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Our Warfighter WWII series hits the beaches in the Pacific and expands the War in Europe!
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Recent updates


International Orders

Posted by Dan Verssen Games (Creator)

Just got an update from Meeple Logistics:

They are hoping for pallet delivery in the next week, and hope to have all orders out the door by the end of the first week of April.

This of course is dependent on the pallets getting delivered as hoped for in the next week.

Thank you for your patience,


Submission of Damaged Shipments

Posted by Dan Verssen Games (Creator)


So with seeing so many boxes received damaged we wanted to ask you to submit photos of the damages to us so that we can report it to our local Post Office. 

Please submit your city/state and any photos to this Google Form:

If you need replacement parts or are missing items don't use this form, this is just to submit to the post office.

If you need replacements or missing items email me directly at



Domestic and Canadian Orders!!!

Posted by Dan Verssen Games (Creator)

Hello friends :)

I am going to start printing labels today for the Warfighter Pacific packout of Domestic and Canadian orders. Please do not start a panic :) The packout will most likely take place this weekend assuming the final truck shows up with the Pacific core games by Friday. It will take me a couple of days to print all of the Domestic and Canadian labels, so I want to start now. If we can do the packout this weekend, then orders should be in the mail by Monday. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding through this process!!!

Arriving in port 2/26!!!

Posted by Dan Verssen Games (Creator)

Everything should be arriving in Long Beach port on 2/26!!! So far we haven't heard any news of any customs holds or inspections that would be occurring.

International orders are a couple weeks behind this, sorry :(

We will get all orders out as quickly as we can!

Shipping Update

Posted by Dan Verssen Games (Creator)

Thank you all for your patience.

Our printer just emailed and said that the mounted boards in the core game are having a similar warping issue to Sherman Leader. Luckily, they noticed this now. They are going to remake them and try a new strategy to avoid warping. This will cause a small week delay. Sorry about this, but I am happy they noticed this before sending the games to us!

And with this info we have some more specific shipping dates:

February 1st- The printer will be sending everything except for the Pacific Core game for US and Canadian orders.

February 8th - The printer will be sending the Pacific core game for US and Canadian orders.

February 22nd- The printer will be sending everything needed for International orders to France (Meeple Logistics). 

The international shipment delay is because this is a holiday season in China (Chinese New Year) and less boats are shipping out to France. This is the soonest boat that our games can get on to get to France. 

I will let you know if anything changes,