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Play as a Virtue guiding Solomon Kane in a 1-4 player co-op game of storytelling, resource management & tactical miniatures play.
Play as a Virtue guiding Solomon Kane in a 1-4 player co-op game of storytelling, resource management & tactical miniatures play.
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    1. Robin Reeve less than a minute ago

      @Shane Perhaps, perhaps... :-)

    2. Shane
      about 2 hours ago

      You say that now..:)

    3. Robin Reeve about 4 hours ago

      I am not very interested in Reichbuster's theme.

      My budget is also becoming limited as I am not only backing SK but Soul of the Empire and Zombicide: Invaders on KS, in addition to several preorders elsewhere (you will see that my gaming interests for WW2 are on the historical wargaming side) :

      At GMT
      - Musket & Pike dual pack (17th century battles)
      - Absolute War (1941-45 simple Russian Campaign strategic wargame)
      - Civilisations of the Inner Sea (Antiquity civilisation development in the Mediterranean)
      - The Russian Campaign, Designer signature edition (classic 1941-45 Russian Front strategic wargame - two games + mounted boards)
      - Commands and Colors Medieval (Byzantine vs Sassanids and Maurs battles game - preordered two, as I have the Ancients series, and the game system is simple but excellent)

      At MMP
      - Armies of Oblivion ASL module
      - Red Factories ASL giant historical module
      - Front towards Enemy Vietnam tactical wargame
      An ASL historical module, Hatten in Flames, about battles around the Alsatian town of Hatten in 1945, is heading my way...

      So I need to slow down my KS & purchases for some time and focus on what really corresponds to my tastes.
      And happily, I won't face all expenses at the same time ! ;-)

    4. Thorsten Schleer about 7 hours ago

      Thanks @Kehlenschnitt for your notes on Reichbusters. I wasn't interested in this game at all. Not so much after the announcement and even less after the teaser. But now I'm starting to get interested. I hope they'll wait with the KS campaign until after the delivery of JoA. Backing two games at a from a company before I got even one was a big leap of faith for me I was willing to take for Mythic. But I won't do it with three ;)

    5. Gambit.Rogue about 17 hours ago

      Is there a BGG page for Reichbusters project Vril? I couldn't find it, but I'd like to stay up to date on that but I don't have social media

    6. Mark-Ders about 20 hours ago

      Yeah, Leo is fond of the bigger minis. He liked to fondle the Ogre and the Gorilla :)

    7. Kehlenschnitt (Miremarsh Stumpy)
      about 22 hours ago

      @Mel On KS: Yeah, it reminded me of the Solomon Kane livestream, when he tried to showcase three miniatures at once (that poor Ogre) XD

    8. Mel On KS
      1 day ago

      @Kehlenschnitt (Miremarsh Stumpy) - I thought the Dragon mishap with the wing was funny. :)

    9. Missing avatar

      Craig Patterson 1 day ago

      Great to hear! I just sold some things today to help me afford RB when it comes to KS! I really liked the description that Leo gave during the JoA live of what the game play and structure would be like. I've never heard of a board game like it. And the setting is near and dear to my family - We're big WW2 buffs. Someone (not me!) even has a piece of one of Hitler's homes...

    10. Missing avatar

      Steve Slack Collaborator 1 day ago

      Hey All,
      For those of you commenting on Reichbusters the good news is that we developers have been play-testing early prototypes and once again (although I am biased of course) Yet Another Awesome Mythic Game!!

    11. Missing avatar

      Craig Patterson 1 day ago

      (Happily married to my wife, btw) :)

    12. Missing avatar

      Craig Patterson 1 day ago

      In regards to the JoA Live Update from a couple of days ago, I'm the guy who was watching it with no sound. I didn't realize Leo would actually read the comments section! I was terrified when I found out, but thankfully he laughed at some of the things I said about his on-screen presence and enthusiasm. I'll be much more careful in future.

