Solomon Kane

by Mythic Games, Inc.

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    1. Claymore Nash on

      The Flesh Golem is amazing!

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      Stephen Dondershine on

      Flesh Golem is awesome. Feel like the last week of this campaign has been a bit anticlimactic, what with stretch goals of the same figures over and over again and then a squeaky little adventure for the finale rather than something grand to outdo them all, but c’est la vie. I am still all-in.

    3. Mark-Ders on

      Oh my ... the minis are awesome again, but that Golem is out of this world :)

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      Alchemy on

      Dark Alchemy you say?

      Nice looking expansion and way to finding the all in content

    5. Sean "TheShellFace" on

      @stephen "then a squeaky little adventure for the finale rather than something grand to outdo them all" we're still on the first SG for that, so don't judge it yet :P but being the last SG storyline i'm expecting we'll see something amazing with it, perhaps a final mini the same size as the red horror?

    6. partenopei on

      Frankenstein now

      love it!

    7. Missing avatar

      Mark Desjardins on

      Just take it.......$$$ I mean.......can't really afford the all-in, but this amazing, awesome, alchemical add-on (with a golem no less) is a must. I'd rank it only behind the expanded Red Shadows tale as a " must have"

    8. Sean "TheShellFace" on

      @mark you could always try and split the payments, get the base game during the campaign, and add the all-in during PM

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      Tom Snider on

      Love it, but I don’t suppose there’s ANY chance of getting a Von Staler that matches that artwork?

    10. Bazz

      Guys that Von Staler art work is EPIC but his mini is terrible and looks nothing like him or near as cool. Can that mini please be changed to reflect his epic art work, Thank you

    11. Benjamin Kubczak

      Love this final add-on update!

      I also really like the Von Staler mini as-is. The stripped down Von Staler in the art doesn’t come up as a baron to me; just a guy in a shirt outstretching his arms.

      My main comment is that 4 new tiles doesn’t seem like it would flesh out a full gothic castle, so hopefully some of the other tiles in the core box will be castle-themed as well?

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      Darren Mangan on

      I'm loving the whole project as a whole, but this one does feel a bit small in comparison, I get the value is much smaller, but still, very few minis and only a handful of tiles

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      delattre on

      Horrible à souhait !! J'adore ces ambiances autour des "nouvelles" histoires de Solomon Kane !! J'y retrouve un magnifique hommage à toute la littérature fantastique. Mary SHELLEY (Frankenstein), Maurice RENARD (le Docteur Lerne), HG Wells (l'île du Docteur Moreau), Stephen KING (Salem) et HP Lovecraft bien sûr. Magnifique bestiaire !!