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Cirsova is taking pre-orders for the Spring/Summer 2018 Issues of Cirsova Heroic Fantasy & Science Fiction Magazine.
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Michael Tierney's Wild Stars

Posted by retrovirusrecords (Creator)
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As some of you may know, we're working with Cirsova Contributor Michael Tierney (Shark Fighter, Bears of 1812) to publish his new Wild Stars novella.  

We’re on track to hopefully raise $4000 for Michael Tierney’s Wild Stars.  

We’ve unlocked a LOT of stretch goals, and I think we will hit more, so I wanted to highlight what it is we’re offering and what you’ll get for backing:  


  • Electronic copy of the new Wild Stars novella


  • Electronic and softcover copy of the new Wild Stars novella 
  •  All 7 issues of the 2002 Wild Stars comic run* 
  •  The Force Majeure: Prairie Bay comic*  


  • All of the above 
  •  Multiversal Scribe Magazine  


  • All of the above 
  • The 1984 & 1988 Wild Star Comics, Erlik and First Marker.  

$45 (ONE LEFT!)  

  • All of the above 
  • Across the Distance and Wild Stars art portfolios

Add Ons: 

  •  Spider-Raft Variant Cover ($10)** 
  •  Hardcover ($30 US, $35 non-US)*** 

 *:Free to US backers; due to international postage rates, non-US backers will need to increase their pledge by an additional $40 to receive these comics. 

 **: Backers may choose from either cover or pledge an additional $10 to receive both copies (no additional S&H) 

 ***: Hardcovers may be shipped/fulfilled separately—this allows us to save on international shipping to make them more affordable to non-US backers.

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