Solomon Kane

by Mythic Games, Inc.

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    1. Edwin Lam on

      What is the backer number range who are eligible for the early bird?

    2. Sean "TheShellFace" on

      @edwin unlike what many other KS's do with having limited EB spots (normally something like 500) MAZE went with a 24-hour EB, so an unlimited amount of people could get it, but after those 24-hours it's no longer available even if someone drops their EB (sorry if i misunderstood your question)

    3. Sean "TheShellFace" on

      sorry, that should be mythic, not maze!

    4. Missing avatar

      skeezix on

      I just found this KS today, and saw the early bird option so picked it. Like most people, since the only people on the non-early-bird are in the dozens of count :)

      Are you going to bump us all over to the non-EB? Need to know, if I need to order this expansion separately.

      Personally, and greedily, I think you need to leave it active for all of us who jumped on it, within 24 hours of seeing the KS existing ;)

    5. Missing avatar

      skeezix on

      Wait.. this KS started on the 12th? So, likely I did make the EB then?! I bought on the 13th.

      Jeez, thats a fast KS to be fully funded on the first day?!

    6. Sean "TheShellFace" on

      @skeezix it was funded in 15-minutes! :D and about the EB, rather than giving a discounted price like most KS's do, mythic gave EB's a $10 expansion for free (so no, you don't need to order the expansions separately :D)

    7. Kickbacker

      They could make it easy on themselves (and do a few backers a favor) and just make 7,000 early birds. At this time, there aren't quite 6,000 total pledges yet according to each pledge level, despite what the total at the top says. That should make for a second big day of additional pledges.

    8. Ben Clapperton Collaborator on

      The EB pledge available in the first 24 hours. So any backer in that time period could pledge for an EB and get this for free. Now that has passed the EB pledge is locked and the regular Puritan Pledge is the only option. If you are on the EB Puritan then you have this, if you're on the regular one and you want it then you'll need to increase your pledge by $10 :)

    9. Thomas Lichtenberg

      Will there be more purchasable AddOns or just included stuff with the core game?

    10. Gooner CO on

      Strange... the all-grey photos of the mini show a right hand, but the painted version below shows a left hand. Is it really a left or right hand in the final version? :)

    11. Sean "TheShellFace" on

      @thomas yes there will be more add-ons, one is going to be revealed sometime today actually :D
      @beau i believe i heard that the left hand was a mistake on the original sculpt and prototype cast (the painted one is the prototype) and has been changed to a right hand to be more accurate to the story/name

    12. Mr. E52s on

      @ Beau - maybe it be your right or its right...

    13. Julian C

      Small point... "give away one of our add-ons" might be misleading for some. "Reveal one of our add-ons" is clearer and won't be confused with "give away for free".

    14. Julian C

      Scratch that - just read the whole sentence again...Doh!!