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Relive the golden age of chivalry in a 2-4 player narrative battle game of knights and peasants, heroes and dragons, angels and demons.
Relive the golden age of chivalry in a 2-4 player narrative battle game of knights and peasants, heroes and dragons, angels and demons.
Relive the golden age of chivalry in a 2-4 player narrative battle game of knights and peasants, heroes and dragons, angels and demons.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Joshua Rivers 4 minutes ago

      Looking back at the updates, the trebuchet looks way too small to be in scale. It’s tiny looking.

    2. mike hutton
      24 minutes ago

      Any idea when the pledge manager goes live?

    3. Jason Dreger about 7 hours ago

      @Sandor Clegane I'm not sure I'm fully on board with the idea that one command can have multiple zones attack one zone as a way to simulate flanking, but, for your concern about missile troops, since this is simulating them all attacking at once, you could incorporate a friendly fire rule of some sort. That might reduce the missile troop OP problem.

    4. Francesco about 9 hours ago

      @Sandor Clegane: first good idea about using some spare miniatures for the siege, we will probably do it too. :)

      Also I agree with you that, if flank or rear have to be considered (and I am not even sure about it), they shouldn't result in a fiddle rules or making the game unbalanced. The idea of using one single activation for multiple melee attacks (with the defender rolling each time per wave of attacks) came from other war games (e.g. War of the Ring/Battle of Five Armies, or Runewars the Board Game). Maybe it could work also for JoA but it is not guaranteed although a +1 activation bonus (which could require quite expensive manoeuvring in term of activations cost) could not impact too much the game balance and still give some additional tactical choices and thematic flavour. :)

      @Quirkworthy: while discussing about bases on BGG I was wondering if you could ensure that the package bases will cover both the Stretch Goals and the Ars Nova miniatures. Or you could simply declare that indeed all the miniatures in Ars Nova are expected to be played as single miniature units in the Battle Mode. :)

    5. Olle Wallner
      about 9 hours ago

      @Sandor. It’s spelled with two ’o’

    6. Sandor Clegane about 10 hours ago

      Wow, just noticed the new KS logo.... hahahahaha.

      I guess the Kickstarter execs told the design team to make the logo 'Pop'

    7. Sandor Clegane about 10 hours ago

      I plan on gluing minis to bases... I think. I guess we'll see how well they 'snap' into place. I don't think I'll be removing them much if ever. I'll have to play with the walls to see if a base can balance on it, but I could also leave a single base of each sculpt 'unglued' and then use it as a unit for siege play I guess.

    8. Sandor Clegane about 10 hours ago

      In regards to those talking about facing and flanking, I just don't think that is practical. Having to care about which way your tiny troops are facing is very fidldy and just a bad idea in my opinion. I do like the suggestion that you can use a cube to declare a single hex to attack - and then attack with all troops within range.

      Sounds really fun, but you would need to exclude ranged attacks just because that would be fairly OP. Still. this would make holding a position a lot more difficult and I personally really like it (I assume the defenders would roll for defense against each area's attack independently).

    9. Francesco about 11 hours ago

      @Colin Tanner: I think you have already received enough information on the bases counting. :)

      Still, you raised a good point about the flocking bases and glue them could be an option for some gamers. In my case, with the Siege add-on, it won't be feasible as Tobias Schmidt already highlighted.

      I am not an expert of such systems (removable miniatures in a base) but I suppose I would be fine as long as they don't fall down while playing. :)

    10. Smottz about 12 hours ago


      Is there anything that can be done to confirm receipt of my time-sensitive note to Mythic Games support ( I've sent them two requests, but have not received a reply (and again, it's time-sensitive—otherwise I'd just patiently wait a week or two). :) Thanks for anything that can be done to assist me!

    11. Norbert about 12 hours ago

      @Jörg Gering
      Ich habe deine Übersetzung der Regeln kommentiert (hauptsächlich Kleinkram). Danke vielmals dafür - liest sich sehr gut.…

    12. David C about 13 hours ago

      The bases are going to be tricky. Looking at the figures there are some quite obvious weak points around the feet/legs. Moving these figures in and out of the bases, if there is some resistance, will likely cause these to break over time. This is why I think the extra bases is an essential purchase so that once painted you can safely glue them in to the base, flock and go.

