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Aliens! Mutants! Weird science! Gather your Heroes to smash the Nazis in this cooperative action-adventure board game for 1-4 players.
Aliens! Mutants! Weird science! Gather your Heroes to smash the Nazis in this cooperative action-adventure board game for 1-4 players.
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Not of this Earth - Gallery

Posted by David Rakoto (Collaborator)

Way back in update #13 we took the opportunity to show off the core box miniatures in greater detail than the campaign page allowed for. Now it's the turn of the Not of this Earth miniatures to get the spotlight.

Below you'll find galleries of both unpainted and painted miniatures, and look out later for another Not of this Earth update which will delve a little into the background and story of this expansion.

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    1. Russonc

      ...@Matt, I was kidding... (I mean I'd love a painted set, but I know the cost)

    2. Etienne Colin on

      many thanks to show us the minis of the expansion,
      still make me think of a bunch a Vril Looney Toons weapons carriers with addition of altered centipedes, not my kind of weird war stuff... though I admit it is really great design work and detailed, just I'll stay with my alien vs predator minis for alien blasting boardgaming.
      still I enjoy that other people on this KS like it, and wish to all the best of gaming with those =)

    3. Matt on

      A painted set to the standard of the photos that have been shown would cost a fortune. I bet 99% of those calling for a painted set wouldn't be willing to stump up the money if the option were added

    4. Missing avatar

      Jotabe on

      I really LOVE the vril canon team! <3 So beautiful

    5. Qeqtoxii on

      I love that german names !! XD

    6. Dorthonion on

      Fantastic - the cannon is an impressive mini I had not seen before

    7. Missing avatar

      James Murray on

      Had to laugh at Dr. Kopf.

      Also, love the translation of the Augsburg....Monstrous Invention.

      Just be careful not to put an “H” before it, because then it translates as Home Birth! 😄

    8. Ross

      If they did a painted core set i'd back it, but it would have to cost a LOT more than the "All-In". Currently the "All-In" pledge isn't worth it to me.

    9. Mark-Ders on

      Wow, a lot of great minis in there. Glad I went all-in :)

    10. Russonc

      I'm thinking if they throw in painted minis, the all-in would really take off... ;}

    11. Matt Drake

      Oh holy crap that is so cool. I'm so glad I'm backing this.

    12. Paul Roger on

      If i'm not mistaken Leo showed some other mini during the french live, nazi looking like ubersoldat with arms in their back. Where they removed ? Secret strechgoal ? Or am i imagining stuff ?

    13. Ross

      I'm not really loving this set as much as the core set to be honest. But, to each their own and glad others like it.

    14. Missing avatar

      Benjamin on

      I really love the german names.

    15. Tomasz Rospondek

      Vril cannon team is really nice.
      I hope for some gather-move-set-fire rules. They shouldn’t be able to move and fire or fire and move instantly. Too much crap to pick up and settle down ;)

    16. Kevin on

      Being german makes the names of the two Vrilmeister really bad puns.
      But thats absolutely what I expected from weird war settings.😅

      One small suggestion. Change the name from the shrieker to Kreischer which is the german word for it so it is more in line with the other troops from this expansion.

    17. Streams

      Finally... I have been wondering about this set... incredible design... hope the game play they bring is equally as good...