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Publishing a new in-depth guide to the TV series Quantum Leap as a limited edition hardback book.  Print on Demand copies can STILL be bought from
Publishing a new in-depth guide to the TV series Quantum Leap as a limited edition hardback book.  Print on Demand copies can STILL be bought from
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Inspirations... and an Update

Posted by Matt Dale (Creator)

As pre-orders continue (thank you!) we’d like to explain more about the approach we’ve taken with this book: particularly the episode guides and fan books that have caught our imaginations in the past, and provided inspiration for Beyond the Mirror Image.  


Matt became a Star Trek fan around 1991/2 and immediately got the Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion by Larry Nemecek: a great introduction to the world of episode guides, and a strong benchmark for BTMI. A few years later, the Star Trek Chronology by Michael Okuda was released and Matt got it straight away... By then he understood well enough that TV shows were “made up as they go along”, but he loved the fact that some fans who worked on the show had managed to string everything together in a coherent way, “reverse-engineering” a universe.  

Since then, he has poured over many such books (both real world and in-universe guides).  A major source of inspiration for BTMI is Back in Time: The Unauthorized Back to the Future Chronology by Greg Mitchell and Rich Handley. Matt was impressed that it created a chronology using not only the films and cartoons but also information gleaned from the theme parks, card games and even McDonalds Happy Meal boxes... all part of “the universe”, of course, but a great challenge for an author to try and pull it all together.  

Beyond the Mirror Image stands on the shoulders of many Quantum Leap books that came before it: in fact, we make it eight so far!  

  • Time Tripping by Bill Planer (1991)  
  • Making a Quantum Leap by Scott Nance (1992) 
  • The Quantum Leap Book/The Complete Quantum Leap Book by Louis Chunovic (1993/1995) 
  • Code Quantum: Itinéraire d'un ange gardien by Patrick Marcel (1995) 
  • The A-Z of Quantum Leap by Julie Barrett (1995) 
  • The Making of Quantum Leap by Hal Schuster (1996) 
  • Another Time, Another Place by Richie F. Levine and Judith A. Moore (2004) 
  • Leaping to Infinity by Mila Hasan (2013) 


To make sure our quality standards match (or exceed) all of these, our book has been undergoing some extremely useful proof-reading by Quantum Leap fans and friends to the project! Reading simultaneously we have: 

  • Hayden: A QL expert, picking up on goofs and observations and comparing to other episodes. He’s also recommended some quotes from interviews that we hadn’t referenced. 
  • Helen: Another QL expert, trained English teacher and writer, so also able to offer suggestions for grammatical improvements to ensure it’s an easy read. 
  • David: Less familiar with the details, so ensuring the whole book hangs together well as a “story” in its own right. He also has some very obscure historical knowledge to contribute! 


Following all-things Quantum Leap on Twitter alerted us to the current broadcast of Italian-dubbed episodes on Paramount. We only previously had Season 1 in Italian, so we’ve jumped at the chance to watch their current run of Season 5 episodes! But this reminds us that there’s one piece of merchandise we’ve not been able to get hold of… a Mexican DVD of Viajeros en el Tiempo: Temporada 1, with a Spanish dialogue track for Season 1. We’ve located this on Amazon, but they don’t export to the UK - and it's out of stock anyway! If anyone knows how we can get hold of a copy, please let us know!

All the best,

Matt and Kevin

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    1. Matt Dale Creator

      @ Steven Marsh: Will send you a private message! Thanks. In the meantime though if anyone else is reading this and lives in Mexico...!

    2. Steven Marsh on

      Ah-ha! Yeah, I can't ship it to me directly. I may have some contacts that I can work with (I have a neighbor with Mexican family who might be willing to help me out). Should I pursue this, or see if anyone else has a more direct connection?

    3. Matt Dale Creator

      Thanks Allison - it's been pretty fun to get this nerdy with facts. Just today I had an email back from a French friend who was able to clarify the difference in translation between Al saying "you were part of a time travel experiment that went a little caca" in the pilot, and then when it was used as a flashback (but with new French audio) in Mirror Image. Yep, different dialogue each time! you can imagine how excited I get to hear about new things! This Evil Leaper fact has so far bypassed me. Any idea where you first heard that? Would be great to track it back down...

    4. Matt Dale Creator

      Thanks for the offer of support, Steven... Unfortunately you'll probably find yourself out of luck too.…

      When you try and check out, even with a US address, it advises that the seller won't ship to that country. This seems to be an issue across all Mexican websites we've found - they just won't export.

      Naturally if you find otherwise, we'd be very excited!

    5. Missing avatar

      Allison Pregler on

      I love your dedication to detail, especially with all the different releases! I don't know if you ever came across this, but I recall someone had screen capped closed captions off of TV for either Deliver Us From Evil or Return of the Evil Leaper and it was possibly from an earlier script draft, since some of the dialogue was different. Sam mentions being in love with Alia, it's interesting.

    6. Steven Marsh on

      ("It" meaning "Viajeros en el Tiempo: Temporada 1," of course...)

    7. Steven Marsh on

      I can't find the link, but if you send the link to me I'm happy to buy it and ship it your way. (I live in the States, if it matters.)