    13. Missing avatar

      Zach Blay about 13 hours ago

      @QW has there been any talks about us getting a Prince Phillip miniature with with Kingly Father?

    14. Tobias Schmidt about 13 hours ago

      @Extra Bases: Remember not to glue your troops to the bases, for Siege Expansion single Models will be placed on the Wall, not Bases.

    15. Quirkworthy Collaborator
      about 14 hours ago

      @METADNA - player aid cards are incluided in the core box.

      It's not possible to engrave unit sizes under integral bases.

      @Leader - we are working with the factory on bases now. It's not perfected yet, though it's a simple engineering problem, so we're sure it can be sorted.

      @graham rymer - we've got the staff all done already!

      @Raymond Richards - happy to have you aboard :)

      @Colin Tanner - don't worry about bases now. We will cover them before the PM happens so it's clear. Tommy is correct. You will only need one pack of extra bases for everything.

      @Joerg Gering - Vielen Dank!

      The Voice in Her Head

    16. Joerg Gering about 16 hours ago

      Alright, here is the promised german translation of the beta rules.

      So, wie versprochen gibt es jetzt auf BGG meine Übersetzung der Betaregeln ins Deutsche.
      Kommentare und VErbesserungsvorschläge willkommen.

    17. Missing avatar

      Tommy J about 18 hours ago


      The bases coming with core will only be enough for playing, and you will need to swap them around between games.

      The base add-on will contain enough bases for everything, I read somewhere the actual number as stated on the KS page isn't fixed, they will add more to it if it turns out it is needed.

      So you will only need 1 extra pack of bases from my understanding.

    18. Leader about 20 hours ago

      Bases are provided in add-ons, they are missing in SG only.

    19. Leader about 20 hours ago

      Hi Colin, no, you need one infantry base for each infantry 3 figures, and one cavalry base for each 2 cavalry figures. For example, in the SG, there is 4 ottoman cavalry figures, 4 noble ottoman cavalry figures, and 4 voracious demons (they fit in cavalry base), so 12 figures: you need 6 cavalry stands. Counting infantry figures, you need 49 infantry stand to have all figures based in the same time. I think one extra bases add-on will be fine (9 cavalry bases and 45 infantry bases). All clear?

    20. Missing avatar

      Colin Tanner about 21 hours ago

      @Francesco - your suggestion regarding not using/needing bases for all is fine but more than likely I will be painting figures & flocking bases so probably continued swopping would disturb this. So need to know exactly how many extra bases I will need to base SGs and Legendary Battles add-on?

    21. Missing avatar

      Colin Tanner about 21 hours ago

      @Francesco - thanks for your comments. However with all the numbers I am slightly confused. Do I need x3 extra infantry bases and x2 cavalry?

    22. Missing avatar

      Joshua Rivers 1 day ago

      @Hector, has Corvus Belli come out with their 15mm range yet?

    23. Harrison 1 day ago

      @leader- depending on how thick everything is, magnetizing the bases will probably be an option

    24. Missing avatar

      Ben Wall 1 day ago

      @Raymond Richards - Those last hour backers are the reason we have the French king so we are glad to have you :) It was a heck of a ride, especially the last bit. I still have a bit of post KS hangover lol

    25. Missing avatar

      Mattes 1 day ago

      For everyone interested: Amazon Prime Video just added Henry V for free (In Germany at last, don't know if it is everywhere the same). Nice film with a lot of characters with miniatures in Joan of Arc.

    26. Francesco 1 day ago

      @Colin Tanner: Hello Colin, as Joshua said the bases in the Core Maiden Box are not enough to cover also the miniatures in the Stretch Goals.

