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Our Warfighter WWII series hits the beaches in the Pacific and expands the War in Europe!
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Posted by Dan Verssen Games (Creator)

Most of the final proofs from this print run arrived today, everything except for the Pacific Core game and Medals Exp 44. We are assuming these will arrive in a separate box and have an email into the printer asking about them.

Here are photos of everything, they all look fantastic upon further inspection!

Castle Itter Kickstarter!

Posted by Dan Verssen Games (Creator)

Our latest Kickstarter "Castle Itter - The Strangest Battle of WWII" is entering its last couple days! This great solitaire game design by David Thompson, is a follow-on to his Pavlov's House game, and we need your help to unlock the final Stretch Goals! Please take a look to see the amazing job David has done with the game!


Posted by Dan Verssen Games (Creator)

So not good news... sorry

We went back and forth with the printer over just a few minor edits. We are all good on that front, no major reprintings or starting over!

After that, we asked for their estimated ship date (we were excepted the end of December as it is usually 4 weeks from this point) They said the soonest it will ship from them is the end of January, they said just due to the shear quantity of products needed to print and package that they will need an extra month. They did not tell us this until today, we figured if there were going to be delays due to quantity that they would have told us in the beginning. 

Anyways, if the games leave China in late January they will take about a 2-3 weeks to get to our warehouse and about 4-6 weeks to get to the EU (it just takes longer to go from China to Europe, we don't understand why). Assuming there needs to be some wiggle room for customs delays and shipping issues, we are looking at Domestic orders going out in late February/ early March and International orders solidly in the March area. 

We are so sorry, and I will keep you updated as we know more. For the next 4 weeks updates will be few as they are just printing everything. We will get the final copy proofs in about 4 weeks and I will let you know. 



P.s. Backerkit will charge and close first thing in the morning, giving a few extra hours for those who I sent a final reminder email to fill out their surveys.

Physical Proofs are here and Backerkit will be closing soon!!!

Posted by Dan Verssen Games (Creator)

Physical proofs arrived and they look good, check out the photos below! There are HUNDREDS of sheets of cards that we have spent all day proofing. We will get it done by today and send off our approval to print by tomorrow!

I will be charging cards and closing Backerkit on 11/26, you will still be able to update your address after this. You just won't be able to add anything else to your pledge. So double check you have everything you want and double check that your credit card on file is good still if you ordered more in backerkit.

What's Next???

Posted by Dan Verssen Games (Creator)

Hey everyone,

So, no big news but let me give you an update:

The files are printing. They print on these giant sheets, then they send a sample of each one to us for proofing. We expect to get the sheet proofs in early November. Once we approve those proofs, it takes about 4 weeks to print and cut everything and 4 weeks of shipment. So sadly we are still a ways away!

However, due to the volume of backers and products I will be locking the Backerkit earlier than with smaller games. I am thinking after we get the next set of proofs. This way I have lots of time to sort orders, make sure information is right, and send international add on's to Happy Shops. 

Tentative Backerkit closing date will be 11/16, in the morning. I will give more warnings as we get closer to that date. This means: Make sure your addresses are correct, make sure your credit cards are still current, and make sure you've added all the goodies that you want to your order!!!

As always let me know if you have any questions: