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Our Warfighter WWII series hits the beaches in the Pacific and expands the War in Europe!
Our Warfighter WWII series hits the beaches in the Pacific and expands the War in Europe!
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What's Next???


Hey everyone,

So, no big news but let me give you an update:

The files are printing. They print on these giant sheets, then they send a sample of each one to us for proofing. We expect to get the sheet proofs in early November. Once we approve those proofs, it takes about 4 weeks to print and cut everything and 4 weeks of shipment. So sadly we are still a ways away!

However, due to the volume of backers and products I will be locking the Backerkit earlier than with smaller games. I am thinking after we get the next set of proofs. This way I have lots of time to sort orders, make sure information is right, and send international add on's to Happy Shops. 

Tentative Backerkit closing date will be 11/16, in the morning. I will give more warnings as we get closer to that date. This means: Make sure your addresses are correct, make sure your credit cards are still current, and make sure you've added all the goodies that you want to your order!!!

As always let me know if you have any questions:



Shadow War - Final 24 Hours!


Join us for the last hours of the Shadow War KS! Lots of Stretch Goals have been unlocked! We have Daylight Combat! Night Combat! and the PMC expansion box!

ONE Stretch Goal to GO!

Shadow War - Tabqa Airbase Mission Pack!


Warfighter Modern Kickstarter!


Hello All,

While Warfighter Pacific is at the printer, we have launched the Kickstarter for the next install of Warfighter Modern... Warfighter Shadow War!

We funded in the first 24 hours and unlocked the US Airborne Expansion!

Shadow War

The Shadow War Kickstarter features both daylight missions, as well as the new night missions. The night mission rules build off the rules first seen in the Footlocker, and add even more depth of stealth, sniping, and decision making.

In each Shadow War mission, you must balance between suppressed sniping and sneaking. Each movement and attack creates Noise. If you make too much Noise, you will alert the Hostiles, and the entire facility will go on alert and start hunting you!

Also, each Shadow War mission includes both Insertion and Extraction options. How you decide to get into, and out of, a mission is vital!

Daylight Missions

We're adding new Soldier Nations like Germany and Israel!

We're also adding new Hostile Nations like North Korea and China!


Please take a look! We need your help to unlock all the planned Stretch Goals!

Thank you for your help!


Revised Rulebook


Here is the Rulebook with updates from your emails: