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$725,264 pledged of $100,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

$725,264 pledged of $100,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

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    1. Missing avatar

      Glenn Reynolds
      just now

      I'm not sure a "language pack" would work for this project. Wouldn't it mean translating and reproducing 2,000 cards, all the story books, and rule book for 200-300 people? They're not going to do it at cost, they need to make a living. So, if the final price plus profit is $20 for 200 cards, that's $200 just for the cards. You cannot compare this game to others who have offered translations when those projects only had a fraction of the content this one has.

    2. Norbert 2 minutes ago

      The box artwork is - decent. Not spectacular though.

    3. Missing avatar

      Glenn Reynolds
      8 minutes ago

      @John B, welcome to the club...altho I'm not so sure it's a good thing.

    4. Missing avatar

      František Orálek 11 minutes ago

      Art of box..hmm maybe in background virtues in the mist missing

    5. Rob
      13 minutes ago

      @Norbert +1. It's my biggest issue with wooden dice.

    6. Babis Giannios Collaborator 14 minutes ago

      @Garcimorus: Yes, this is the final art of the cover of the box! Don't you like it?

    7. Missing avatar

      Sablin 14 minutes ago

      I'm perfectly ok with drawing cards instead of rolling dice. However, I would LOVE the blue swirly dice for the virtues.

      About translations, I agree with some comments: it might be quite expensive for MG, but it'd attract a lot of backers. Mainly Spanish and Germans (according to what I see in the forum). Anyway, I totally understand if MG postpone that. If they didn't plan this in advance, maybe is too late to announce something during the campaign. Let's see!

    8. Norbert 15 minutes ago

      I experienced wear and tear for wooden dice is significantly higher than for plastic dice. Some of my old dice are hardly not readable anymore. For instance my HeroQuest dice - as this game was brought to my memory recently in the discord group ;-)

    9. Missing avatar

      Richard Mitchell 15 minutes ago

      @ Frank, ok thanks for the heads-up ,will keep a watch out!

    10. Missing avatar

      John B
      17 minutes ago

      @ Frank ;) keep it on the down low

    11. Frank Calcagno 17 minutes ago

      Richard: I think not, but maybe a play tomorrow?????

    12. Missing avatar

      John B
      18 minutes ago

      I've got to run. Keep an eye out for the the Ogre. He's getting closer!

    13. Frank Calcagno 18 minutes ago

      Yeah, John, I was going to say, if my wife knew what Superbacker meant, I'd certain not want her to see it...

    14. Missing avatar

      Richard Mitchell 19 minutes ago

      Any live play slated for today?

    15. Missing avatar

      John B
      20 minutes ago

      Thank you, adoring fans. I'll try to be worthy of the mantle of Superbacker. All it means is that I'm in trouble with my wallet now ;)

    16. Captain Malevil 21 minutes ago

      @Jean-Luc As the guy said he was dropping the pledge again, so I'll try to offer you an explanation. Some ppl can manage well enough with English, but not everybody in the gaming group do the same. That means untranslated games tend to stay in the shelf, and SK being narrative... (or maybe there is another reason! :-P)

    17. Frank Calcagno 22 minutes ago

      Oh, John B...I am unworthy!!!!
      I bow to you!! LOL

      Skazz: if part of Event Deck, then extra dice could work...
      Glenn: actually, I'd be happy with pretty much any dice.
      Grrr: I am waiting for my Dog Might wooden Traveller Dice Tower to show up. Cannot wait to use that sucker!!!!!!!! It;s a slick-looking puppy.

    18. Missing avatar

      22 minutes ago

      Hello MG: it's the final art of the box?
      the design of the current box is not necessarily very attractive...

    19. Babis Giannios Collaborator 23 minutes ago

      @Mark-Ders : I really do!

    20. Rob
      23 minutes ago

      lol. The badge of shame! Welcome to the club. :))
      "Saving the world one campaign at a time" my son says when he sees my badge.

