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Explore the New World! Build Colonies! Crush all who stand in your way! Earn fame and glory for your Empire!
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Much Appreciation

I realize that 1500 is not the usual DVG strategy game, and I really appreciate everyone who has pledged to make this game a reality. When this game is produced, I want it to be the best it can possibly be, so I am moving the Mounted Map from being a Stretch Goal to being included in every game.

I designed this game so that people would have a low cost, fast and fun gaming option. I think I succeeded with the design, and I'd like to world to see and enjoy it. And now, the world gets to enjoy it with a mounted map. :)


There have been many posts asking for Zombies to make an appearance in the Warfighter world. I thought it was a great idea, but I also understand that part of the Warfighter appeal is its real-worldness.

For a while now, I’ve been looking for a way to bring zombies into the Warfighter world. The 1500 Kickstarter is the perfect place to introduce them because the card pack is not a retail product, and will get the Kickstarter more notice. This way, people who like zombies, and want them in their Warfighter world can have them. On the other hand, people who are not into zombies can easily skip this card pack and not feel like they are missing anything.

To make it as easy as possible, the zombie pack is free for people who pledge for The Colonist level of 1500 and above, if 1500 makes its funding goal, of course. We will print the packs when 1500 goes to the printer. If this proves to be a popular addition to the Warfighter world, we’ll look at doing more in the future.

I have just added the option to not pledge for 1500, but to pledge for the Zombie Pack for $24. You will probably need to pledge for $1 to be able to make the Add-On pledge.

 To use with Warfighter WWII…

Your squad is assigned to the Haigerloch area in Germany, while carrying out a mission, you come across these zombified soldiers. Use these cards as your Hostiles.

To use with Warfighter Modern…

If you are playing a NATO team: Your squad is deployed on a NATO training exercise near Haigerloch, Germany. Several German units also in the area have stopped reporting. You are ordered in to investigate. Once in the area, you come across a hidden WWII-era underground base that was recently discovered by the locals. You soon encounter these zombified soldiers. Use these cards as your Hostiles.

If you are playing a non-NATO team: You are on a covert mission inside German borders. You come across a hidden WWII-era underground base that was recently discovered by the locals. You soon encounter these zombified soldiers. Use these cards as your Hostiles.



Yes! We are EU Friendly!


 1500 - The New World is a board game for 2 to 6 players! Each game sets-up in 10 minutes and plays in under a hour! The fast flowing game play is perfect for casual and serious gamers ages 12 and up!

The game comes with a beautiful map, high quality cards, thick counters, and an easy to use rule booklet!

The core game is for 2 to 6 players. With the addition of 1 or more Nation Expansions, it becomes a game for 1 or more players.

Set up is a breeze, like the wind coming off an unexplored ocean.

Each player selects a color for their tokens, and then places their Victory tokens and Royal Support tokens on the map. They also gather their Colony tokens in front of them in preparation for conquest! Set-up concludes with each player receiving their starting cards.

During your turn, you get to play those cards.

Cards can be played for their text. There are two types of cards: Action cards are tan, and you play them during your turn. Reaction cards are red and are played in reaction to other players' playing cards. Each player, on their turn, can play as many Action cards as they are able to.

Every card can also be played to perform one of several basic actions. A card can be played to do any of the following: build a colony, reduce a colony, repair a colony, or adjust Royal Support.  

A key part of 1500 is comboing cards to get the maximum effect. For example... Disease card is a good because it reduces up to 6 adjacent colonies from successful to struggling. Rescue Voyage is also a good card because it allows you to turn struggling colonies owned by other players into successful colonies of your own. Raiders is also handy because if you have a successful colony in a region, it replaces the other colonies in the region with your own. Each of these cards is good, but when played in combination, they are great!

Once you have finished playing cards, you get to tally up your points for the turn. You receive one point for each successful colony you have on the map, and a bonus of two more victory points for each of your export or regional monopolies!  

Each of the other players then takes a turn. Once everyone has had a turn, advance the Time Counter.  

The game ends when you move the Turn token into the Game Over square. The winner of the game is the player with the most Victory Points!

1500 features some of our best looking components, and we have the amazing artist Gordon Napier to thank! 

The Game Board is a globe spanning 17" x 22"!

The 112 Cards each feature amazing New World art!

1500 also features Counters for your Colonies, Royal Support, Timer, and Victory Points!


The Rulebook is almost complete! We just need to do final editing!

