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Aliens! Mutants! Weird science! Gather your Heroes to smash the Nazis in this cooperative action-adventure board game for 1-4 players.
Aliens! Mutants! Weird science! Gather your Heroes to smash the Nazis in this cooperative action-adventure board game for 1-4 players.
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Did you hear something?

Posted by David Rakoto (Collaborator)

That last stretch goal was quite a powerful addition to the Nazi ranks, so let’s go back to the Allied side next. Please welcome our newest Hero, the Polish spy Irena. Her miniature is now included in every core pledge, along with all her cards and tokens.

(Pour retrouver cet update en français, rendez-vous ici)

On the table, Irena is all about the combos. Specifically, she is all about how to combo multiple kills together into a huge chain that clears rooms of Nazis at a time. She is also very stealthy, with even her pistol attacks being silenced. That’s the sort of thing that’s important when you’re a spy (or so Control keeps telling me).

Judging by our latest playtests, this mix of range restrictions and combo actions is working well to give her a nicely different play style to Red Hawk, or Claudine (who also both sneak around and kill Nazis in their own ways) – and that’s what we go for with each Hero: uniqueness to play style and feel.

Of course, Heroes don’t work alone. Every time we add a new Hero to the mix this increases game options and replayability across the board. When you decide on your Heroes for a new game, you can choose any combination of 4 from those you have available. The more Heroes you have, the more variety and the more possible team compositions. Like any game with asymmetric and characterful player roles, selecting Heroes for your team is not just about which Hero is coolest on their own – it’s also about which work well together. The more you play, the more you can see cool combinations of Heroes to experiment with, and the more Heroes we can add, the more options that will be. All good stuff!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Manu on

      personally I would prefer her to wear a "Rogatywka" (polish four-pointed peaked cap) on her head

    2. Missing avatar

      Mark Davis on

      Is Irena a Kickstarter exclusive or not?
      This update and the Stretch Goals graphic at the bottom of the campaign page say not but the updated unlocked stretch goals graphic at the top of the campaign page says she is.

    3. Matt Drake

      I am loving this entire campaign. Every time you show us a female hero, she is dressed as though she were going into combat. Considering how many games say, 'this woman is going to go do massive violence' and then put her in lingerie and give her breasts like a Vegas porn star, it is a breath of fresh air to see you treating female heroes like people, and not blow-up dolls with super powers.

      And you gave one of the female heroes - in the core box, no less! - a facial scar! That's takes cojones. Guys can have scars and beards and gray hair and beer guts, but women are so often limited to slinky sex kittens with perfect skin. You guys are doing great, and making me proud to be giving you loads of my money.

      If I had one request, it would be a lot more women. Look at the Norman Rockwell version of Rosie the Riveter - tough, competent, and not the least bit underfed:

      Helen Mirren in Red 2, snapping necks and cashing checks:

      More heroes like that - hardened women who can bust Nazi skulls.

    4. Mmag on

      @Patrick C.
      "Natasha" isn't Polish female name. And "Irena" - not sure if it's intentionally or not but could be a little tribute to Irena Sendlerowa - true hero from ww2, you can read about her:

    5. Roger B on

      I hope we get a Canadian hero soon. They were a major allied power and have no representation yet.

    6. Az Drummond Collaborator on

      Hey everyone, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on Irena! We have heard you and will share an update in the next day or two on our Polish silent killer :) Az

    7. Missing avatar

      Patrick C. on

      I can confirm that the face of the mini looks little bit weird. I think that will be easy to improve. Maybe also change the name to Natasha? That sounds more fitting.

    8. Missing avatar


      Yes, great mini and picture. But bad mini face. Please!!, Set the same face than the picture. Is AWESOME!! The face of the mini is very diferent. Is more Asiatic than Polish :(

    9. Thomas M

      Love the sculpt. The "no-look" headshot pose is super cool.