    21. Missing avatar

      23 minutes ago

      @Skazz maybe the number distribution on the cards is not equal (but e.g. Bell shaped). This would be hard to follow with dice. Also, if you draw a certain card and play its value, this card cannot be drawn and played again, which increases the probability of drawing a different value. With dice, all rolls always have the same outcome probability distribution. Maybe that's one of the reasons they're using cards? (We're e.g. doing this in Perdition's Mouth - no dice there).

    22. Missing avatar

      John B
      24 minutes ago

      @ Rob, if it's lost in the comments, it never happened. If it's a good idea, just take the credit ;)

    23. Missing avatar

      František Orálek 24 minutes ago

      Or make audio of new big sg or show some pictures on different web pages and post hints where find them. And if you dont earn money you make something really good place...make some fun.

    24. Missing avatar

      John B
      24 minutes ago

      re translations. A way I have seen it work is that with a minimum number (200 backers for example) they offer a language add-on. That covers the costs without weighing down the project for the already offered languages. Not perfectly equitable, but, fair enough.

    25. Rob
      26 minutes ago

      @John B, I thinkthe idea originally goes back to @sharKK. I'm just a convert. ;)

    26. Missing avatar

      John B
      27 minutes ago

      (stand back everyone, I now have the Superbacker label - that's my first post as such)

    27. Frank Calcagno 27 minutes ago

      Yeah, Jamie does have a point that has been worrying me. Very true that translations are expensive, but the $ spent on translation, if it brought in 100...300(???) extra backers would start to be a push. I DO understand the logistics nightmare, though.
      But how many backers would it bring in, I wonder????

    28. Rob
      27 minutes ago

      @Glenn, that's why I liked the scrimshaw look originally, would have been very thematic I think if we were rolling them for Solomon, but we're not, we're rolling them for the virtues, that's why I'd go with the ethereal look.

    29. Missing avatar

      John B
      28 minutes ago

      @ Rob - yes, if we can get custom dice, ones to match the Virtues motif would be most excellent. Not only is it the player as the Virtue, but, it's the virtue's powers we're dicing with . Very nice.

    30. Missing avatar

      Glenn Reynolds
      28 minutes ago

      Correction: I find that because of the weight and sharper corners/edges of custom plastic dice they don't roll well and they knock everything else over, forcing me to pass around a dice tray.

    31. Missing avatar

      František Orálek 28 minutes ago

      Simply in sg, try something shocking. Not for free, but 100k-250k dolars away...everybody must think "wow i didnt see anythink like this in campaign" or something like "500 new backers in x days and you have it"

    32. Jean-Luc Barbera 29 minutes ago

      @Jaime I'm curious. You say you dropped your pledge for a lack of translation but you seem to write and understand english pretty well. So what's your problem regarding the lack of translation ?

    33. Mark-Ders 30 minutes ago

      @Babis: you've got to love this community :)

    34. Missing avatar

      Glenn Reynolds
      30 minutes ago

      Regarding the dice, I guess I'm like the only dude here who likes the original. 0ne, they're really easy to read at a glance. Two, I find that because of the weight and sharper corners/edges they don't roll well and they knock everything else over, forcing me to pass around a dice tray. Three, Puritans were simple, non-materialistic people, often dressing in only black and white.

    35. Thorsten Schleer 31 minutes ago

      Bye Jaime see you next time

    36. Skazz 31 minutes ago

      @Frank. I think that the distribution of the let's say Nemesis numbers is independent from the adventure/chapter because the numbers are part of the event deck and there is only one consisting of 50 cards. But I might be mistaken.

    37. Frank Calcagno 32 minutes ago

      Rob, yeah, I am in love with SharKK's blue steel idea! (Homage to Zoolander, there...
      0 0

      They might be hard to read, but the blue swirly dice with pure white numbers would look soooo nice on those trays.
      ....scrimshaw would be nice to, though...

