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Play as a Virtue guiding Solomon Kane in a 1-4 player co-op game of storytelling, resource management & tactical miniatures play.
Play as a Virtue guiding Solomon Kane in a 1-4 player co-op game of storytelling, resource management & tactical miniatures play.
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Another one bites the dust!

Posted by David Rakoto (Collaborator)

That’s the $930k stretch goal crushed under your collective boot heels. Well done to everyone, and welcome to all our new backers!  

(Pour retrouver cet update en français, cliquez-ici)

This stretch goal is the start of a new Adventure called The Haunted Mountain. This sees Solomon Kane returning to the Black Forest in southern Germany, where he had the Rattle of Bones Adventure (from the core box). It is a wild and sparsely populated place. Villages and tiny hamlets appear along the trails as if from nowhere, dotted among the heavily-wooded mountain peaks with seemingly random abandon.  

The people who live in these isolated settlements are insular and even more superstitious than the norm. Perhaps this is due to the eerie mists that roll down from the mountains giving the area an other-worldly atmosphere. It could be the isolation itself, or perhaps strange and half-forgotten creatures really do lurk in the remote reaches of this little-explored corner of Germany.  

Whatever the reason, Solomon Kane soon finds himself caught up in the middle of a ghost story that he must resolve, with the aid of the Virtues. A monastery is somehow involved, capturing these troublesome ghosts and aiding the villagers by removing their malign presence. However, as is often the way with Kane’s Adventures, all is not as it first seems, and not everyone is who they claim to be.  

The next stretch goal at $960k is a miniature of the Abbot of the local monastery. As the leader of the monks, he plays an important role in the unfolding events. Puritan and monk are not natural allies though, and even if Solomon is willing to give any many the chance to prove himself friend or foe by his actions, it may not be easy to get along. Your actions and choices will determine whether the Abbot helps Solomon, or obstructs him.

If you are interested in any of our add-ons, simply click on the green “manage your pledge” button near the top of the page. Then increase your total by the amount of any add-ons you wish to include in your pledge. So, if you have an Early Bird Puritan pledge ($110) and want to add the Early Bird Virtuous Bundle ($190) so that you have everything available for Solomon Kane, you would increase your total to $300.  

Please note that during the campaign there is no way for you to tell us what the money you pledge is actually for, so don’t worry about that now. Instead, after the Kickstarter is over we will send you a “pledge manager”. This allows you to tell us exactly how you want to allocate your pledge, which add-ons you would like, how many core boxes, and (most importantly) where we need to send it all!  

Also note that you need to take the Early Bird Virtuous bundle if you have an Early Bird pledge, to avoid getting The Right Hand of Doom twice.  

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    1. Ebonweaver

      SG have gone from 10k increments to 30k as a new adventure segment starts? Given 7+ SG per adventure, this one either needs to be pretty short, or adjusted, or great optimism needs to win out. Based on the data so far, I don't see this going up by $200k or ~1500 backers in the next 2 days, and I hope we don't have to pay to finish something that's incomplete.

    2. Mark-Ders on

      I totally agree with Lord Lovehandles (could have been my own nickname).

    3. Lord Lovehandles on

      I just want to mention that the art for all of these is amazing. Every stretch goal we pass, I look forward to the art in the next update. I'm glad the art book is available for purchase. Great stuff.