      Just to give you an idea:

      3xInfantry Miniatures Bases (not included but required for the Stretch Goals): 42 = 0(English/French) + 4(Ottoman) + 29(Neutral) + 3(Holy) + 6(Unholy)
      2x Cavalry Miniatures Bases (not included but required for the Stretch Goals): 6 = 0(English/French) + 4(Ottoman) + 0(Neutral) + 0(Holy) + 2(Unholy)


      However you may decide that you don't need to use all the miniatures at the same time, especially if you are more interested in some factions than other ones. So you could replace the miniatures in the bases only when necessary.

      I hope that helps. :)

    27. Missing avatar

      Colin Tanner 1 day ago

      @Joshua - so there are enough bases in the Core and Legendary Battles?
      Would I therefore have to buy the add-on for the extra bases?

    28. Missing avatar

      Raymond Richards 1 day ago

      So I pledged about an hour before the campaign ended. So excited for this game. Wish I would have commuted earlier.

    29. Missing avatar

      graham rymer 1 day ago

      @Quirkworthy would it be possible to get Paulo Parente to do models for the serving staff at the 'good place ' inn as a purchase in pledge manager . I'm sure it would be a must have buy :)

    30. Missing avatar

      Clint Walker
      1 day ago

      Snap, stay firm ... Same diff... Yes they will need to be loaded at some point haha. If u get wiped they'll all be off bases and need to be loaded but even besides that....,, u plan to store them all on the bases? Wayyyyy too much of a space hog for my taste :)

    31. Leader 1 day ago

      @Clint: i wrote "stay firmly", not snap. A 15mm plastic figures on a less than 10mm base will fall every time you move, even slip, the base, maybe hit the table, or sneeze. :D And did you think about setting up the game? "Ok, before starting, we have to put these 150 miniatures in these bases, 3 each..."

    32. Hector Varela 1 day ago

      Mirliton, Peter Pig, and Corvus Belli have 15mm medieval models (this was the scale most people used in DBA as far as I remember)

    33. Missing avatar

      Joshua Rivers 1 day ago

      Anyone known of companies that make nice 15mm medieval minis? Was thinking picking up some minis to paint. I know Essex is a popular company. I also found some minis from a company called Legio Heroica that look ok. Know of any others?

    34. Missing avatar

      Joshua Rivers 1 day ago

      @Colin, you don’t get enough bases for the SG minis.

    35. Missing avatar

      Colin Tanner 1 day ago

      @Quirkworthy - are there enough bases included in the Core box, Legendary Battles and SGs for all the figures? Or will I need to buy extras?

    36. Missing avatar

      Clint Walker
      1 day ago

      Why do they need to snap? They should be loose enough to slip in easily without rubbing. You slide the unit bases around or if u must lift the unit base.

    37. Leader 2 days ago

      @Qurirkworthy: Thank you for answer. Maybe i was not clear. my concern was not about playing without multi-figures bases, but how the miniatures will fit in the base: they have to stay firmly into the base when playing, but it must also allow to swap miniatures without damaging it. I imagine that it must be difficult to achieve the necessary precision during mass production, so I would to know if it's an undetermined point or if it's all clear and already tested?
      Maybe production will make some fine details disappear on final miniatures, there is not a big problem for me, but if the miniatures will fall from the base and finally have to be glued, it will change some practical aspects of the game, and the use of SG. I prefer to know that there is some risk about that point and be prepared, instead of a bad surprise when playing. Thank you.

    38. METADNA 2 days ago

      *maps = cards

    39. METADNA 2 days ago

      Animals can be used to saturate an area, delay or even prevent passage, placement of opposing unit. some kind of movable wall. Their maps should have a typical rallying herd effect of other animals of the same species.

    40. METADNA 2 days ago

      For clarity and as a reminder, the size of each unit and decoration elements should be engraved under the base, if each player can have a game help card reminding phases, elementary rules and the maximum size that can contain hexes of 1,2 or 3 zones. Would be nice as fast reminder and teaching the game ^^

    41. Quirkworthy Collaborator
      2 days ago

      @Caleb \[T]/ -

      a) These cards are placeholders to show that cards are included. I expect to include more than 2 cards.

      b) We did discuss it, but nothing concrete has been decided.

      c) The bundles will remain as they are. before we get to the PM we will explain any additional items we've added as one of the WuWs.