    38. Jaime 34 minutes ago

      Just repledged $1 to comment:

      @Angy has mistakenly posted a comment on another project in which I am a backer, talking about the importance of translations. When he said he had commented in the wrong campaign something made me believe he actually wanted to publish it here, and I seem to have been right.

      I just wanted to support him by saying he's right. I myself was an early bird who left the project several days ago due to the parsimony and lack of news about the translation of this game. Not only that, but I also know two other people who have also left for the same reason. Don't fall into the trap of thinking that translating a game is not important. Many people never support projects that are not in our language. By the way, I see this campaign has 200 backers less than when I left. Coincidence? Maybe not.

      That said, I'll drop my dollar, hope to back your next game.

    39. Babis Giannios Collaborator 35 minutes ago

      @all : Guys, I really like what you're proposing here!

    40. Rob
      36 minutes ago

      Re- dice. I've been asking for scrimshaw look dice, but the more I think about it we are not rolling the dice for Solomon but for the virtues, so I'm now thinking blue ethereal swirly dice would be better.
      @sharKK @Frank, it seems you have converted me to your Puritan ideals (and ideas) ;)

    41. Missing avatar

      Alucard 37 minutes ago

      too many crads and text. i love it, but... it is too themathic. If it will be in spanish i will go all-in

    42. Missing avatar

      František Orálek 37 minutes ago

      And...maybe you have done a little mistake to give people addon black riders for free not as sg some 10k dollars away. This campaign stagnate not only because eb backers have no idea about game they are backing (its game with miniatures, not miniatures with random rules) and simply go away, but because there is missing some really interesting sg..somesthing unusual...maybe 850.000-1mil dolars silooute of something really huge, you not make sg 10k, but continue 30k and show shadow of something big..maybe more sg together in one..and with every normal sg unlocked show small strip of art what is about..or every normal sg has piece of puzzle in it whats going on in big sg..or try something unusual, not continue in sgs like now... payed add-ons current players pay more but not more backers, vampire expansion si superb, really is..or early bird number 2?

    43. Frank Calcagno 37 minutes ago

      What I use to mark pieces that already moved in all my games is small plastic tile spacers that look like 3D "x" can get a huge bagful at a Home Depot store for a couple bucks. They work very well to mark off prior movement...(I did that in my old ASL days with hundreds of stacks of counters)...

    44. Frank Calcagno 44 minutes ago

      I would be happy with Skazz's suggestions, but it seems to me that the 3 categories of number results might vary quite a bit between Chapters a/o Adventures. By that, I mean that the "worst" column (Nemesis) in one chapter may have an average of say 5, ranging from 2-7 in one story, but it might be 8, ranging from 4-10 in another... (obviously just making up numbers here) :(
      Using 1 die to simulate that would not work very well and take away potential customization for unique scenarios.
      (But maybe they are all similar throughout the Adventures, I don't know...)

      I'd also think for convention, there is always the owner of the game who is usually becomes the "rules guy" in a game. I'd just position the boards so that person is always sitting at the south end... I get the impression the story book will have the map layout and show a north arrow...just create the tiles in the same way all the time. (A period compass rose would look mighty cool, though...)

      I very much like the idea of tokens for those who moved already.

    45. Gabriele Morani (Morg) about 1 hour ago

      @James W
      targets are written on discovery cards, not random anymore

    46. James W about 1 hour ago

      To add on the @Skazz’s idea - maybe have two colors of dice so you can roll target and check at the same time if you want.

    47. Skazz about 1 hour ago

      @Luis. Maybe only if you take standard dice? Guess a nice custom d10 would do the trick. But sure custom dice are expensive.

    48. Eduardo Guimarães about 1 hour ago

      I think Jake said that there will be a compass or something like that to track North. Can someone confirm?

    49. Skazz about 1 hour ago

      Thanks Babis, maybe they are useful.

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