112 Cards in each Expansion!

In addition to the core game, we also have designed several Expansion Nations!

These Nations give each player control of a specific European nation during the Age of Discovery! Each deck features a custom mix of cards unique to that nation.

Each Expansion pack also contains the cards and rules needed to add add the nation to the game as an AI non-player participant! This means you can play 1500 with your friends or solitaire against 1 or more non-player decks!

The Expansion nation decks are: England, France, Portugal, The Netherlands, and Spain!




Spain Expansion - $20 (MSRP $25)

England Expansion - $20 (MSRP $25)

Portugal Expansion - $20 (MSRP $25)

Netherlands Expansion - $20 (MSRP $25)

France Expansion - $20 (MSRP $25)

1500 Neoprene Mat - $20 (MSRP $25)

Zombie Pack - $24 (no MSRP)

More Add-Ons!...

A Pack of 100 Card Sleeves - $1.50

Pack of 5 DVG Deep Dish Counter Trays - $15

Warfighter WWII Neoprene Mat - $25 (MSRP $30)

Warfighter Modern Neoprene Mat - $25 (MSRP $30)

Tiger Leader Neoprene Mat - $20 (MSRP $25)

Sherman Leader Neoprene Mat - $20 (MSRP $25)

How to Add-On...

You can add to your pledge! Once you pledge for the game, you can then manually adjust your pledge amount to any value. When we send out the Surveys, we'll add a question asking the items you Added. We'll ship them all in the same package. Your Add-Ons will not increase your shipping cost. We will cover the extra shipping charges.

So, with 70+ published games to our credit since 1989, why do we need your backing?  

We need your help because every game requires a large outlay of money for art, design, and printing. We have spent thousands of dollars on the game so far to get it to this stage, and now we need your help for the final step, getting the game printed. We believe this is a great game, and we have devoted months of effort to making it perfect.  

Now, it is time to trade in our laser printed prototype cards for the real thing, and to do that, we need your help. In looking through our funding levels, you'll see they are basic and easy to understand.  

We're not trying to make a complex project out of funding our game with 20 different options requiring a spreadsheet to figure out. That's not how we work. We are offering a great game, that looks awesome, and is fun to play for both hardcore gamers as well as people new to gaming.  

If you would like to be part of this, we would love to have your help. You can make this game a reality. Please support us and help in spreading the word to your gaming friends.

Shipping charges vary by country. We do our best to keep shipping fees to a minimum, and even absorb some of the cost, but they can get pricey. The shipping fees are listed with each pledge level.




Risks and challenges

Dan Verssen Games (DVG) has the knowledge and skills to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible. We have published dozens of games. If you have any questions or queries, the people at DVG will be here to assist you as quickly as we can. If you would like to see the quality of the games we publish, please visit our website:

With several Kickstarter campaigns behind us, we are able to professionally deal with setbacks while keeping you, the backer, informed with what's happening every step of the way - and not just while the campaign is running. When funding closes and production starts, we aim to provide the most up-to-date information possible regarding each stage of the game's journey to your tabletop.

We believe that honesty is as important as regular contact with our backers. You can expect the very best from us, no matter what. As part of our honesty pledge, please be aware that we do not offer refunds after a Kickstarter campaign closes. We need the funds to pay the printer and to purchase the add-ons and stretch goals people have earned during the campaign. If you pledge, and later change your mind, that's okay, but you need to cancel your pledge before the campaign ends.

By working with high quality production facilities that we've dealt with during previous campaigns, we are confident that we'll be able to deliver the game in a timely manner. Our exacting standards mean that you're guaranteed to get a great game.

Our Kickstarter History for funded games...

Rise of the Zombies... Published!
Battle For Stalingrad... Published!
The Cards of Cthulhu & Booster... Published!
Warfighter & Expansions Wave #1... Published!
Fleet Commander Nimitz… Published!
Tiger Leader... Published!
Warfighter Expansions Wave #2... Published!
The Cards of Cthulhu Expansion, Beyond the Veil… Published!
Phantom Leader Deluxe... Published!
Hornet Leader: The Cthulhu Conflict... Published!
U-Boat Leader 2nd edition... Published!
Gato Leader... Published!
Ship Miniatures for Gato & U-Boat... Published!
Warfighter WWII Wave #1... At the Printer!
B-17 Flying Fortress Leader... At the Printer!
B-17 Flying Fortress Leader Aircraft Miniatures... At the Printer!

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