    10. Missing avatar

      Andreas on

      the pose is great. the face or maybe just the eyes is weird

    11. Tristanovich on

      After thinking, an uniform doesn't really suit to a spy, especially for a woman at this period... Would have been better with a nice sexy evening dress (and keeping pistols). Think James Bond... ^^
      We also need some sexy heroes for a pulp game like that...

    12. Lau on

      She looks like a 90-year old japanese nun. Other than that, cool mini

    13. MZ on

      Thank you, as a Pole, just thank you. That is awesome!

    14. Missing avatar

      Vipe on

      I agree with the others. On pictures she looks badass but on mini she is sleeping Maybe :) Just fix her head pose.

    15. Ross

      I agree with others - the face needs to be brought upwards and needs to look more like the artwork. I'd also like to see the dagger from the artwork added to the mini.

    16. Brimat on

      Cool concept. But she looks like wearing a face mask.

    17. Tristanovich on

      I wanted to write German uniform

    18. Tristanovich on

      As a spy, it also wouldn't be more logical to wear a nazi uniform?
      And I agree the head of the mini is weird and doesn't fit with the artwork.

    19. Brnd Myr on

      The eyes looks asian.

    20. Alex Holmes on

      I agree with @Demo on this one. She's a strong confident hero and her head should be raised.

    21. Alex Holmes on

      I agree with @Demo, she's a strong confident hero. Her head should be raised.

    22. Nathan Jones on

      She looks so awesome! Can't wait to paint and play!

    23. Rand Chua TL on

      The face look weird for a female spy.

    24. Akira on

      please fix the head on the sculpt. the face looks kind of like a starving asian dude

    25. Russonc

      I want one as well... :)

    26. Missing avatar


      Horrible where is her drum barrel?

    27. Kordo, Lazy Company on

      A silent killer? another one please

    28. Tsufeng on

      l'illustration est excellente.
      Cependant le modèle 3D a perdu en prestance et en assurance et s’éloigne peut être un peu trop de la description d'origine.Elle donne l'impression de regarder ses pieds plutôt que de viser l'ennemi.
      Dans l'ensemble les plis des vêtements sont trop "mou" comparer a la coupe stricte de son uniforme militaire.
      Dommage qu'elle ai perdu son long poignard a la ceinture.
      A quoi peuvent bien servir toute ces sacoches?

      Mais heureusement l'illustration 2D sur les cartes du jeu seront toujours la pour se faire une idée plus précise de cette héroïne.

    29. Mr. E52s on

      Nice sculpt!

      The position of her head reminds me of deadly accurate shooters who only have to 'feel' the presence of their target (yes, they do exist).

      Again, a very nice figure!!!

    30. Missing avatar

      Lamespard on

      Idem : la sculpture est décevante par rapport à l'illustration. Le visage est étrange et les multiples poches sur l'avant ont un rendu peu agréable. Dommage, l'illustration est superbe

    31. Ben Wicka on

      I am so pleased about this one. I was hoping for a female, Polish spy. Thought it would be cool if she had some decryption skill (as in picking locked doors silently) because of how important Polish espionage was in cracking the enigma machine.

      The sculpt could do with a little revision thought. I can't tell for sure but it looks to me like she's squinting. Maybe, like Demo said, she could look up a bit more as well. But as I said, overall, really happy to see the Poles represented.

    32. Lilin

      Agree on the tilted head feeling weird and a downgrade from the artwork, but awesome to see some more badass women being added.

    33. Fred BONNET on

      Je crois que c'est la premiere fois depuis le début de cette campagne que j'aime moins la figs que l'illustration. le visage et sa position de tête ne marche pas aussi bien que sur l'image....visage trop féminin comparé au côté émacié de l'illustration...dommage. Sinon le perso déchire !

    34. Demo

      Not sure I like this sculpt, actually. I think her chin should be raised, so she is facing forward. Right now, it looks like shes starting at the ground.

    35. The King of Average on

      Awesome pose on this one!