      However, that was also one of the most amazing experiences when I re-watched the stream, with sound, and learned that the actual game devs read and care about our questions and comments!!!! I think this just made me a Mythic-for-life person! I'm so excited for what is to come.

      And yes, Leo has a dreamy voice.

    13. Kehlenschnitt (Miremarsh Stumpy)
      1 day ago

      @Frank Calcagno: If you're interested in "Reichbusters", I've posted a summary of the new information from the livestream half a day ago. The only other "earth shattering" that happened was, when @Leo picked up the huge dragon and "accidentally" removed a wing ;-)

    14. Mel On KS
      1 day ago

      @Frank Calcagno - Mainly "Joan Of Ark" and about 79 minutes in he talks of Reuchbusters for about 5 to 10 mins, Not long at all. But still very upbeat as usual...he does mention his love of all 3 games. I did not go past the new game information...

    15. Frank Calcagno 1 day ago

      Could not attend the live stream. Did Leo discuss Solomon Kane at all? If so, anything earth-shattering?

    16. Missing avatar

      Steve Slack Collaborator 1 day ago

      @Angy you are welcome, and thank you for your offer.

      The rulebook itself is currently awaiting another update so do not worry too much about translating this version.

    17. Mel On KS
      1 day ago

      Watching LIVE (replay) and what an interesting experience it was just NOW going to type in the comments section. I forgot it is a REPLAY! Dang dang dang!

    18. Angy 1 day ago

      @Steve Slack

      Thank you for your more extensive answer! Now I can understand better your current stage of work regarding translations.
      I hope MG may consider my idea and find a way, yet this or any other, to offer a professional translation, for all "spoiler-alarm" content.

      (For example the rulebook could be translated by the fans, as there aren't any spoilers. I would be absolutely willing to help with this myself!)

    19. Mel On KS
      1 day ago

      @Freddy - Thanks for the link.

    20. Mel On KS
      1 day ago

      @Kehlenscnitt - Thanks. :) Will watch it tonight when I get home. Want to know more about that next game as well...

    21. Missing avatar

      Sablin 2 days ago

      @Kehlenschnitt Thanks!!!!

    22. Kehlenschnitt (Miremarsh Stumpy)
      2 days ago

      @Sablin: The main information for "Reichbusters" starts at approx. 80:00 min in the livestream, these are the notes I took during the stream (not sure if I understood everything correct, but it should give you an idea about the mechanics)
      - launch date could be end of the year
      - each player has his own hero and deck of cards
      - progression for heroes and enemies can drop weapons, which you can add to your deck
      - first part of any mission is infiltration phase, you try to do as much as possible during this phase without triggering the alarm, eventually alarm will be triggered and all hell breaks loose, first normal soldiers but it becomes weirder and you could get swarmed
      - very heroic, action-packed game
      - only need one hero to leave the castle to win the scenario, pushes you to do heroic things, like sacrificing your hero to let the other players escape
      - heroes aren't killed in a mission but instead captured/imprisoned, if you win the scenario (leaving the castle with at least one hero), you can play a special rescue scenario afterwards (only one-shot to try to rescue your allies from imprisonment)
      - two modes (campaign mode / raid mode)
      - raid mode is not scenario mode, just fast games with random objectives to accomplish

    23. Missing avatar

      Sablin 2 days ago

      @Kehlenschnitt Could you let us know those juicy spoilers? :)

    24. Missing avatar

      Arkadiusz 2 days ago

      @Freddy - thank you :)

    25. Freddy 2 days ago

      @Mel, @Kehlenschnitt - or just follow the livestream link I posted below, some 6 hours ago...

    26. Kehlenschnitt (Miremarsh Stumpy)
      2 days ago

      @Mel On KS: Head over to the Joan of Arc campaign page, @Leo had a livestream there yesterday. He showed a lot of production miniatures (including the huge dragon! Can't wait to receive this game) and also dropped some nice juicy spoilers for "Reichbusters".