      @Batei - what really impresses me is that awful new version of their own logo. How does anyone think that is an improvement?

      @Francesco - I'm not sure about the usability of the animals in battle mode.

      @Leader - I was going to experiment with playing without multi-figure bases. The topic came up in discussion during the KS and I thought it would be fun to try.

      The idea with the SG miniatures is that they would be swapped with the ones from the core box when necessary. The miniatures can be removed from and replaced into the multi-figure bases.

      The number of coloured rings may be increased. We need to ensure that there is the right number, and can do that when we have the final version of all scenarios.

      We may include additional coloured rings as a purchasable add-on in the pledge manager.

      The Voice in Her Head

    42. Leader 2 days ago

      @Quirkworthy: Hi,
      I have a few more questions with miniatures and bases:
      - it is possible to consider playing without sticking the figures to the multi-bases.? I guess, since the SG are provided without their own bases, but i have some concerns about how it can work well. ?
      - How much colored base's rings (for troops) will be exactly provided in the base game? Checking the box, I would like there's around 20 each color, at least for 2 players. Or have the possibilities to buy extra rings, like actually extra bases. ?
      Thank you

    43. Rick R
      2 days ago

      @qw it would be amusing if you did turn out to be Leo. The possibility hadn’t crossed my mind until now ...

    44. Francesco 2 days ago

      @Quirkworthy: thank Jake for confirming the three unit cards for the three characters in the Tavern. I suppose there could be also unit cards also for the animals in the village pack but I am not sure about it. But again, I wouldn't say it is a priority question (I have labelled them simply as "animal" for the moment and not as troop or characters).

    45. Caleb \[T]/ 2 days ago


      Couple of questions that I can't 100% remember the answers to, and finding them doesn't look easy either (thanks ks).

      a). Who are the two character cards for in the current Legendary Battles image?

      b). Are there any plans to change contents of any of the expansions (namely the talk that I remember about LB)?

      c). I vaguely remember something about additional Ottoman units being available in the PM. Will these be included in any capacity as part of either a Majestic or Legendary bundles/an all in pledge? Alternatively, are we likely to be surprised by any such additions or will backers be informed of additional PM contents before we gain access to the PM?

      Cheers, Caleb (and apologies again if these have already been asked a hundred times)

    46. Batei 2 days ago

      Is this new KS format some kind of bad April Fool's joke?

    47. Sacha 2 days ago

      Just sent them some feedback what I think is bad and why and what they should try to improve instead. Maybe we'll get a response…

    48. Quirkworthy Collaborator
      3 days ago

      KS redesign - I have to agree with you guys. The changes are either "meh" or bad. Nicking my blue box is making things more awkward, to be sure. That certainly wasn't broken. Mangling their own logo is the weirdest bit though.

      I sent some feedback and got the response I'd expected. If you don't like the changes you'd be advised to tell them too. If they don't get much response they'll think it's an improvement.

      @Tommy J - Good idea on the desktops. I'll talk to the guys next week when everyone is back at their desks.

      @Engrothi - i'm not the brain child of the next KS, it's mine ;)

      And we want to be much closer before we start spilling the beans. Who do you think I am? Leo?

      @Abhorash - I'll forward your comment to Benoit as he's looking at fulfilment for JoA. Not heard of that issue before, so thanks for raising it.

      @Wim - as Daefyd says, late pledges will be part of the PM phase.

      @Francesco - the lack of blue box isn't making finding my answers any easier. @ and 3 will need to wait till next week to confirm, when the rest of the team is back at their desks. Q1 is all of them, just like blacksmiths and apothecaries :)

      @patricus - yes, in the pledge manager you will be able to add funds, and that's where you tell us what you want.

      @METADNA - thanks for the link.

      The Voice in Her Head

    49. METADNA 3 days ago

      Feel free to consult this battle mode enchance thread !

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