some other cool effects are already planned : cloudy (+1 black die for def vs ranged atck) and rainbow (+1 black die for atck if holy). See p27/28.
      But yeah 1 extra attack for defender on first round would make sense. Can't wait to test one of your custom siege scenarios ;)

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