    27. Shiromoto
      2 days ago

      I'm actually glad the pledge manager has not opened just yet because I have a number of other payments coming up, so this gives me more time to have the funds needed to get all the add-ons. 👍

    28. Mel On KS
      2 days ago

      We need a Leo fix plus the minis of course! :)

    29. Freddy 2 days ago

      @Arkadiusz - "the Pledge Manager will be opening pretty soon."
      And yes, you will be able to add more stuff to your pledge there.

    30. Missing avatar

      Arkadiusz 2 days ago

      Hi, does anyone know if and when there will be opened and available the pledge manager and if we could still add some add-ons to our pledges ?

    31. Freddy 2 days ago

      @Ray Dexter - all lives can be found here, as always:

    32. Missing avatar

      Steve Slack Collaborator 3 days ago

      @Nooblebear the wooden dice are prototype only the final dice will be plastic.

    33. NoobleBear 3 days ago

      @Steve have you guys landed on a dice color/design yet? Looks like the wooden ones are still being used at conventions and for in office testing.

    34. Missing avatar

      Steve Slack Collaborator 3 days ago

      @All I am afraid that its a What's Up Wednesday from me again this week I always seem to write them when all of the interesting stuff has either happened or is due to happen! Enjoy ;)

    35. Missing avatar

      Steve Slack Collaborator 3 days ago

      @Freddy as ever you are correct. Any changes or advances will be announced both in the comments but also as updates (including Whats Up Wednesdays).

    36. Freddy 3 days ago

      (even ABLE to update), that is.

    37. Freddy 3 days ago

      @Steve Slack - with regard to checking the FAQ regularly for status updates... are you even update the FAQ section now that the campaign has ended? I thought that section is now also locked for editing... but I may be wrong there.

    38. Missing avatar

      Frodokinobi 3 days ago

      Thanks guys. I've read the info and listened to the interview on solo. I was/am just hoping to see this demo`d in a video to see how if plays out or feels before committing >$300, that's all.

    39. Missing avatar

      Steve Slack Collaborator 3 days ago

      @FrodoKinobi There are three options for Solo play, you can play all four virtues, the single providence virtue, or standard solo play. In standard solo you play one of the regular Virtues but the other 3 Virtue's cards are available as one use actions throughout each Act.

    40. Missing avatar

      Frodokinobi 3 days ago

      @Robin. Yeah it gives me an idea of how it would play if I play all the virtues. But I am most interested in seeing how the combined single super virtue plays. Playing all 4 seems too burdensome to me.

    41. Missing avatar

      Steve Slack Collaborator 3 days ago

      @Angy thanks for your feedback, I am sorry if my answer didn't satisfy you previously. The problem is that the only update that we have regarding translation packs is the one in the FAQ.
      As you can probably imagine translation for a different language pack is a large undertaking, with over 2,500 narrative cards and a storybook with an enhanced story line for every adventure.
      We have taken on board the requests for translations that backers made during the campaign and discussions are still ongoing regarding other language resolutions. We are currently working with a professional spanish translator for Joan of Arc.
      Obviously when translation decisions have been reached they will be published in this comments section as well as the FAQ. As you have already noticed our great backers are more than happy to help other backers understand the current state of play so checking the FAQ constantly is not our recommendation, however if for any reason you are out of touch with comments for a while you can always check the status there.
      Kind regards,

    42. Robin Reeve 3 days ago

      @Frodokinobi The coop playthroughs already give a good idea of what soloing will be.
      It will adjust to a "super" Providence virtue, with some adaptations, but I guess that the basic system will be the same.

    43. Robin Reeve 3 days ago

      Sorry for having misunderstood the question of Stretch Goals : you were complaining about the fact that MG couldn't confirm that they would provide other translations during the campaign. I overthought that remark into the idea of SG.

      I wouldn't hold my breath about an official Spanish translation.
      If you expect a professional work, that has a heavy cost - and I have doubts that MG will hire a professional translator as they are presently hiring a professional translator for the French one.
      Seeing the heap of work that they will have to lead the project as is to its end, I doubt that they will invest supplemental time and money in other translations - at least, within the short year until the official production deadline.

