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The V-ZA-V Watch Is Growing Up

Posted by Jake Jacobi + the V-ZA-V Team (Creator)

We're very happy to unveil the latest 3D CAD renderings of your V-ZA-V Watch. The new prototype is in the shop, and we'll post images next week as soon as it is ready. Read on to see all the improvements and refinements we've made in response to your very helpful comments and suggestions. And just a reminder if you haven't yet, please Like Us on Facebook.

The face-changing V-ZA-V Watch has entered its second revolution. Now it's more defined and stylized, but the makeover is not just cosmetic. It's now even quicker and easier to slide the watchfaces in and out -- we've traded in the sliding drawer for a rubber-like outer bezel, and reshaped the faceplates.

Here's how quick and easy it is:

1. With your thumb and forefinger, lift up the flexible outer bezel to reveal the faceplate compartment.

2. Slide in a removable faceplate.

3. Push the outer bezel back into position, sealing the faceplate compartment.

4. Voilà! You now have the look of a new watch.

Then and Now

Minimalist to the extreme, the original prototype design (above left) was missing some basic timepiece characteristics.

The newly stylized and refined design (above right) retains the watch's timeless circular shape, improves on some features, and adds important new ones:

the hour and minute hands are now thicker for a quicker read, and also include die cuts to reveal more of the watchface at any given time

a second hand has been added for more utility

an inner bezel with non-numeric indicator marks has been added also for a quicker read

non-obtrusive lugs have been added to accommodate both single-piece watch straps or two-piece bands

and the most significant improvement and refinement is an embodiment of the pending patent -- the addition of a rubber-like outer bezel taking the place of the watch's removable rim portion and sliding drawer.

Now Even Quicker and Easier

The original prototype design (above left) relied on a number of moving parts, the most significant of which was the extendable rim assembly, including the sliding drawer apparatus--for the removable watchfaces.

The rubber-like outer bezel of the new refinement (above right) eliminates the need for the sliding drawer and all the other moving parts of the extendable rim assembly. Simply by pushing up on the lip of the bezel (at six o’clock) the bezel maintains a flexed and “open” position revealing the faceplate compartment.

With the outer bezel in this position, the reshaped faceplate easily slides into the faceplate compartment. The lead-in of the faceplate separates as it makes contact with protective sleeve (encasing the central shaft), causing the faceplate’s linear passage (die-cut) to momentarily spread around the sleeve, then recover as a hairline shape. At this point the faceplate is fully inserted: the lead-in is “docked” at the 12 o’clock position, and the central tear-drop aperture encircles the protective sleeve of the shaft.

With the faceplate secure, the outer bezel is released, naturally extending back to its “closed” and sealed position.


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    1. Brian Lau on

      Nice new features!

    2. Carmen Trueheart on

      These refinements are so exciting, I can't wait to examine one of these watches up close! The watchface changing is a wow improvement.

    3. Missing avatar

      Tom Curtin on

      Big improvements in a short time. Congrats to the engineering team for simplifying the entire watchface removal and insertion process.