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A writer struggles with his vices, in a twisted comedy by one of Russia's finest living playwrights, Maksym Kurochkin.


"Vodka, F***ing and Television" by Maksym Kurochkin, directed by Liz Fisher, translated by John J. Hanlon a hit play by one of Russia's greatest living playwrights, and it's being staged by Breaking String Theatre Co. in Austin, Texas. Facing a nervous breakdown, our hero - a struggling writer - resolves to quit the vices that are holding him back. 

The twist?

In a move worthy of Tim Burton, Kurochkin propels actors and audience into a strange fantasy, and transforms the three vices - vodka, f***ing and television - into full-fledged characters. Each vice gets a chance to justify their presence in the hero's life, or get the boot. With a sexy script, mind-blowing design and performances from one hell of a creative team, this show promises to make a splash.

Pledge $25 and get one of our beautiful show posters, signed by the naughty vice of your choice!
Pledge $25 and get one of our beautiful show posters, signed by the naughty vice of your choice!


Performances by Joey Hood (Austin Critics' Table Best Actor, 2010), Jude Hickey (Austin Critics' Table Best Actor, 2012), Adriene Mishler (The B. Beaver Animations) and Noel Gaulin (I've Never Been So Happy).

Designers Ia Enstera (Austin Critics' Table Best Scenic Designer, 2012), Steven Shirey (Uncle Vanya, Ghosts, The Schooling of Bento Bonchev), Glenda Barnes (Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, It's a Wonderful Life: Radio Play) and Lowell Bartholomee (Now Now Oh Now!, The Dirigo Group), directed by Liz Fisher (The Pain and the Itch, Uncle Vanya), with technical wizardry by Robert Matney and painstaking stage management by Andrew Perry.

Join us for a mind-bending comedy - one of the latest and best plays to make it out of post-Soviet Russia's theatrical melting pot! Visit or Get your tickets here, now...

Our FAB fridge magnets! Kick in $10, choose your favorite, and we'll send it to you!
Our FAB fridge magnets! Kick in $10, choose your favorite, and we'll send it to you!


"Vodka, F***ing and Television" is the the latest effort by Breaking String Theater to bring the best contemporary Russian drama, home to our fair city of Austin, Texas. Founded in 2007 by director Graham Schmidt and actor Robert Matney, Breaking String quickly racked up awards and nominations for outstanding productions of classical and contemporary Russian plays. Through our annual New Russian Drama Festival, when we host sensational Russian playwrights for 5-day residencies to accompany the American premieres of great Russian plays, we also became an important connector between Austin and Moscow - two theater communities that, it turns out, have more than a little bit to say to one another.

In March of 2012, long-time Breaking String collaborator Liz Fisher directed a stand-out staged reading of VF&T as part of Breaking String's 2nd annual New Russian Drama Festival, with Maksym Kurochkin in attendance. Now, we're growing the staged reading into a full-on production.

With "Vodka, F***ing and Television," we're bringing one of Max's most beloved comedies to Austin audiences thirsty for the hottest plays from Russia, and we're working hard to make sure it's done right.


We are hoping to raise $4,200 - about 1/3 of our overall budget. This money will help pay for our sets, costumes, venue rental and most importantly, the artists who'll make this show happen.

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And a big thanks to Lee Webster for editing our Kickstarter video! 

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The biggest challenge with putting up a great show is gathering great artists, and director Liz Fisher has assembled a cast and crew to die for, names any casual Austin theater-goer will recognize instantly.

We're can't wait to share this labor of love with you!


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