      You should be less pessimist or dismissive about the fan base.
      There are very competent people, which can produce something as good as a "professional" translator - many players do have professional competences when it comes to translating and to writing (e.g. I am involved in an edition enterprise, besides my work as a professor, and I have done the translation of the game Kings of Israel into French).

      One can also consider that it already is exceptional that the game is not only in English at the time it is produced.
      Believe me, when I see the years it takes for FFG to get out some games in French after the production of the English version (e.g. Unbreakable Bonds, the coop-solo expansion of Runebound, will come out about two years after the English version), I cannot complain about MG.

      Things can always be hoped better, but we must cope with reality.

    44. Angy 3 days ago


      Yeahhh, I think you're right. Probably I am expecting too much from Steve.

      Nevertheless, he wrote what you stated, but without the "thank you" part, and mainly indicating that I should check out the FAQ regularly if I wanted to be informed if there was any advance about this subject.

      Personally, I understand something different as "good communication". But maybe it's me and I am just quite sensitive these days.

    45. Freddy 3 days ago

      @Frodokinobi - small correction... they actually said the solo playthrough video would be up before PM closes, they never said they would have it ready before PM opens.

    46. Freddy 3 days ago

      @Angy - I think you were expecting a bit too much from Steve. He probably isn't even one of the team members involved in realizing the translations, so the best he can say is "thanks for your ideas. I will pass them on to the team"... which is exactly what he did.
      And the FAQ also says "As soon as we have a solution we will announce it."
      Steve might be able to talk to the team and find out how close to a "solution" they are, and if there is any news they can share before PM closes, but I expect that that is as far as his involvement with translations goes.

    47. Missing avatar

      Frodokinobi 4 days ago

      @mythic games. I pledged here based on the immersive story telling and solo play option but there is still no solo play through video, which I think was said would be up before the funding date. For me, I want to go all in - without all in the story is limited - but really wanted to see solo play through first.... Pledge manager is now looming... Where is the solo play through? Thanks

    48. Angy 4 days ago

      @Robin Reeves

      Thanks for taking the time to address my comments! 

      Well, I have the impresión that I didn't explain myself. 

      My disappointment is not due to the fact that MG runs their campaigns in English and French. I am disappointed about the way they've (not) answered. 

      I am not "requesting" a translation in the sense of "demanding" it. I am explaining that while thinking about whether go all in or not, I've recognized that it depends for me on the availability of a translation of the narrative text ... and I am outlining that I am probably not the only one in this situation.

      I am aware that the translation would be an investment. Because of that I am giving an idea about how to maintain costs as low as possible, and additionally I am telling that I (and I suppose quite some other people too) would be willing to pay extra for a professional translation. Take into account that for my idea you won't have any print costs neither logistic cost, but apart from the translation only the investment for the app, which won't be much if it's done as basic as I am suggesting. Another important aspect is that the way I am proposing, makes it difficult to do a "pirate copy" of the translation. Just only give plain text, disabling the copy function. 

      I absolutely agree with you that language editions as stretch goals wouldn't have been feasible. That's why I never ever did propose somethig like this. Maybe you're referring to another baker's comment. 

      Fan base would be the last solution.(For instance, I really appreciate your offer for helping out with the fan base translation if you'd just know the Spanish language.) After all, I still think a professional translation would be the best, not only "quality" wise but also strategically. If there is no official translation announced, only a few will keep on, and out of these even less would participate in a translation. But if MG offers it officially, you'll see a queue for late pledges, as the game will become attractive for a looooot more people. Regarding fan based, there's also the problem that you'd spoil yourself if you first translate all the text, before playing a chapter. If we would be talking only about a rule book or scenario description, this wouldn't be a problem, but well, here it's the case. 

      So, I hope during the next days I'll receive a some more elaborated and detailed answer from MG. I think it's part of the basic respect towards the bakers, especially when they're spending time and effort in giving well meditated ideas and feedback.

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