Solomon Kane

by Mythic Games, Inc.

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    1. Dondon

      This videos always give me problems on Kickstarter, and trying to replay them is a nightmare for me.

      They always get stuck.

      You should be doing your own vídeos on youtube, because I'm pretty sure those will be much better to watch. Or tell KS to fix all the issues here.

    2. Greg Krywusha

      This replay just never starts. As said, you should go with a YouTube standard IMO.

    3. Missing avatar

      Drake Coker

      In the immortal words of Ken Chow... "it don't work".

    4. Az Drummond Collaborator on

      We will absolutely be exploring Twitch, YouTube and more FB lives in the future, but during a campaign we love to talk with our backers the most, so this is the easiest way, if definitely not the most technically robust, unfortunately.

    5. Az Drummond Collaborator on

      Just given it a little test and hitting pause and then play got it working, after a little 10 second or so delay.

    6. Quirkworthy Collaborator

      Odd. Works fine for me. Clicking either the replay button on the video above, or the link in the post both start the video.

      We're checking other combinations of kit.

    7. Dondon

      I'm being honest. It makes me soo nervous. I have tryed to watch the video five times already. The most I have been able to see is 7 minutes and then freezes.
      I have tryed refreshing the page and goint up to those 7 minutes, pause and play, hitting the replay, etc...
      I was going to watch the live broadcast, but something came up (baddy). And it seem it was going to be interesting as hell (I'm sure it was)... I will make a few more tries, but it sure is frustrating.

      I know this is good for the campaing, and I love this, but maybe you have a way to record these same videos and later on adding them to a youtube account, that will make replayability much better.

      Thanks for your response guys :)

    8. Missing avatar

      Sebas on

      Doesnt work

    9. Az Drummond Collaborator on

      @Dondon & Indeed everyone - I AM ON THIS! - Going to get this on our Mythic Games YouTube inside the next 60mins so get over then and subscribe! :D

    10. Dondon

      I'll see it there then.

      Thanks guys!! :)

    11. Az Drummond Collaborator on

      Video can now be seen here too:…

    12. Robert Mills

      Thanks for the youtube link, the KS link seemed to kill my wifi.